Well Hello There! :)

Greetings my lovelies! Long time no speak! How the devil are y'all? Happy May tidings to ya :) Wowzah, I have been a majorly bad blogger of late, it feels like its been blooming yonks! Are y'all well? I hope everyone has enjoyed the two lovely long bank holiday weekends we've had here in England & for those overseas I hope you've had a top weekend too! Such gorguz weather as well huh? I'll be straight & say I've actually truly enjoyed & needed this mini break. Work & everything had been getting so manic & on top of me that it felt so good to have a teensy breather you know? But it feels good to be back with the blogging mojo! :)
So whats everyone been up to? I myself have spent the break doing some of me favourite things which include, picnicking, sunbathing, trips to the beach & overall catching up with mateys :) Its really felt like the mini holiday I needed! In the words of Justin Lee Collins...good times! :) Yesterday I popped into London town for a dose of culture with a trip to the Tate Modern to check out the Ai Weiwei exhibition (fab!) & was also treated by my lovely brother to some Dim Sum in Chinatown. One word....yummo! Also I've discovered I'm a bit of a nab hand at the old chopsticks if I do say so myself! :D
Now it would appear that April is clearly the month for wedding season as we've recently had two in our family which I attended plus an Asian wedding exhibition all of which I'll post about soon! Not forgetting of course the Royal Wedding too! Gosh didn't she look just amaze?? I thought the dress was just perfick & hats off to her for doing her own makeup! I mean lets face it, that's an extremely brave thing to do for any bride, but in Kate's (sorry Catherine's!) case, knowing you're going to have thousands of cameras on you must be daunting! But I thought she did a fab job :) How did y'all spend the big day? My friends & I had planned on traveling down to Blenheim Palace to watch it, but in the end we decided to stay at home & watch with the families whilst drinking cup after cup of tea & demolishing leftover hot cross buns & Easter eggs! Sadly I couldn't find any cucumbers otherwise sarnies would've been on the menu too no doubt! lol!
Anyhoos loves, just thought I'd check in & catch up with y'all. Looking forward to returning to work? Nnnnnnah! Me neither :/ but hey at least it'll be a short week. I think that's gonna be my new thing for this month...try to see the positive aspect of things! :)
I'll leave ya with the mini haul I did on a recent trip to Bicester Village. Thankfully most of the trip was of the window shop variety...although that didn't stop moi from trying on countless pairs of Jimmy Choos...one day Aysh, one day...What I did get however was a prettyful pair of earring from Accessorize that tick all the boxes for me! Big? Yes, Dangly? Very, Pretty ethnic design/style? Yup! Colourful & summery? I'll say! & to make the purchase complete these babies only cost moi £2! Woo indeed! 

I also got this gorguz bag which I couldn't resist. I'd been wanting a new summer bag for which I could chuck in all me essentials (suncream, sunglasses etc) & this seemed to fit the bill nicely :)

I love the nude pinky beige colour & you can never go wrong with a bit o' bling with jazzy sequins & shimmer can ya? This gem was also on sale for £10 cut down from £35 so didn't do too badly eh? :)
Plenty of space for all the summer essentials :)
Okey dokes sweetie's, me off now to chill out in front of a movie I think before checking out for the evening, hope y'all had a lovely day! By the way, I've just had me one of those Frubes strawberry dessert thingamy-bobs from the fridge?? Err yum?!!! A quick, healthy dessert in a tube...no need for spoons so obviously no washing up required...genius...& on that dose of pure randomness I'll be saying good night! Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa love & hugs!


  1. Love those earrings! Bargain!! xx

  2. Back at work today too after 11 days off. And back on the salads and healthy food too what load of rubbish! :D

  3. the earrings are gorgeous and you are so pretty girl :D

    shel xx

  4. @Emma - thanks chick! Love me bargains I do :) xoxo

    @Annabella - oh nooo! I'm allergic to salad, so sad isn't it?? ;) Lol! Aww be sure to give yourself a little treat me lovely! xoxo

    @Shel - aww my goodness, thank you for your lovely comment darling! You're a sweety :) xoxo


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