Sleek Hair, Sleek Lips :)

Bonjour me darlings! Did you all have a good weekend? Woohoo for getting through ghastly Monday (sorry Monday, nothing personal you understand, you do tend to just drag a tad) now just four more days to go….
So my hair seemed to have finally reached the “BLAH!” stage recently, in other words basically in dire need of a good cut! I really want to grow my hair as long as I can, but it had started looking a bit dull & lifeless so sadly I couldn’t hold off the inevitable trip for the chop any longer *cue image of moi dragging myself to salon with a face like I’m heading for the gallows….* :/
I normally go to a salon near me where a lovely Lebanese lady cuts it for me & I’ve always been very happy with how she does it. That’s one of the biggest missions in a girl’s life isn’t it? Finding THE perfect hairdresser :) However, I received a lovely phone call whilst at work from Absolute Wellbeing who were offering a great hair privilege package to women working in the local area to get 8 treatments/services worth up to £250 for around £40 at the Jordan’s Hair Salon, which is located not too far from me. Well, it couldn’t have come at a better time so of course I snapped up & took full advantage of the offer! :D
Of course I couldn’t have all 8 treatments in one go, so on my first visit to the salon, which is lovely by the way, very sleek & sophisticated with pretty black chandeliers dotted around, I went for a deep conditioning treatment which I’ve never had before & a professional cut & finish with personal consultation. One thing I’ve always found frustrating is when you go for a trim, & ONLY wanting a trim, but then the hairdresser proceeds to hack half of it off! (Hence the traumatic images that pop through the mind…) Thankfully though that didn’t happen this time as the stylist listened to what I wanted whilst putting a few suggestions herself as well. Anyhoos here's some before & after pics to show you the finished result :)
Before - Hmm, Like I said...BLAH! (Also, is it just me or does my nose look seriously dis-jointed in this pic?? Bwhaha!)

     After - Bye bye "BLAH", hello sleeky smooth shininess! :D (freaky looking nose appears to have disappeared also...phew!)

I really loved the finished cut as there was still some length there & my hair felt so smooth & shining & in such fab condition after the deep treatment. The only thing with a deep condition is that it does seem to take all the volume out of your hair! But I’m not complaining as it looked healthy & swished in all the right places making me feel very much like a Loreal “Because I’m worth it” advert! I didn't do that though...I promise. :/
I also had some various shades of high/lowlights added on my second trip, so my hair seems to have a few different shades of brown going on, a veritable spectrum! Every time I wash it the colour seems to change slightly! Haha! At the mo it’s a caramel brown with blondish highlights running through it.
I’ve just booked my 3rd session where I’m going to have relaxing head massage, of which I’m really looking forward too, as well have an all over colour. Not sure what to go for yet…red tones, brown tones…we’ll see! Will let you know how it goes!

After my hair appointment, I thought I’d give my new hair an outing in the big wide world & decided to pop into Superdrug to pick up a few of those fab Sleek True Colour lippies. I’m sure you all know the ones I’m talking about! I know the current hype at the mo is the new lip tars that Sleek have released  which have beauty lovers everywhere mucho excited, but as usual here’s moi jumping on the bandwagon about a century later! So you’ll probably see those lip tars on this blog about next year sometime. Bwhaha!
Anyway, I digress. I’ve wanted these lippies for a while so off I went & swatched like a crazy person at the counter *cue freaked out looks from fellow shoppers* Here are some of the lovely colours in the True Colour collection.
So gorguz & pigmented non? There are both sheer & matte shades, but because of my super dry lips plus being the creature of habit that I am I opted for the sheer, nudish toned shades. Here’s the three I picked up:
I love them all! Such easy, flattering colours to wear, for all skin-tones, they have defo been getting a lot of usage! They glide on beautifully, leaving the lips moisturised & not at all dried out. I always prep my lips before applying with my LUSH Bubblegum Scrub (yummy!) & then some Carmex. After I’ve done those steps, the lippie just glides on & stays lovely & smooth :) Definitely recommend these & at £3.99 a pop don’t break the bank either!

Have you purchased any of these? What are your fav lipsticks & shades at the mo? As always thanks for reading my lovelies! Take care & speak to you all soon!
Lotsa love, 



  1. damn girl!!! you look GREAT with your new hair....so sleek and shiny, very pretty and soft looking :D work it baby


  2. I LOve Love Love Barely There, its one of my faves :)))


  3. mmmm barely there be mine..hair is gorgeous lady xx

  4. Wow, you look soooo good! Gorgeous
    xo xo

  5. @Vonnie – haha lol! Oh I shall don't ya worry missy ;) Aww thank you so much babes! xoxo

    @MariaSparkle – It really is lovely isn’t it?? At first I thought it would look odd with my skin colouring but thankfully it’s one of those ‘flatters all’ shades! Yay! :) xoxo

    @Sriya – Aww thank you Sriya me lovely, hope you’re good! :) xoxo

    @MissJones – ooooh you must get it huny! Would look so beautiful on you :) thank you sweet! xoxo

    @Supergirl – Aww thanks so much for the lovely comment hun! :D xoxo

  6. The colour of 'Sheen' on you is absolutely perfect!

  7. @HollyArabella - thank you lovely! xoxo


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