Happy Happy News & Happy Happy Skin! :)

Hello there my lovely’s! How’s tricks? Hope you’ve all had a good week me dears? In case you hadn’t already felt the happy vibes from the title ( I flung in four "happy’s" just in case)  you could say I’m tipping slightly more on the cheerful end of the scales at the mo? Yup! "Happy" to report that life has been a lot more positive of late, but don’t worry, I’m not going to break into song a’ la west end musical style or anything...yet. You’re disappointed aren’t you???? ;) One day soon perhaps you guys will be in for a right treat…

Firstly, let me impart my good news to you my darling readers, my big brother…very recently…tied the knot! Woohoo! Yes, my lovely brother is now a married man! Can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am for him. It’s a little strange too I’ll admit, I mean to me he’ll always be my big bro, but now it’s like he’s officially an adult! Bwhaha! Don’t take that the wrong way dude ;) Love ya & my new sis-in law too & so proud of you! *sniffs* ;) It goes without saying that I wish them both a lifetime of happiness together. I say their married, in actual fact it’s the ‘nikah’ that’s been done which is the Islamic ceremony. We’re hoping to do the registry in September & because neither of the new couple are into the whole ‘big asian’ wedding thing, we’ll celebrate the occasion with all our close fam & friends either at home or venue, still deciding! :D
So of course have been busy with all that, with regular shopping trips being fitted in here & there for outfits etc. Also, some more news is that my mums baby brother got engaged too! Haha! So weddings galore! My mums side of the family like to do things quite…err…big you might you say? I mean her other brother got married last year & I think the numbers went well into the 400’s! I can see similar things happening here so should be interesting! :D

Right, now I’ve shared my news with you lovelies, let’s get onto the post in hand shall we? My skin has definitely been behaving itself recently, which makes a nice change! I mean, luckily I’ve never had any serious problems with my skin; my main issue is dryness & the occasional sneaky breakout. But I 'm happy (darn I’ve really killed that word in this post haven’t I?) with its condition at the mo! I think I’ll do a “My Skincare Routine” kinda post if you sweeties will be interested in seeing that? I always love having a sneak peek at others as you can discover great new products that way!  But for now I wanted to share with you the products I have been loving & have contributed in keeping my skin in great condition :)

Darphin MelaPerfect Anti-Dark Spots Perfecting Treatment

Phew bit of a mouthful that huh?! I was kindly sent this product to try out as I was unable to attend a Space NK event a while back. At first I wasn’t really sure what it would do for my skin as…well I don’t have any dark spots! I’ve suffered from serious pigmentation in the past, but my trusty bio oil saw to that ickle problem. I thought I’d give this a whirl anyhoos & I’m so glad I did as it’s a lovely product! It comes in the form of a creamy gel-like emulsion of which 2-3 pumps is sufficient enough amount for the face. I applied this every morning after toning, before moisturising & by golly it felt like I was applying a layer of silk to my skin. It glides & sinks into the skin beautifully & left it feeling super soft & nourished. This treatment is said to contain anti-oxidants to strengthen the skins natural defenses & improve its quality, but I won’t bore y’all with all that scientific lingo business, but here’s a link where you can learn more & purchase too. I’ve gotta say, my skin has deffo felt pampered whilst using this. However, with most good things there is almost always a teeny little glitch…& with the case of this its definitely the price. It doesn’t come cheap at £57 for 30ml. Hmmm…that definitely needs working on methinks.  So I’m kinda on the bench with this…love it I do, just not so crazy about the price tag!

Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream

I’d heard a lot about this cream & seen its name continuously popping up on the blogosphere. I think it was the Pixiwoo ladies who had sung its praises? Anyhoos I thought I’d try it out for myself as I was on the hunt for a new face cream & my lovelies; it truly is a great moisturiser. Like I’ve mentioned, my skin suffers from horrid dryness at times with patches here & there…not nice. But I’ve been applying a blob of this stuff to my face every morning & well…what can I say? Bye bye dryness, hello smooth, radiant skin! Its consistency is quite thick, so a tiny bit is all you’ll need as it goes a long way. It sinks into the skin beautifully for such a thick cream, however it can leave you looking a tad shiny/ *cough!* glowy! But that’s nothing a little powder can’t fix ;) No biggie at all as my skin feels smooth, hydrated &…well glowing! I also had these annoying little red, vein-y patches on my cheeks which seem to have all but disappeared! Hehe I shan’t miss you guys for sure! I’m super glad I gave this baby a go & it’s become my everyday moisturiser worthy of gold medal status :) It’s available to purchase at Boots but I’ve also seen it on Amazon too so it’s worth a looky there as well as checking your local pharmacies.

Olay Beauty Fluid

The last product I wanted to share with you guys :) I've been using Olay's Beauty Fluid on & off for donkeys now & always find myself coming back to it, and not just me but the mumma bear too, we just love it! For days when you don't want to opt for a heavy moisturiser i.e those hot, sweltering times, this is the perfect alternative for me. Its a gorguz lightweight fluid that just glides on wonderfully, sinking in to leave your skin feeling perfectly moisturised, cool, non-greasy whilst smelling pretty darn good too! Its also a great makeup base! This is deffo a product I always make sure I have on hand & re-purchase again & again. Enough said really :) Haha! I recommended it to a work colleague who suffers from oily skin & the rest as they say is history & she's now a loyal purchaser of this! Deffo recommend sweetpeas! Like the Oilatum this is also available to purchase at most stores i.e Boots, Superdrug for around the five pound mark :)

So there ya have it angels! Just some of the products that me & my skin are loving muchly :) Would love to know if any of you have tried these as well & your thoughts on them! Thanks so much for reading! What skincare products are you crazy about right now? Any recommendations? Am always on the looky for a fab new product to try! ;)        

Lotsa Hugs!



  1. Ha ha when I get married will I officially become an adult too? It feels that way sometimes. I keep asking James if he knows how to be a husband, and he keeps looking at me like I've lost the plot which isn't far from the truth.

    Glad you found some skincare goodies that you and your face are happy with hun! xoxo

  2. @Annabella - Haha lol! Aww bless him! Will be interesting to see my big bro's attempts at it for sure! ;) Yup, the skin is content at the mo! :D mwah! xoxo

  3. Many congrats to your brother :) I love skin care posts I use the olay lotion too but find it a bit oily (no pun intended haha). I'm going to pick up oilatum and see how it goes :) xxx

  4. congrats to your brother :)
    loving this post!! x

  5. @Adrienne - Oh thank you so much huny! Oh no really? Sorry to hear Olay didn't work for you! Yes deffo give the Oilatum a go, I love it! xoxo

    @Rachel - Aww thanks my lovely, so sweet of you! :) Hope you're well! xoxo


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