Gothic Glittery-ness with Revlon Facets of Fuchsia....possible Deborah Lippmann dupe?!?! :D

Ello ello & Happy Friday lovelies!
Now, you are seriously going to have to forgive me here me darlings as I am going to absolutely inundate you all with pics left right & center of the polish I'm going to be showing ya today, as I am just so blooming excited & in lust with it! *gasp, deep breaths Aysh, deep breaths* Ladies, I give you Revlon’s “Facets of Fuchsia” a gorguz gothic-y glitter medley of deep pink, black & purple :)
Ooooo isn’t it puuuuurdy?? Now you know I’m not one to get over excited about little things…..*tumbleweed*….but there is definitely something special about this polish for me in particular. What may that be I hear you ask? Well besides being such a beautiful, unique addition to my collection, the moment this polish came into my line of vision in all its sparkling glory whilst browsing in my local Superdrugs, I was immediately drawn to its beautiful blingy-ness like a moth to flame (or magpie to sparkle if ya like!) as not only was it amazingly eye-catching, but I also noticed that it seemed to be incredibly similar to another polish I have been lasting after for the longest time….the equally beautiful yet more expensive Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance….???
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Anyone who knows me well knows that it is my dream to have ALL the gorguz Lippmann glitters! I may have done a few peoples head in on Twitter about it too….But could it be? Had I found me a perfect (& even better, more cheaper) dupe? Well, haha I couldn’t have grabbed it fast enough!! So excited was I that I rushed home immediately to get that polish on my nails!!
Absolute love is the verdict from moi! “Facets of Fuchsia” is jam packed full of lovely, sparkly fuschia pink glitters of different sizes in a black/purple jelly base. The colours contrast so beautifully, I even had a few people ask if it was two different polishes & it looks totally gorguz in all different lightings! Apologies for the pics, looking at them now I can see that they really don’t do this polish justice! I’m happy to say application was wonderful, not gritty at all like you’d expect from glitter polishes. It’s recommended you apply two coats, but I went for three as I wanted to get as much sparkle as possible! :D  I’ve really had nothing but great experiences with Revlon polishes; the quality is really fab. I can’t understand why I don’t have more of these beauties!
And after comparing it to many swatches of the infamous Lippmann ‘Bad Romance’, I think it’s safe to say it’s a pretty darn good dupe! Hoorah! Priced at £6.49 I think you’ll agree that it’s definitely easier on the credit card than the 16 odd pounds that the Lippmann polishes retail for :) Although, I should probably tell you….I caved in!! Don't judge meeee!!! I just couldn't resist ;) Yup, I have me DL polish that is just waiting in the wings for a mani, I cannot wait to try & share with you all, it really is might pretty ;) But for now let me leave ya with some more pics of this new stunner in me life…like I said, got a bit snap happy…. ;)

Thanks for reading chica's!
Lotsa love & sparkles!


  1. oh WOW!!! that is an amazing color....i want the revlon, will look for it at work for sure...my goodness, it's so pretty

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  2. Oh my goodness hun what a find!! They look SO similar!!! Thanks so much for sharing =D

    I'm excited to hear you caved and bought a DL! WOOT! Which one did you get?

  3. OMG!!! This is such a gorgeous color!!!

  4. This is such a lovely colour, bit dark for Summer I think but a definite fav in Autumn/Winter. The glitter looks amazing xx

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  5. My god how long are your nail beds? You have great nail 'genes' :D

  6. Oh wow this so pretty!
    i've not tried revlon's glitter polishes but I'm putting them on my list to things to try - this is just such a stunning shade!! x

  7. Wow, this shade is absolutely lovely! I love how bright and big the glitter parts are.

  8. @Vonnie – it’s a stunner isn’t babe??? :D Ooooh really hope you get hold of a bottle sweet! You NEED this in your life ;) xoxo

    @Chelle – Eeeeep I know! What did I tell ya huny? :D Haha! Not at all me darling :) Ooooh I know, I know, but I couldn’t help it! Picked up Today Is A Fairytale…..IT…..IS……GORGUZ!! :p Inevitable NOTD coming soon…! Xoxo

    @Rakhshanda – it’s even prettier in real life hun! :D xoxo

    @Rhi – Yes totally hun! Can see this polish coming out a lot in the Winter months :) It’ll be a great polish for Halloween methinks too!! Lol! Xoxo

    @Annabella – Haha! Why thank you so much Ms A! Mwah! Xoxo

    @Rachel – It’s really beautiful isn’t it hun? :) Oh you must try it, Revlon is fast becoming my fav brand of polish….Barry M’s got some serious competition!! :) xoxo

    @HollyArabella – Hey hun! Hehe I know! The glitter is the best part of it! Really stunning & eye catching! :D xoxo

  9. I just commented on Yinka Vexinthe City's post on this polish that it reminded me of the Lippmann - great minds eh! it looks amazing on your nails. Where'd you find it? I thought it wouldn't be out for ages! x

  10. @Naz - heya sweety! Haha really? Great minds deffo! Remember how insane I went with swatching the DL polishes?! Then when I saw this beauty...it was definitely a "Hallelujah" moment! I got it in Superdrugs lovely, I've seen it in my local Boots too! :D xoxo

  11. I love love this color and polish it one of my favorite, and i love ur swatches =] please i hope u can follow back Britters89.blogspot.com

  12. @Britney - aww thanks hun! Really love this colour so much too, think its defo up there with me all time favs!! :D xoxo


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