A Tea Rose Trio - NOTD, OOTD Plus Brand New Bag Love! :D

Hello you gorguz lot! Hope you’re all good & well!
Today I thought I would share with you beauties, my current obsession that I just can’t seem to get enough of lately. What may that be I hear you ask? Well…its florals darlins!! Pretty Tea Rose Pink to be more precise!.....Yeeeeah, you must be thinking “Huh? What the view halloo is she on about now??” But at the moment, it seems I am totally addicted to all prints & colours to do with this gorguz floral design, you could say I’m channeling my inner granny me dears! Haha! There’s just something about tea roses that’s so feminine & pretty plus with that lovely vintage-y element that I just can’t get enough of. So I’ve definitely gone a bit floral crazy lately & wanted to share with you all three new tidbits I’ve recently accumulated in the form of pretty nails, flowy maxi dress & a new bag, each with an element of my current favourite floral shade!  
Firstly I’ve got this absolutely booooootiful polish that I got in a gift set last year from NEXT of all places & have only just got around to using! I didn’t even know NEXT did polishes & to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much, but aaah me of little faith….by god I bloomin love it! It’s a truly gorguz shimmery tea rose pink shade with a lovely shimmer running through giving it an almost foil like finish. 

 It actually reminds me of a Zoya polish “Tiffany” which I’ve been lusting after for yonks, but which sadly aren’t available here (except from maybe Ebay, where *cough!* the prices are pretty hefty!!) so happy days with this find! The quality of the polish is fab, a really smooth formula that’s quick drying too, I am mightily impressed NEXT! Oh & did I mention the pretty rose pink colour????? Lol! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I received a few more of these in the gift set which I can’t wait to give a whirl; the only thing worrying me though is the petite size of the bottle & what the hallelujah I’m gonna do when it finishes!! Better start hunting for a dupe…

 Next up I wanted to show you a dress I’d purchased a while back from one of those independent shops that you find dotted around here & there & which had its first outing recently. And yup…you guessed it me dears! Going along with the theme, the dress has the loveliest tea rose floral print that I just fell in love with! And even better I only paid 10 squids for it! Woohoo! I also love the crinkled detail at the front of the maxi, which is a gorguz chiffon-y type material that flows beautifully & even matched quite well with my recently “Enraptured” wavy hairs! :D
And last but by certainly no means least my dears; I wanted to share with you the piece de resistance that is my brand new bag! Oh! Words cannot describe how much I am looooving this new best friend that currently travels everywhere with moi, but they will certainly do their bestest ;) 
Do ya like? And look at the print!!!! Pretty Pink Tea roses!!! (Told ya I was obsessed…) I picked up this beauty from the River Island SALE that took place a while back along with some lovely wedge sandals that I just couldn’t resist picking up either ;) I’d actually gone on this shopping escapade with the mumma to look for a new handbag for her, but what do I go & do?? End up buying one for myself! *blushes* But can ya blame me though sweeties? Not only is the print ever so puuurdy, but I just fell in love with how much space there is inside the bag, where there is also an abundance of pockets for you to easily & securely slot all your lose things i.e phone, keys, sunglasses etc. 
Perfect for yours truly, as I am a person who carries a lot of stuff (ALL necessary though!) yet forever losing them within the confines of my bag. You know that extremely irritating so and so who’s forever holding up a queue of people because they can’t find their blasted wallet in their bag at the checkout??? Errr yeah….that’s me :/ So this bag was a bloomin godsend to put it lightly! ;) And the cherry on the cake, other than the cute little mirror attached to it that is ;), is that I nabbed it for £20 in the sale! Nice one River Island, you’ve made this gal a happy bunny! :D 
And that’s it me lovelies!……Well…for the time being anyhoos! Lol! Who knows what else I might find on my hunt for more floral pretty things! I'm a gal obsessed! :D
What prints/ designs are you loving at the mo? How do you feel about florals? Yay or nay? Go on sweetpeas...channel your inner geriatric! ;)   

Lotsa floral pink love!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! the nail polish looks lovely on you, you have such nice hands and nails btw! and the maxi dress is soooo pretty, love the colours of the print and the pleatedness! x

  2. @Naz - awww Naz you're so lovely! :D Thank you so much my sweet! xoxo


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