Mumma Love & Some Recently Rocked Red - NOTD, OOTD & Lets Throw in a SOTD with Some New Boots Too!

Happy Friday loves! Wow, rather OD'd on the OTD's there huh? Haha try & say that 10 times faster! Anyhoos, did y'all survive today & any foolishness that came your way? Luckily mine wasn't too eventful which is shocking as I'm probably the worlds most gullible person! But its not just about the pranks as April Fools Day also happens to be my little kitty's birthday :) A fact that always has me in hysterics & yet explains so very much...bless her. Hope y'all had a good week & have some lovely things planned for the weekend, especially with the mumma's! My mumma bear is truly my rock for sure, really don't know what I'd do without her. Yeah like all mother/daughters we have our moments where it seems like WW3 is about to break out any minute! But I love & am so grateful for the fact that she is not just a mother but my best matey too *sniff, wipes away tear* ;) & can make me almost pass out with the giggles in even the most serious of situations! But of course our mothers shouldn't just be appreciated on only one day in the year! I shall deffo make the effort to let her know as often as poss how awesome she is! :) But for now the pressies all wrapped up, cake's ordered & menus all set for Sunday!
Moi & the Mumma :)
Now lets on with the post shall we? I was deffo feeling in the mood for reds on the nails recently but none of the colours I own were shouting out to me! So off I toddled over to Boots for a sneaky browse during my lunch break (shh don't tell anyone!) & came away with a Rimmel polish in Double Decker Red no less, which is just about as red as you can get!

I honestly don't know why I don't have more Rimmel polishes in my collection as not only are they cheap & cheerful at only a few squids but they have huge range of gorguz colours to choose from. Like I said, this is deffo a red that deserves a rockin status. The polishes are lovely to apply & glossy too, High Five Rimmel! I did my random thing of course & applied a little crown nail sticker on the ring finger too ;)

Oh & I have to ask, what do y'all lovelies think of my ring?? Do you like? I have seriously been wearing this gorguz beast like everyday, no matter if it didn't go with what I was wearing! My lovely girl Vonnie sent me this fab bit o' jewelery porn from Forever21 in a makeup swap we recently did, will deffo share with y'all all the other lovely bits & bobs she sent me soon! Thanks girly! Mwah! :)
Onto the OOTD, I decided to opt for a dress that makes me feel all 70's with its psychedelic whirls of red, purple & orange, yeah baby! I think I picked this one from Bay Trading a coupla years back ( so does that count it as a vintage piece?? haha!) I do love this oldie though & because theres still a slight chill in the air simply teamed it with the fav crop cardy from H&M which you will no doubt see a lot of on here, I do like my cardis... :)

The SOTD's in case y'all are wondering are me new boots! I'm so happy to finally have these boots from Dorothy Perkins which I have been lusting after since Xmas! I didn't think we'd ever be together these boots & me...I 1st ordered them in the Jan sales, where they then decided disappear & get lost whilst on route to moi. After a few emails back & forth with DP I was left fully refunded with my moneys but alas totally bootless! Then recently I saw these babies had been reduced even further, a definite sign, so thought 'what the hell!' lets give this another shot shall we & this time...success!

I have my boots! :) a plus point on them being majorly reduced from the original price, so it was clearly not meant to be the 1st time! Their 100% leather which is fab & I love the wedge heel detail to give that added bit of lift, they're also fab at keeping the pins warm! Can see myself teaming these with many an outfit so they will definitely be given alotta love :)
Thanks for reading my lovelies! Have you made any new love purchases lately? New bag, or boots like yours truly? Have a fab weekend & Mothers Day chica's!

Lotsa hugs & smooches!


  1. This post is so cute! You and your mummy look beautiful! x

  2. @Sriya - aww thank you so much my lovely! :) xoxo

  3. You and your mom look just alike. Looks like you will age just as well as she has, amazing.

  4. Cute dress.. when I saw SOTD I assumed it was sari of the day lol. x

  5. That picture of you & your mum is so sweet! x

  6. Aww you nearly had me welling up! I wish I could see my mom more often than I do but she's across the big pond!

  7. @Hellnotesforbeauty - oh do you think so hun? Aww thanks! And yes I really hope I've inherited her genes! haha! xoxo

    @Zahra - thank you huny! Lol, I guess it could mean that too! Who knows, I might do one of those too! xoxo

    @Kaushal - aww thanks very much darling!

    @Annabellla - heya lovely! aww lol! That must be hard for you darling having your mum so far :( but you'll be seeing her very soon! Hope all the plans are going well :) xoxo

  8. Aww a lovely picture of you and your mum...and such lovely things to say about her :)

    Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day with her tomorrow!

    Fee x

  9. @Fee - oh thank you darling Fee! She is a gem :) Thanks lovely & same to you, hope you have a good one! :) xoxo

  10. The ring is so so so pretty!But you and your mom are prettier!Ha!
    You look like her :)
    I bought some new boots and some jewellery recently.I love them!
    Happy happy weekend love!

  11. @Ria - lol! Aww thank you sweety! Aww yay for your hauling! Would love to see what goodies you got! Have a great weekend too lovely! :) xoxo

  12. i love this post :) you and your mum look amazing xxx

  13. aww ur mums so lovely!! and omg aysh u look beauuuutiful!! lovin the nails and wowza that ring is a stunner!

  14. @roshas - thank you lovely lady! hope you're good! :) xoxo

    @Amina - aww thank you so much you sweety you! :D hehe the rings a blinder huh? Love it so much, am seriously lusting after many more on the website, bye bye moneys!! ;) xoxo

  15. Hey lovely!

    I gave you a blog award!

  16. loving that red polish :)
    gorgeous outfit!! x

  17. @Kenzie = oh thank you so much sweety! off to have a looky :) xoxo

    @..R May A - thank you my lovely! xoxo

  18. No, we do not have a Nando's. I had to google it to see what it was all about haha. The food looks delicious.

    I can't believe i have never thought about carrying a small hot sauce bottle around with me. I am always so bummed when restaurants don't have the sauces i like. You are genius!!

  19. @Kenzie - Haha glad to have helped darling! That & salt, always on me, can't stand bland foods! Aww you gotta come to England then to try some Nandos lol!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  20. what a lovely shade of red :D
    bright ideal for summer

  21. @Carly - oh totally agree, I'm really loving this red hun! Can deffo see it being a great shade for summer :) xoxo


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