You Crack Me Up... NOTD

Heya dolls! How are y’all doing? Only one more day to go till the weekend! Wooo! Oooh I am literally counting down the minutes until I can just have some chill out time with the matey’s, this has literally been the week from hell! The work colleague has flown off to sunny Miami leaving lots of lovely unfinished work that needs doing & who’s the lucky person who gets to do it??? Yup! Yours truly! Lucky me eh? So this week has been pretty much filled with early starts & late finishes all the while daydreaming I was skipping with kittens outside, enjoying the beautiful rays that have been coming down on us from the heavens. Lets hope this gorguz weather stays with us over the weekend, ha-ha knowing my luck though, the moment I wake up Saturday all set & ready to enjoy my weekend, it’ll start bucketing it down! Gosh I’m so positive aren’t I?? ;)
Before I carry on to today's post, firstly I just wanted to apologize for lack of blogging! Work has just left me so shattered of late that other than skipping in the sunshine, I also find myself dreaming of my bed at work… :/ don’t worry, I am getting help ;) Got lots I wanna share with y’all lovelies though! And just to let you know, I have not forgotten about the GOSH Holo giveaway!! Thanks to all of who have entered for being so patient with me! It is very high on my blog ‘to do list’ though & I shall be picking the winner this weekend! As a little thanks for your patience I’m gonna be throwing in a few extra surprise polishes & treats for the winner too! There’s also another reason for me doing this, I was so wonderfully surprised to log on recently & find that I’ve reached over 100 followers on my ickle old bloggy!! Eeeep! Seriously lovelies thank you all so much! You have no idea how much this made my week & means to me. Have a super strong (& totally non creepy-fied) love for each & every single one of you angels, y’all are awesome! :D
Now moving on, I thought I’d share with y’all my recent nails of the mo :) or actually maybe ‘not so recent’ as this was from about a week back! Lol! I really love having a dig through my polishes & re-discovering a colour I’d totally forgotten about. In this case it’s a lovely polish courtesy of Maybelline New York Forever Strong Professional in shade 19 Brun Immuable Golden Brown. (Blimey bit of a mouthful!) I applied it in the evening hence the umm not so fab pics, but it really is a truly beautiful polish. The brush is absolutely excellent & makes application incredibly quick & easy. Would I even go so far as to say its one of the best brushes I’ve come across in a polish yet?? Yup-ady doo da I would!
The colour is seriously gorge! Its one of those interesting polishes that seems to change tones in different lighting's. A lovely pale golden Beige/Brown with a hint of shimmer, I think it makes a fab nude alternative. But as I said, it seemed in some lighting it looked more goldeny brown at times & in darker lighting it looked more nude! Love it! 
see the different shimmers?
with flash
in darker lighting
Even though this polish is tres awesome on its own I decided the next day, to funk it up a tad with my beloved Barry M Instant Nail Effects & BAM! Some crackling nails baby!

See what I mean about the polish changing colour? In daylight it took on a slightly pinkish shimmer! I think I shall deffo be investing in some more Maybelline :) I totally love the crackle polish over metallic/shimmer shades combo. My lovely friend Chelle recently applied her crackle polish over GOSH Holo & it looked awesome! I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it & now they’ve released more crackle polishes! Yay! Can’t wait to get my paws on em!
Oh & I also had one of my extremely random moments &  applied a pearl & gem nail sticker to the thumb nails but errrrrm I think I must’ve been high on the Dr Pepper I was drinking at the time as application super retarded, with it coming out upside down wonky & just looking all round weird…..major fail! Hahaha! Never mind, I kept it on anyways!! 
Have you tried any Maybelline polishes? What’s your favourite crackle polish combo?
Thanks as always for reading honeys! Oh & as I previously mentioned I will (finally! lol!) be picking a winner for the GOSH Holo giveaway this weekend with a few extra treats thrown in to celebrate the bloggin milestone :) so you can still enter if you like!

Lotsa love & smooches!


  1. i like the crackle on top of that color, i have a champagne that i will have to use crackle on! looking good :) you have nice nails to pull it off, long.

  2. @vonnie - aww thanks babe! Yes do it! Champagne sounds lovely :) hope you're good chick! xoxo

  3. @Shortiee31 - thanks so much hun! I'm so glad you like it! :)xoxo

  4. It's Saturday, and thank god it isn't raining :P
    I AM LOVING THIS SUNSHIIIIINE! Hope this summer is a scorcher :D

    The nails are smexy. The brown colour definitly looks quite sultry, gorgeous! And you have really nice hands! Mine are chubby :/ xo

  5. @Halima - ooh I know, just spent a fab day soaking up the lovely sun :) Hope its the start of many! Aww thank you my darling! Its an interesting colour ain't it?? And don't be silly, your hands are lovely! lol! xoxo

  6. I have the maybelline nailpolish! We dont get the crackling nailpaints in India yet!:(
    You've got a lovely blog! I'm a new follower. Do check my blog out. :)

  7. @Ik - thanks hun! Aww hopefully India will be getting them soon! They really are alotta fun :) xoxo

  8. i'm loving your post title Aysh! :D lol

  9. @Jennifer - haha cheers lovey! My attempt at witty-ness (if that's a word) ;) xoxo


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