Enraptured! :)

 Good day lovely readers! The weekend is nearly upon us! Woohoo! I find myself having a, very rare yet most grateful for, day off today *sigh!* so after all me errands & bits & bobs have been done what better thing to do than blog with a cup o' tea on tap! :D 
So my darlings, I’ve got a brand new hair styling contraption that I’m excited to share with you beauties. The tool in question goes by the name of the Amplify Jumbo Waver & is from the new brand Enrapture. Due to release in the next few weeks, Enrapture are launching 3 styling appliances, the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers, the Encode Totem Styler & the Amplify Jumbo Waver, all of which have been designed for creating volume, texture, curls, body & waves for those times “when everyday hair isn’t enough”
Deffo sounds intriguing non? Now I have been on a pretty constant & majorly unsuccessful mission in my lifetime to achieve lovely, voluminous, beachy waves reminiscent to that of a mermaid, but it just wasn’t happening! And as someone who is utterly useless at styling their hair (I totally know how to rock the “just got out of bed” look as that is pretty much what it is most of the time… :/) the Jumbo Waver seemed to be just what I was looking for, so when I was kindly offered the opportunity to try it out, of course I jumped at the chance :) (Thank you Lucy!) I already own a pair of GHD’s which I have attempted to use to style my hair as well as straighten, but no matter how many step by step tutorials or Youtube videos I watched, the stylish waves/curls just didn’t want to cooperate & just looked like big bumps in my hair :/ Not to mention it felt like a bit of a workout for the arms, trying to bend them into awkward (painful!) positions in order to reach the back of the head! Fun times :)  
Anyhoos, so enters at this stage The Amplify Jumbo Waver. Firstly, got to say I loooove the packaging! It comes in a beautiful, sleek, shiny box with magnetic closing function that just so happens to be my favourite shade of blue! Gorguz! 
In the box you get the waver of course as well as a style guide & a travel pouch that doubles as a heat mat which is useful. I’ll admit I was a bit daunted when I first saw the waver, I mean it is a bit of a beast of a styling tool!! I think it’s almost as large as my head! But it’s actually not that heavy & the benefit of its size is that it styles the hair in much quicker time. 
There is a simple On/Off switch on the handle plus a heat level setting dial, low setting is for thin hair gradually going higher if you have thicker hair. There’s also a great handle lock on the end for when you’re finished with the styler that clamps it shut.
It works in pretty much the same way as if you were crimping your hair so I couldn’t wait to get started! I decided to go for the low setting first & the waver heats up nice & quickly. Starting at the root I just grabbed sections of hair & clamped in between the unique S shaped barrels. After about 5 seconds release & continue down the whole length of hair, overlapping as you go. Keep on doing this round the whole noggin’ & voila! Hello there beachy waves!! And oh my god…is that volume I see??? *cue before & after pics...* :)
                                    Before - Straight, Straight, Flat....Snoooooore! ;)
                                                       After - Waves at ya!! :D
I can’t tell you how quick it took to do & even moi, of all people, found it easy & straightforward to use. Finally found a way to style & add volume to my hair without having to use about six hundred different products! I really loved the finished results & received some lovely compliments as well, & even better is that the waves remained for a few days after until the time came to wash :) I bloomin love it! I think I might try the higher heat setting next time & see how it turns out too!

The Enrapture collection will be available from most retailers including Boots & Argos from 15th August (1st September for the Heated rollers) and will be retailing at £74.99.  For more info on the range just click on the links lovelies! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - product was sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :) 

Lotsa love!


  1. Oooo, looks like an amazing product! I'm always on the lookoout for new hair tools, and this looks pretty incredible.

  2. @Sherin - its awesome hun, its knocked my GHD's out the water! :) Deffo feeling wavey hair for the time being, love it! xoxo

  3. Oh your hair looks amazing (both wavy and straight) I guess this blows plaiting your hair before you go to bed right out of the ball park haha! Damn my hair for being short xx

  4. @Adrienne - awww thanks so much Adrienne! Haha yes, thank god they make these sort of things for people like me, believe it or not, I CAN'T actually plait my hair!! :/ It always looks a mess! Lol! xoxo

  5. Loving the wavy hair on you Aysh! xx

  6. I've seen few bloggers using this recently, it looks really quite nice on you! Im glad its simple to use.

  7. @Tass - aww thanks Tass my sweet! :D xoxo

    @HollyArabella - thank you hun :) yes it really is so simple to use! If someone like moi can do it then BELIEVE me...any one can! :D xoxo


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