Wedding FOTD - Chapter 1 Pink & Gold :)

Hello there angels! So I mentioned previously that the month of April has been weddings galore! Its definitely a lovely month to get married for sure, my mums brother actually got married on Easter Weekend last year so it was their one year anniversary last month! They both make such a lovely couple & coincidentally my Uncles new wife has actually become one of my closest friends too :) So a huge congrats to them both & I wish them all the best & many years of happiness together :)
I do love a good old wedding celebration, I do & the ones I attended happened to be relatives so were full on Pakistani affairs which is always fun! The best thing about weddings in my family is that its a chance to have all your relations in one room & you get to have a good old catch up with everybody as sadly, because of life keeping everyone busy (plus a few family politics here & there!) we don't really get to see them often.
I thought I'd share with y'all a couple of the makeup looks I did for the weddings. This FOTD chapter as you've probably guessed is Pink & Gold :) This was actually the outfit I wore to my Uncles wedding last year & is deffo one of my favs, so I can see this one being recycled many a time! 

Anyhoos here's the makeup look I did to go with, as always I focused mainly on the eyes, hope you like it!

I used a simple pale gold & about 3 different pink shadows from my Coastal Scents 88 colour palette. The pale gold I used to highlight the brow bone & inner corners of the eyes & the pinks on the outer lid & crease, then blended it all out into the highlight.

To add dimension & basically bling up the eyes a bit more, I just dabbed on top some Barry M Dazzle Dusts in Yellow Gold & Pink Gold. Next step was to line the eyes for which I used my trusty MAC Fluidline & eyeliner brush along the upper lash line & winged out twice on the outer corners, making the top flick a tad longer. Then I just lined the waterline too plus whacked on some mascara & that's the eyes done! :)
 The rest of the face was kept simples with Barry M Natural Dazzle on the cheeks & MAC Creme D'Nude on the lips. Oh! & almost forgot to mention, the foundation used was, as always with evenings out, MAC Studio Tech in NC37 & MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark. The perfick combo for moi! So thats the FOTD I opted for to go with my outfit. 
Here's the accessories that went with the outfit, can't forget the bling! :) This is probably my favourite earrings & necklace set I have in my jewelery collection, just love the pale pink sparkles! There's also a pretty little headpiece with the set also which can be placed just above the forehead, but as it wasn't a very close relative I decided to give it a miss. I picked the pretty set up from Southall....THE place to go when you want to go Asian clothes/accessories shopping! ;)
And of course no outfit is complete without some prettyful shoes to go with it!
These are deffo up there in the favourite stakes also, my aunt kindly gave me these as she never wore them! So happy we are the same size as she has a pretty awesome taste in shoes! Heheh! :)  Thankfully they are pretty comfy too. And that is it! Thanks so much for reading honeybees! Hope you liked the FOTD :) Speak to y'all soon!

Lotsa kisses!


  1. You look so pretty and your outfit is gorgeous. I'm following :)



  2. You look gorgeous hun and your outfit is so pretty :)


  3. congrats to them, LOOOVE the shoes!!! just gorgeous..beautiful makeup babe :D yay for weddings


  4. I love your makeup! :) You look gorgeous :) xx

  5. @Jessycalouise – Hello hun! Thank you so much for your lovely comment & thank you for following! :) xoxo

    @Shifa – Thank you so much huny, you’re very sweet :) I do have a soft spot for this outfit; it was picked out by my nan actually! Lol! She deffo has a good eye :) xoxo

    @Sana – Aww thank you my lovely! Hope you’re well! :) xoxo

    @Sriya – Hey girly! Aww thanks angel! Really love this jewelery set too! Didn’t realise I liked pink so much! But then again….looking at certain aspects of my blog….I guess I do! bwhaha! ;) xoxo

    @Vonnie – Ola Chica! Aww thanks darling, they really are so lovely together :) Haha I knew you would! Their blinding right? And thaaaaanks sweets! Totally with ya there on weddings babe :D xoxo

    @Roshni – Oh thanks so much Roshni! I’m so glad you like it! :) xoxo

  6. You look gorgeous, loving all the pink, and your make-up looks fab! x

  7. WOWEEE aysh u look blimmin hhooootttttt!!!

  8. Soz didn't realise you did another wedding post! I love your makeup and the pink shoes. I never ever get excited about pink shoes so well done babe!

  9. @Stylefrost - aww thanks lovely! Hope you're well hun! xoxo

    @Amina - lol! Aww shucks *blushes* Thanks me lovely lady, looking forward to seeing your gorguz face next week! Woo! :D xoxo

    @Annabella - Haha still a few more to come! Thanks so much darling, so glad you like! Hope the shoe shopping is going well ;) xoxo

  10. your eyes are stunning xx just replied to your Q on my blog honey x

  11. @MissJones - aww thank you so much hun! You're so lovely! :D Oh fab, I'll pop by & have a looky, thanks! xoxo


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