Asiana Wedding Exhibition :) (pic heavy!)

Ello ello cupcakes! Y’all having a good week me dears? Half down now just half to go! Don’t know about y’all but I truly felt spoiled with the lovely long bank holiday weekends of late, now just a two day weekend does not seem enough! Blah! But I guess I shouldn’t really complain seeing as I actually had a day off today! *cough!* To pay my dear dentist a visit though mind you…but hey, it’s a day off! Lol! & you can be sure I made the most of it by popping into town for an ickle makeup fix which kinda felt deserved after being drilled in the mouth to within an inch of me life! Hmm sorry for myself much?? ;) I’ve actually accumulated quite a few pretty bits & bobs over the past few weeks (ALL of which have been comfort shopping of some sort, yet ABSOLUTELY necessary…) & will hopefully be sharing with y’all lovelies soon!
So whats new? Well I can tell ya that I’ve recently joined the ranks with many a’ other folk for that much talked about workout that is Zumba!! Bwahaha! Yes ‘tis true & by golly am I loving it! My 1st class mind you was a bit of a disaster…a not so good teacher, combined with alotta weight lifting & awkward positions did not make for a good time :/ Hmm not what I was looking for! But my matey & I persevered (with a little help of change of instructor) & now we’re loving it! Such an amazingly fun workout filled with plenty o’ booty shakin & great music. Our new teacher is an amazing woman called Anne who is 50 years old & yet does not look a day over 30! If this is what Zumba can do then I is sticking at it girlfriend! So hopefully before long this here blogger shall be able to shake her caboose hard enough to give Shakira a run for her money…either that or I’ll end up dislocating my hip & be receiving birthday gifts along the lines of Zimmer frames & Stannah Stair Lifts this year… 
Anyhoos moving on, my manager & I both found ourselves at a bit of a loose end one weekend, so we decided to hop along to the Asiana Wedding Exhibition that was being held nearby to us. It was a great place to see some new designers & make up artists in the biz, some of which are quite local to us, which was good to know of. The exhibition also consisted of many wedding planners etc, touting their services, plus a fashion show showcasing some of the latest designs. 

There were also many jewelery stalls covered with prettyfull bling to which I was drawn to like a moth to the flame & inevitably parted with my money’s at… ;) So all in all not a bad day out & it was deffo a pleasure testing all the different cakes & wedding menu meals of course….no hardship all! Hehe!
                                                                 Mmmmm, NOM! :D

Though I have to say, it did get a tad trying when I was continuously being asked when my big day was…expected yes of course…yet trying nonetheless. Hmm, eventually got so tired ( & a tad depressed maybe) of saying that “No, I’m actually single, just browsing!” thus embedding a hint of pity in a few eyes, my manager & I retards that we are thought, sod it, switched ring fingers & continuously sprouted from my gob random dates for next year! Bwahahaha! Yes, I know….I know. Help is being currently sought :/ Thank god I didn’t put my name down for anything, otherwise I would be looking forward to having over six differently themes weddings next year, including a trashy Vegas casino wedding at a number of different venues each with its own specially designed cake & menu plans! And that would rack up to quite a sum I would imagine....!
Anyways dolls here are some piccies I snapped from the day plus the fashion show :)
                                                                      Love the gorguz fabrics! :)
                                                                                 Pretty Jewels! :)
                                      What every wedding needs...a chocolate fountain!
                                            Myself  & one of the lovely wedding planners
                                                                         Bling a Ring!
                                                    Me & one of the MUA's lovely models
                                                      Love this medieval design!
                                                Stunning, had to put in two pics ;)

Wooooo! Got there in the end, thanks for sticking with moi, didn't realise how snap happy I was!! Lol!  Cheerios for reading darls! Which outfit did you like best? Any (actual *ahem!*) brides to be out there?  What style dress have you opted for? And are you all set & looking forward to your big day? :D

Lotsa love & hugs!


  1. Such stunning pictures! Whenever I read wedding related posts it just makes me want a wedding of my own!

    I love the white and the turquoise-y dresses! Everything looks so beautiful :)

    The part about you putting your managers ring on and giving different people different wedding dates made me chuckle!

    Great post!


  2. @Sarah - Thanks lovely! Oh tell me about it, I think every girl does! Haha what can I say, most times my manager & I are out & about you'd think we're a pair of escapees from the psychiatric ward... ;) xoxo

  3. After seeing this I'm so glad I chose green for my wedding dress, bright colours are definitely best and more festive IMHO.

    Need your advice chick, I want to wear what I call Indian slipper shoes (the kind you find at Asian sari shops with the sparkly bits). I don't wear heels which is why I like these kind of flats. Do you know the best place to buy them online? I live in a Pakistani neighbourhood in Nottingham but there are only a few shops around here and they sell the higher heels, sligbacks and mules. Any help would be appreciated. x

  4. @roshni - thank you darling! :) xoxo

    @annabella - heya my lovely! Lol totally agree with ya on the brighter colours! Aww yes I know which shoes you mean hun, hmm let me have a look into it & I'll drop ya an email asap :) xoxo

  5. Oh I wish I knew about this, I really want to go to a Asian Wedding Exibition, I need some help with my planning! Looks like you had fun, nice photos!

  6. @Shameera - Thanks hun, yes it was good fun :) Aww firstly congrats on your up coming wedding! You must be so excited! :)I'm sure there will be more wedding exhibitions coming up! Worth checking online for ones near your area :) xoxo

  7. I'd love to go to one of these shows! Some day for sure :) The models are so pretty!

  8. @Shifa - hey hun! Yes you deffo should one day if you can, they're a lot of fun! It was great seeing some of the MUA's at work on their models too. And yes, the models were lovely :) xoxo


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