Gone A Bit Dotty...OOTD & Nails Made Easy :)

Hi-di-hi lovelies! Y’all having a good start to the week? Hope all the mumma’s out there got spoilt rotten this past weekend! Only just finished off the last piece of cake, couldn’t have it going to waste now, that would just be sacrilege.
Now don’t get worried by the title of this post, I haven’t gone off the rails…yet. This week for some reason unbeknownst to moi, I seem to have developed a rather insane love for polka dots. I don’t know, something about them just screams summer times!
I've wanted to try out this whole nail wrap business for the longest time now, quick & easy funky nails without the hassle of waiting around for it to dry?? Err yes please! I just wasn’t sure which ones to go for as there seemed to be quite a few out there. I was really happy to receive some groovy silver foil ones in the KISS goody bag I got from the NBBE event, but looking at the instructions it seemed that with these particular ones you need to heat up the strips first as well as cut them to the size of the nail before applying. Hmmmm, not exactly quick & easy, not to mention I don’t own a mini hair dryer for such a purpose. 
But not to fear, as I’ve now discovered the amazing nail wraps from Nailease, which really are just what they say, thanks to the awesome Kellie aka BigFashionista! Who, can I just say, is quite possibly the funniest lovely lady I have ever the pleasure to come across! Both she & her blog are fab! :) Kellie did a great post on said nail wraps, showing us all just how simples they are to use by not just applying on herself, but also inviting Mr Fashionista (aka her hubby!) into the act & having him apply them too! Blooming Brilliant! Seeing the results, which looked absolutely gorguz on him too I must say, I was sold! I mean if a guy can do it, the surely Miss Tres Clumsy Super Retarded that is yours truly can give it a go!
So off I went to my friendly neighbourhood Boots to pick me up some Nailease! Was a tad disappointed though at the very minimal choice on offer, only two designs! Hope Boots start getting more in as I can see a nail wrap addiction on the cards… 

The nail wraps retail for £5.99 & the design I opted for was…yup, black & white polka dots! In the pack you get 20 nail polish strips of different sizes to fit all nail shapes, as well as a buffer & cuticle pusher so you can smooth your nail surface ready for the nail wrap.
 Once the nails were all buffed to the max, next step was to pick the nail strip that was as close to the size of my nail as possible & peel off the sticky adhesive on both sides. Each strip has a silver tab that you can hold onto whilst positioning the wrap on the nail making it much easier to manoeuvre & the fab thing with these is that if you make a mistake with the placing of it, just simply lift it up off the nail & try again until its in a position you’re happy with! Once satisfied just smooth over with your finger to get rid of any wrinkles.
I found the filing off the excess strip process a tad tricky & on some of the nails I think I may have got a bit over excited & filed too much! But hey, practice makes perfect non? And after the 1st coupla goes you deffo get the knack of it! I found if you simply tug a little bit, most of the excess strip comes away easy, so you only need to file a teeny bit to neaten the tip. 
 And that is it lovelies! No nonsense waiting around, flapping the hands like a psychotic bird, waiting for polish to dry. Just lovely, glossy nails in an uber fab design good to go!

 I absolutely love the polka dot print & received some lovely compliments on them which is always nice! Can’t wait to get my hands on some more fab designs to play with, the animal prints in particular are calling to me, so I think its safe to say I am a nail wrap convert!
Carrying on with my new found love of dots, for my OOTD I opted for a fav dress of mine that I picked up in a Debenhams sale last year. I call it my Minnie Mouse dress hehe!
I guess you can see why! :) Red with white polka dots, I am deffo channelling my inner Disney mouse. I just teamed it with some simple black skinny’s, t shirt & kitten heel slingbacks... el finito!  The thing I loved most was the contrast of the black and red polka dots from the nails & dress, which I thought went really well together!
What do y’all think? Are you feeling the polka dot thang? Have you ever tried nail wraps? Would love to know! Thanks for reading sweetpeas!

Lotsa dotty love!


  1. the stick-on nail art is SO cool! how long did it last on you before signs of peeling?

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  2. These nail foils are so awesome and these ones look FABULOUS on you hun! You can't go wrong with polka dots, I'm a sucker for them too =p

  3. Can't go wrong with polka dots! They look lush, might have to try some for myself!

  4. Dotty nails look brilliant. I love them xx

  5. @Onyxsta – hey hun! Thanks so much! :) hmm well I applied the wraps on Saturday? The first signs of peeling came on Wednesday! :) Which is fab since they really are put through the wars during work! xoxo

    @Chelle – hello my lovely!! Aww thanks darling, haha they are awesome non?? Knew I had to try them, really loved the design of your ones too! Lol, so true, there just that something special about polka dots! :) xoxo

    @Leah – lol, agree! Aww yes do give them a go hun, let me know how it goes if you do! :) xoxo

    @nicoletta – thank you sweety! Hehe, I do like going a bit dotty ;) xoxo

  6. i like that dress you're wearing <3 so girly and summer-y!

  7. @jennifer - thanks Jen my lovely! I do love a girly dress me ;) bring on summer! xoxo

  8. such an easy way of getting nail art :)
    thanks for sharing!! x

  9. ..R May A.. - I know! Perfect for lazy folk i.e moi!! :D No problem sweety xoxo

  10. you're nails look SO good! I tried some leopard print foils from Primark (1.99!) and they worked suprisingly good..considering it was Primark and all ha ;) xx


  11. @kiran - aww thanks so much lovely! Wow really?!?! Primarni?! How awesome & such a fab price too! Must check those out, thank you hun! :) xoxo

  12. @Classyandfabulous - thanks hun! And yes, its super duper simples! :) Very much addicted to them now :) xoxo


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