Got That 'Floral Feeling' OOTD...Plus A Bit O' Face Mask Lovin!

Greetings lovely readers! Wooo, its been a while non? Hope you're all good & well? So my loves, how glorious was the weather last weekend?? I, like I'm sure lots of you deffo made the most of it & by that I mean of course dusting off & donning items from the summer wardrobe..."Well hello there you!" & then lounging outdoors doing as little as possible whilst consuming copious amounts of BBQ'd food stuffs & cool drinks :) Good times! However it seems the Sun is determined to tease us because if mine eyes doth deceive me, those were some particularly dark looking clouds I saw in the heavens today...Boo clouds, be gone!
Anyhoos, I am so happy this weeks is finally over! Work has been truly murderous, what with the upcoming bank holidays, we're trying to do as much as possible before then, hence the lack of blogging :( But I got me the day off tomorrow for my cousins wedding which will be nice. Its gonna be a full on Pakistani affair so should be good & hey, I'm not one to pass up on a good meal! Ha ha I kid ;) well... Before that though I intend to make the most of my day of freedom & will be heading to the salon for some major pampering baby! Mani, Pedi, Massage the works! Can't wait!
Before I go on to the OOTD I just needed to ask....so what do y'all think of the blog! As you can see its had a bit of a makeover job & its all thanks to the amazingly fab Abby! Thank you so much for all your help lovely, you're an absolute gem & I'm so happy with how its all looking! Mwah! :)
Now I'm seriously feeling the flower power lately (& not in a hippy, spliff happy, world peace kinda way...although whatever rocks your boat...) but with regards to clothing. Its strange, I never thought myself to be into florals all that much, what with black being my fav colour, but hey it turns out I am! Majorly so! Blatantly obvious methinks with the recent dress of choice...
I picked up this particular dress from New Look donkeys ago & still love it! The colours deffo qualify as vibrant & summery & the material is a lovely, lightweight cotton making it a perfick summer dress! Love the additional details of winged sleeves & blingy purple detailing. I wore my usual black leggings & kitten heels (love!) with it plus an ickle cardi as we are not in scorching summer yet! Although I am beginning to wonder if it'll ever come! To accessorize I wore a necklace I picked up in the M&S sale which is made up of lotsa lovely turquoise beads. M&S do impress me muchly every now & again with their collections. I'll be honest & say I associated this store mostly with the errr older generation but clearly not!
I also found the belt buried deep in me box of belts (yes...I have a BOX just for my belts... :s *cough!) with yup...flowers on it! Well, when you're on a roll, you're on a roll! So into the OOTD it went! Hmmm I guess I'm hoping that if I wear bright enough clothes it'll coax the Sun out! lol!
Other than florals, another thing I am totally loving at the mo is face masks! The ones by a certain Mr Jeunesse in particular :) I picked up a selection of these after seeing they were on offer & thought may as well jump on the bandwagon & see why they're loved so much!

So far I've only tried the aromatherapy one, which smells lovely & herbal & was deeply relaxing. I found I could actually get about four good treatments out of the one sachet which is great! My skin visibly looked a lot more glowy & healthy looking so there's deffo a strong love growing here for these ;) Can't wait to try the others too, although slightly worried about the strawberry one...it looks good enough to eat! You can pick these gorguz masks up from around the £1 mark at various pharmacies, Asda's & Boots to name a few! 
Have y'all ever tried Montagne Jeunesse face masks? What face masks are you currently loving? Would love some new ones to try out too! Big up on the face pampering, hell, on all over pampering! :) Thanks for reading dolls!

Lotsa loves to ya!


  1. Love the dress :) And the masks are great xx

  2. @Emma - thanks sweety! :) I know they're fab! Great quality & value for money...my two fav things in a product! HAHA! xoxo

  3. You genuinely are a really really good writer...your blog posts are fun to read and full of personality! :)

    p.s. superdrugs own brand of mud masks in the tube thingy are really good and definately worth a try

  4. Love the dress! :) So pretty!

    Those masks are great and they're at such a good price as well! I bought some the other day...think I may use one tonight!


  5. Lovely dress - such a gorgeous design :)

    I LOVE Montagne Jeunesse- they never fail to save my skin x

  6. @Bittersweet – aww thank you so much for your lovely comment sweety! That’s so lovely of you to say that & means a lot, really :) Sometimes the amount of word vomit I can come out with is just insane ;) lol! Oh thanks for the recommendation hun! Will deffo look into those! :) xoxo

    @Sarah – thank you Sarah! Gosh I know their fab right? Lol, go and have a good ol’ pampering session lovely! :) xoxo

    @Roshni – thank you my lovely! I really love the florals & colours too :) I think I’m ready for summer ;) lol! The masks deffo have the awesomeness factor babe! xoxo

  7. I am all up on MJ masks. I've got about 15 of them in my bathroom. They really are good value for money considering how many uses you can get out of them.

    I just did a Kiehl's face mask tonite, I'll be posting the review next week.

  8. loving your outfit :)
    & I keep on meaning to try more of those masks - great post!! x

  9. Pakistani weddings are always fun! I'm sure the food will be great, hehe!
    The dress is so lovely. The colours are so beautiful. Floral and spring are just too perfect!

    And the new layout is fab! Looks great!

  10. @Annabella – Lol 15?!! Haha lucky you! You can get many a pampering session out of those :) Yup deffo agree with ya there lovely! Ooh looking forward to the review huny! You’ve got to do more of the He said/She said posts….awesome! :D xoxo

    @R May A – aw thanks so much darling! Oh yes you must try them out, they’re yummo :) xoxo

    @Sherin – Lol! So true! And the food was deffo not a disappointment ;) bwahaha! Aww you're so lovely, thanks a lot sweety, yup I’m deffo loving the florals! :D And yay! So happy you like the new layout hun! Am really happy with it :) xoxo

  11. @Classyandfabulous - aww thanks so much huny! xoxo


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