Boots I Did It Again....

Good evening cupcakes! Hope you’re all having a great weekend! What’s everyone been up too? I’ve spent the past week doing early shifts at work so you can be sure I totally relished a lovely long lie in today! Hope to have another one tomorrow if it’s not too trouble oh great powers of the universe, please & thank you ;)  I also popped along to watch The Devils Double at the cinema this week. Bloomin’ insane movie but defo worth watching just for a dose of Dominic Cooper’s amazing performance…his appearance is not half bad either…NOM! ;)
So I confess, a bit of hauling has been done recently. Well I say recently, but you remember that little thing I mentioned where I often stumble across little bags of goodies every now again that have been shamefully & ceremoniously chucked in the wardrobe after being purchased?? Well….haha…this was a bit of a similar case I’m afraid… *blushes*. As I was cruising along in my little brum brum (i.e my car Rolo) I took a corner a bit faster than was probably necessary but hey a lot more fun right?! ;)….. I kid, I kid, I’m actually quite the careful driver *big grin*.... Anyhoos I heard some odd sounding clunking goings on in the boot so off I went to investigate & what do I find but an old Boots haul I’d forgotten all about!! Whoopsie! But cue major high at lovely new products to try & share with you! Here’s the bits & bobs I got:
First up we have this lovely polish from No 7 in Coconut Ice. I absolutely looooove their nail polishes! They apply beautifully & the range of colours & quality is great. Whilst this may not be the brightest of shades for sure, my eye was still drawn to it as I don’t think I own anything like it! It’s a gorguz pearly shade that reminds me of seashells! Hehe can’t wait to give it a whirl! The polishes retail for around £7 but hey ho...those £5 off vouchers that we love & adore are back me lovelies so you can grab a bottle for just 2 squids! Wooo! :D
Now ‘17’ isn’t a counter I normally stop at whilst on my many browses within Boots, but whilst passing I saw these “Vintage Love” eye shadow palettes on display & thought “Ooooo, those colours are mighty pretty lookin!” then when I swatched them on my hand, was totally blown away by the quality & pigmentation of them! 
There are two palettes, one “Perfect Pastels” & the other “Metallic Nudes”. The shadows are such lovely shades & so smooth to the touch! And like I said the colour payoff is just incredible, see for yourselves in the pics below! I especially love the gold one in the metallic palette! Can’t wait to get working on some looks with these babies! The palettes were £5.49 each but sadly I think these were part of a special collection & no longer available :( but if this is the quality of 17 eye shadows then I’m defo gonna be hunting down some more!

When I bought these palettes there was a 3 for 2 offer going on so I also picked up a “17” Maximum Volume mascara to try out as I’d heard quite good things about them. :) I’ve heard that the “Wild Curls” mascara is very good too? The “17” mascaras retail for around £6-£7 so thought they’d be worth a try out!
If Boots is good at one thing its definitely their 3 for 2 offers! Actually, hold the phone...that might not be such a good thing as I always succumb to it!!! Waaah! But there it was calling to me again with Models Own this time...I ended up getting the Silver crackle, the 3in1 base/topcoat as my Barry M one just doesn't seem to be cutting it at the mo & lastly the AMAZING looking Champagne which I saw on SuperGorgeous's blog & have been lemming after for yonks!

 Lastly in the makeup haul I picked up Maybelline’s new (or maybe not so new now! Lol!) gel liner Eyestudio Lasting Drama Eye Liner in Intense Black. 

Now you know how much I love my eyeliner! My HG one that always comes out when some heavy duty lining is called for is my MAC Fluidline Blacktrack. But I thought I’d give this new kid on the block a whirl as it’s had some pretty great stuff said about it & I have to agree! Not only is it easier on the moneys compared to the MAC at £7.99 (the MAC one retails for around £13.50) it also comes with a really great brush that makes applying the liner very easy as it’s quite stiff, so you can create a smooth wing, yet still managing to stay soft too! The gel itself is lovely to work with & a gorguz deep black so it seems that the MAC may have some serious competition! It’s great to know that a good quality gel liner is available on the high street as a back-up if the need arises as I don’t have a MAC store near me! :D I’m also quite keen on trying the ELF gel liners too, I’ve seen so many swatches of the different lovely colours & they look gorguz! 
Almost done honeybees, the last of this haul post is actually some pretty bits of bling I picked up yesterday & wanted to share with ya! Boots have seriously impressed me with their jewelery selection, they really have some truly gorguz pieces that are deffo worth checking out! I’ve bought some lovely earrings from them in the past & this time I picked up these 3 beauties….all of which were on sale! Result! :D
 My fav is definitely the turquoise stone one on the long gold chain, such a beautiful colour! I’m thinking I deffo need more turquoise jewelery in my life. My matey liked it so much she went & grabbed one too!
I’ve also been wanting a nice, long, casual, gold chain to wear with a few everyday outfits so this chain was perfick!
And finally I saw this lovely fuchsia pink set & noticed it went perfectly with my fav Next pink maxi dress, as well as a coupla other tops…so into the basket it had to go! And the best thing loves is that they were all a fab £2.50 each! Yay for sales! :D 
And there ya have it my beauties! Have you tried any of these products? If so, let me know your thoughts! Have you been on any makeup/beauty/bling hauls lately? As always thanks for reading!

Lotsa love & hugs!


  1. Those 2 palettes look Amazing! Why have I not tried anything from 17 before?! Also, I would love a review maybe on the gel eyeliner, I saw Lisa eldridge use it in a video a while back and have been intrigued ever since! Xx

  2. Great purchases! I want that Maybelline Cream Eye Liner. :)

  3. Love the name of this post hahah! I love those eyeshadows.. They look amaze xx

  4. Wow I love the look of the palettes! They look gorgeous! And the models own! I want :P and I always check out the boots sale for jewellery, it's great. Hope your good hun x

  5. Hahaha! Glad I'm not the only one who forgets about things that I've bought! I might check out that eye liner. I like the look of brush that comes with it. x

  6. its so funny that you get these things then forget about them! it must feel like christmas when you find them again haha

    shel xx

  7. @Shannon – thanks hun! Aww I know! I’ve never really looked at 17 before but they actually have some gorguz looking stuff & great prices too! I’m especially liking their lippies… :) Oh absolutely hun, if you like! I’ll get to working on that for ya :) xoxo

    @Olivia – thank you my lovely! Oh you should definitely get it! Xoxo

    @Sriya – LOL! Hehe thanks chick! Ooo thanks! I can’t wait to give the eye shadows a go, they really do look gorg! :D xoxo

    @Sharmin – Hello hun :) Aww thanks, the pigmentation looks stunning on these shadows, seriously impressed with 17! :D And Yes! The Boots jewelery range is fab right?? Even better when it’s on sale…! ;) Haha! I’m doing well thank you darling, hope you are too! Xoxo

    @Leanne – Phew!!! Haha great to know I’m not alone sweetpea! Oh yes definitely do hun, the brush is really great & creates a really nice line :D xoxo

    @Shel – Haha! I’m terrible I know!! But yup you are right lovely! It does feel like a mini high when I do find them! :D xoxo

    Also me lovelies, just occurred to me that it might be worth checking on ebay for those 17 palettes? Seen a few on there! :D xoxo


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