Let's Do The Twist!

Heya dolls! Hope you’re all having a good start to the bank holiday weekend!
Now, given how crazy life is at the mo, there’s nothing I love more than finding products that can make even the simplest of tasks that much easier. I don’t know about you lovelies, but I blooming hate it when the time comes to remove the polish from my nails. Granted it may not seem like the most arduous of tasks I know, but my nails always feel a lot weaker & dry after rub, rub, rubbing at them with cotton wool & polish remover.
Now, erm, this could possibly be due to the *cough!* cheap drugstore polish remover I tend to opt for? I’ve never really tried the more popular & well known Cutex or Sally Hansen polish removers. Are they a lot better & worth the extra pennies? I just didn’t think it was worth spending a lot on something like nail polish remover…(my inner “tightwad” rears its ugly head!)
Anyhoos, I saw this great little invention that is the “Simply Dip & Twist” nail polish remover by Pretty Quick whilst browsing in Boots the other day. 
I remembered seeing the lovely Fee from Makeup Savvy do a post a while back now on this whole ‘dip & twist’ notion to remove nail polish. The one she used was by Sally Hansen & it worked absolutely amazingly at removing not just your bog standard varnish but glitter polishes too, which we all know are a pain in the caboose to remove!! Sadly I couldn’t find the Sally Hansen one anywhere, but figured they all must work pretty similarly, so when I saw this little pot on the shelf at Boots for just a coupla squids, I nabbed it instantly so anxious was I to try it out & after putting it to the test can confirm its utter fab-ness to you my lovelies! It really is a great product! :D
Now, I cannot for the life of me figure out why, so please don’t ask, but the first thing I did when opening this little pot was take a lovely big whiff thus almost concussing myself in the process. I don’t know why I expected it to smell of roses or something, but nope! I can clarify that it has that ordinary nail polish remover smell…. Ahem! Moving on…all you need to do is pop your polished finger into the acetone soaked sponge, making sure you keep the pot upright & twist, twist, twist! 
                                      BEFORE - Please excuse the chipped polish dolls.... :/

                                        AFTER - Squeaky clean & polish free!!! :D
To avoid dislocating my wrist it was easier to just keep the hand still & twist the pot. I found that 10 twists were more than ample, so after twisting away for that amount of “Mississippi’s” out came my finger with all the polish completely removed! 
Another plus point is that my nails actually felt lovely & moisturised after instead of totally dried out like they did before when I used my old polish remover. This is probably due to the addition of Vitamin E? It also says that this can be used to remove falsies too! Fab!
So I think it’s safe to say that I shall definitely be purchasing more of these little gems, which are available from Boots for £2.50. Not a bad price at all I'd say plus I managed to get quite a few goes out of this pot so they do last you a while!
Have any of you beauties tried these little pots? What do you think of them? 

Thanks for reading chicas!!

Lotsa love


  1. I haven't, yet, but I just might if there's one in my local Boots! Incidentally, rather than replacing them on a regular basis, do you think it would still work if you just poured your own remover into the sponge? Waste not want not, and all that?

  2. Thanks for the lovely mention sweetie :))

    Think I may need to get this as my Sally Hansen one it looking a bit of a mess now and £2.50 is sooo cheap and I like that it's smaller actually.

    Fee x

  3. @Ruth - Hey Ruth! Oh my gosh, you know I hadn't even thought of that! What a great idea! Lol! Thanks sweety! Lol! Will defo try that with the next pot! :D xoxo

    @Fee - Awww you're most welcome me lovely! I know, how cheerful is the price! And it may just be very similar to the Sally Hansen one! Gotta save those pennies where ya can! ;) xoxo


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