Some Sparkle & Stripes! :)

Hey hey honeybees!! Hope your all having a lovely weekend! So I’ve got me a new NOTD I wanted to share with you beauties :) 
I have had the polish ‘Milan’ by No.7 on my “lust-have” list for absolutely yonkers! Every time I’ve walked past the polish section my eyes were always drawn to this prettyful shimmering pink shade. You know you need to take action when you start to have re-curing dreams about something, as was the case with this! (That action could also include booking an appointment with local psychiatrist…) But thankfully with a little help from Boots £5 off voucher ‘Milan’ is now all mines! It’s a gorguz pink polish with lotsa lovely shimmers running through thus giving it a wonderful sparkle! Its definitely a super jazzy polish for certain & a unique addition to my (err rapidly growing *cough!*) collection!
I wanted to have another play with the whole nail art business (& from all your lovely comments in my last nail post I do feel a tad more confident so thank you my angels!) so I decided to add some candy-esque stripes on top of the pink shimmer after coming across the fab design that the super talented Shortiee did on her blog a while back. Thanks for the inspiration hun! 

Unfortunately I don’t own a nail art pen, so the occasion called for some improvisation & after having a dig through my makeup drawer, which in its current state, looks as if not one but several  bomb’s have hit it so this task took a while… :/ I found what I needed which was my Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner. The tip is pointed so makes it perfect to use for drawing on the stripes :) Had to add my normal touch of randomness of course & went for a whole black ring fingernail albeit applied extremely retardedly with just a random black polish…

Haha needless to say the left hand came out a lot neater as I am right handed but overall was well chuffed with the result! I really think I’m getting the ball rolling with this nail art for sure! One small step....one giant leap & all that! ;)

Hope you like it my dears! What nail colours are you loving at the mo? Have you tried any nail art designs lately? Do let me know as I would love to see! :)

Lotsa love & hugs! 


  1. oo I love this, very nice. I haven’t done nail art in a while, a lot easier just to paint the whole lot and be done with it. But I really like the signature nail look. :-) x

  2. Oooh pretty nail art, love the colour! x

  3. I do love my stripes! Thank you for letting me know and crediting.. You did a great job with the eyeliner as a substitute! :D Xx

  4. I love that colour! It's really pretty :)
    I'm following you xD
    My Blog :)

  5. @Discoveringbeauty - thanks huny! Haha yeah I know what you mean, that’s what I’ve been doing lately too! So glad you like it, randomness & all! :) xoxo

    @Asma – thank you Asma! Really loving this jazzy pink a lot! Xoxo

    @Shortiee31 – heya hun! Aww you’re most welcome darling, thanks for the inspiration! Loving stripes too :) Haha yes, sadly don’t own a nail art pen (yet) so had to improvise! Thanks huny! Xoxo

    @MissEBlog – thank you lovely! So glad you like them! :) xoxo

    @Beautybyrosh – hello hun! Aw thanks so much for following :) So happy you like it! It’s such a pretty pink isn’t it? xoxo

  6. Me likey very much! I'm going to have a go at stripes soon too didn't think to use eyeliner though good tip! :D

  7. You are so creative!!! Did the eyeliner actually stay? I guess with a topcoat....I have to try this!!! Great post!

  8. mad skills! i got one of the wah nails pens, theyre brill :) xx

  9. @Annabella - why thank ya annabella me lovely! Ooooh let me knows if you give the stripes a go! Glad you liked the tip ;) xoxo

    @KajalCouture - aww thanks darling! Oh yes, how silly of me, forgot to mention! Doh! Yes it just dries onto the nail polish, then I added a coat of ordinary topcoat to make it last longer :) Hope you give it a go hun, so glad you like! xoxo

    @Daniela - thanks hun! Haha yes I've heard they're great! Until I get my paws on one though, the Rimmel will get some good usage! Btw absolutely loving your afternoon tea posts darl, keep em coming! Lol! Looking forward to some new places to try! :D xoxo

  10. Very pretty nail art!

    That pink is so lovely, never thought of using liquid eyeliner - how clever! :) xx

  11. @Sarah - thank you very much sweety! So happy you like it :) xoxo


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