Henna-ed Hands! :D

Evening poppets!
Currently writing out this post whilst lying half comatose & attempting to eat my body- weight in sweet food stuffs, of which I will no doubt regret later I'm sure, but for now it seems to be hitting the right spot! Nah, I don’t have me a death wish (though what a way to go...)but let’s just say ‘tis been a looooong day at work & have resorted to seeking comfort in chocolate (as you do) Lucky old moi drew the short straw with doing overtime so I have this week & the one after ahead of me filled with work, work & yup more work! Lovely jubblies! But as a lovely friend reminded me…just think of the pay packet at the end of the month ;) I am slightly mollified… :D And hey at least we have another lovely bank holiday 3 day weekend to look forward eh? Woo! :D   
So anyhoo me lovelies, next week will be the holiday of “Eid” which marks the end of the Islamic month of Ramadan. This is a time where Muslims spend the whole month i.e. 29-30 days, fasting during the daylight hours. Sadly I am not able to fast, as much as I would love too, for health reasons but the rest of my family have been doing so. And on the day of Eid, we all get together, the whole family & spend the day celebrating, eating, visiting friends & relatives & then eating some more!  And if we’re lucky we get presents too! Good times :D (Although maybe not SO great this time round for moi, as I am going to be stuck at work most of the day!!!! *sob!*) On the day though, we also like to get out & dust of our best glad rags to wear & the ladies in particular like to get together the night before & go all arty on our hands with henna!
So what do you think dolls? I’m sure most of you all are familiar with henna/mehndi tattoos as a form of skin decoration. I personally loooooove them! You can have some really beautiful & artistic designs applied to your body but most usually on the hands, arms & feet. Henna-ed hands are most usually associated with brides & weddings of course, but sometimes it’s nice to have your mehndi done for a special occasion also, like Eid for instance! :)
My friend actually does a lot of henna art as a hobby & is considering developing her skill in to a profession which I really think she should do as she is one extremely talented lady! So when she asked me recently to play model to her designs, I was more than happy to oblige & lend her my hands! So I just wanted to share with you beauts some of her lovely work :)
 What did I tell ya? That girl's got some serious skill! The mehndi is applied as a thick paste made from the henna plant through a cone tube that needs to have a small hole at the tip so that the design can be more fine & detailed. It also has quite a strong herbal smell too that a lot of people either love or hate! Lol! But I don't mind it :) 
Its best to leave the henna on overnight if possible, that way the design comes out a lot darker the next day, but sometimes a coupla hours is more than enough depending on the quality of the henna. This time round I'd only left it on for a coupla hours & this is how it turned out the next day
And it actually got darker over the next few days! I'd say you could probably get a good weeks worth out of the henna, but then after that it gradually fades away leaving your hands bare & back to normal again ;)  That's one of the great things about henna, that its a temporary tattoo. So if you're ever considering possibly getting one on a certain part of your body, an idea might be to get in henna-ed on first & see how you feel about it just in case it wasn't what you were hoping!  Because if you don't like it, you'll have nothing to worry about as it'll fade eventually! Haha!
So, that's it for now me darls, I hope you liked looking at the mehndi designs! Have you ever had mehndi applied before? Are you a fan of the henna art thang?
Thanks for reading as always!

Lotsa Love,


  1. So cool, I think they are gorgeous x

  2. Lovely mehndi :) I'm planning on picking up a couple of cones tomorrow to practice over the weekend.. Think I'll be using your photos as inspiration :) Good tip I've got is to draw on the design with brown eyeliner and then go over it with the mehndi. Can't wait for Eid! xx

  3. wow that’s so pretty. Hope you have a lovely eid! x

  4. @Misseblog - aww thank you so much lovely! xoxo

    @Zahra - Hey hun! Oooo thanks for the fab tip! Haha I actually remember doing that in school when the lessons were on the more boring side ;) xoxo

    @Discoveringbeauty - thanks sweety! Aww same to you huny, hope you have a lovely Eid! :D xoxo

  5. omg Aysh thisis beautiful! (yes its me shock horror imbak on the bloggin scene :P)

  6. @Amina - Hello stranger!! Aww thanks chick :) Yay! Glad you're back huny, missed you! Hope you're good doll, chat soon! xoxo

  7. this is gorgeous, henna is always so stunning looking to me as its so intricate! your nails are beautiful aswell

    shel xx

  8. Living in a predominantly Pakistani neighbourhood, I get to see this all the time. I love it, especially on the feet!

  9. I wish I lived close to you! I absolutely adore henna on hands. Beautiful, elegant...just watching the artist at work is fascinating. So glad it's not a dying art. Gorgeous work! Tell your friend to take it up seriously - I'll be her first customer.

  10. I want my hands doing, stunning henna! Pity you have to work but yeah more money to spend! Lol! x

  11. @Shel - oh thank you so much sweety! Aw I know what you mean, have seen some really beautiful, intricate designs. You should see bridal henna! Amazingly beautiful :) xoxo

    @Annabella - haha oh really?! Love it muchly too hunybee, would wear it ALL the time if I could! And yes agree, looks so pretty on the feet too! xoxo

    @Sheenie - Haha! Of course! Come & visit me & we will get you all henna-ed up my beaut! You're right, its amazing to see the designs just flow from her mind without templates or anything! She is truly talented & will tell her you all think so! :D Am defo persuading her to take it up :) xoxo

    @Asma - Aww tell me about it huny! Was wallowing in some major self pity but yes, that thought of the pay check at the end of the month consoled moi! ;) Thanks so much huny! xoxo


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