Bloggers Let Loose! Plus OOTD, FOTD & A Catch Up Thrown In!

Well heloooo there beautiful strangers!! Bloomin nora ‘tis been a while non? How the devil is everyone? Hope you’re all well. Is it really July already?! Really?!? And 4th of July to be exact, so Happy Independence Day to all my American lovelies out there! :D 
Oh gosh, it does feel good to be blogging again as I have missed it muchly! Life just seems to be throwing all sorts of hurdles & tests at me lately, hence the rather long absence. Work has been so insanely frustrating in all aspects, with some high as well as some very low points thrown in too, I’m just trying to keep a grip on it all! Anyhoo, it’s all left me a tad un-motivated at the mo, but I shan’t bore you with the details! ;) Let’s just say some major assessing has been going on in the old noggin with regards to life changes, work etc. Hopefully things will sort themselves out soon fingers crossed, touch-wood & all that.
Before I go on I just want to say a humongous thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post! You guys are awesome! Hearing all your lovely words really made my day & I’m so happy you all loved the nail art! Its deffo given me more confidence I can tell ya so thanks again my darlings! You know I always love to hear from you all, you sure do keep me smiling! :) 
So whats new? Well recent weeks have seen me heading into Coventry for a work conference at The Ricoh Arena. I won’t lie…the conference itself was a bit of a snooze fest but I did my best to pay attention honest I did! But then in the evening we all donned our glad rags & dolled ourselves to the max for the Gala dinner which more than made up for it! Good food, fab music, plenty o’ booty shaking plus Mr Jack Dee stopping by to give us a few laughs deffo made for a good time! I think I’ll do an OOTD on what I wore in another post?

But one of the main highlights for me recently has definitely got to be my trip down to London last month to have a good old catch up & chillax session with some of my fav bloggers ladies! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, the thing I’ve loved most since starting blogging, is all the lovely gals I’ve gotten to know & had the pleasure to meet & with who I’ve established some really wonderful friendships with. Big love to all you beauties :D So, as I was saying (before I got all emotional on you all for a minute there!) I managed to get myself down to London to spend the day with these lovely chica’s. Once we’d all managed to locate one another in Queensway, 1st things 1st….our bellies needed filling! Priorities & all that ;) So we all made our merry way to a lovely Lebanese restaurant led by Amina, who deffo has good taste as the food was delish! After we’d spent a lovely time chatting & munching, we then pondered on what to do next. I had planned on heading down to Hyde park for some super chilling in the sun time, but the British weather decided it was gonna be a bit of an arse as usual with its rain! Son in the end we decided to take Halima & introduce her to that shining beacon of hope for all shopaholics that is Westfields, as it was her 1st time in London :) And from there commenced a fab afternoon of shopping, chatting some more, posing with mannequins, taking a large abundance of bog pics, whilst having regular pit stops involving cocktails, crepes & Mr Pretzels! In actual fact, I think it was the 1st time I went to Westfields & left without buying anything! Deffo a first I can tell ya! But I guess such a good time was being had with these lovely ladies with the convo (& cocktails!) flowing that spending had to take a back seat…maybe not such a bad thing! I know that Halima managed to grab some lovely bits from INGLOT & MAC, lucky thing! :) Oh & I’m still waiting for that lovely blue dress that Mrs Designer Spray picked out for ya to make an OOTD debut on you blog Miss Amina….you know what I'm talking of non?? ;) So all in all ‘twas a fab day, big thanks, hugs & smooches to all of y’all for such an awesome time, can’t wait for the next one! Oh & also a big thanks has to go to Mr Designer Spray for acting as photographer & putting up with all of us crazy women all day! Hats off to ya my friend! Lol!
Right, well it seems like I’ve rambled on for donkeys now, but I guess after a long absence it was inevitable! ;) Just gona throw in a quick OOTD & FOTD I wore from the day plus of course some of my favourite pics from the trip! 
 Just did a quick version of a purple smokey eye using an old Victoria Jackson palette I found, using a nudish colour for the lids with a little dark purple added in to the crease :) Finished off with eyeliner & mascara with a bit o' Benefit Dallas blush on the cheeks.
I decided to stick with the purple theme & opted for a purple dress I picked up from Oasis yonks ago in sale! Have alotta love for this dress, I do :) Teamed with my fav pair of purple suede shoes from M&S (turns out I have a strong love for suede) & a cardi from Primarni & I was good to go!  And finally here are some piccies from the day :)
                                                                            BOG PIC!! :D
                                                                 Me & the lovely Naz :)
                                                                     Tass & Moi
                                             LOL Sriya having to bend down to take a pic with me!!
                                                        Naaaaaw LOVE this pic Halima ;D
                                       Another group pic!! And yes...this was in a bog also... :/
                                      Getting a bit TOO friendly with the mannequins maybe....
                                         LOL! Had to throw in the crazy 'BEFORE' pic ;p......
                 ....'After' :D L-R- Tass, Halima, Naz, Moi, Sriya & Amina

 Woooo if you made it to here!! HAHA! Honestly, I went seriously snap happy as usual, these are just a few if ya can believe! Thank you Halima my lovely for the pics as well, I am officially in love with your NIKON. Let me know if you ever fancy a swap ;) Thanks so much for reading honeybees! It feels good to have my mojo back, just hope it sticks around! Till next time loves!


  1. lovely photos and cute shoes

  2. I can't believe I missed this!! x

  3. you look gorgeous in these shots (and I'm in love with your shoes!)
    hope things sort themselves out at work & you're back to blogging - I've missed your posts!! x

  4. you guys look like you had a ball :) love your eyeshadow, very nicely blended.


  5. Love this post! Not loving the pics of me.. My god I looked so dead that day hahahaha!! We need another day out asap! xx

  6. @Janella - thank you so much huny! :D xoxo

    @Kaushal - Awwww I know my lovely! Would have been totally amazing to finally meet your lovely self! We will deffo make it happen on the next meet up for sure :D xoxo

    @Rachel - Hello sweety! Aw thank you so much! Hehe love them too & they are so comfy as well :) Oh that's such a lovely thing to say, really means a lot hun so thanks. Yes me too with regards to horrid work! I hate not blogging! xoxo

    @Vonnie - Why thank you my bonnie vonnie! So glad you like! Aww how I wish you lived here so we can have an awesome meet up too! :( It would be awesome! :) xoxo

    @Sriya - Sriya!! You are an absolute stunner my lovely & that is all, fullstop. Had such a fab day with ya, deffo need to get to working on the next one! :D xoxo

  7. looks like you all had fun xxx

  8. Looks like you all had so much fun, you look lovely! shame I don't live near london! x

  9. @kirstyb- thanks hun, yes it was! Really love meeting fellow bloggers :) xoxo

    @Asma - Aww huny so wished you could have made it! Would've been lovely to finally meet ya. One day for sure :) Thank you sweety! xoxo

    @MissEBlog - aw thanks for the lovely comment darling, you're so kind! :) xoxo

  10. @Roshni - awww thank you me darling! Missed youuuuu!!!!! Going to make sure you are at the next meet up, if I have to come get you myself! ;) xoxop


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