A Two Part Trilogy :)

Hello there angel cakes! Y’all keeping well? How fab was it seeing our good old friend The Sun this weekend? Definitely made a nice change to all the dull, cloudy wetness that’s for sure. So don’t be a stranger, keep coming on at us with your rays pretty please Mr Sunshine! :)
Now are you lovelies at all familiar with the natural skincare brand Trilogy? I’ll be honest & say I hadn’t known much about them, yet I’d heard the name prop up every now & again & the things I did hear where always on the positive side. The brand produces a variety of skincare products using all natural ingredients, most notably Rose hip & Evening Primrose Oils, to create an assortment of potions for the skin & hair that are said to deliver results. Trilogy also believe in using environmentally friendly packaging & are strictly against animal testing, all of which are big ticks in my book! So when the company kindly offered to send me a couple of their products to try out I was of course most intrigued & more than happy to! :) So here’s moi sharing my ponderings with y’all on two of their products...

Very Gentle Calming Fluid

I have extremely sensitive skin, the type that burns like toast & bruises like a peach so this product was kinda perfect for me! It’s a fragrance free lotion of very light consistency that comes in a small 30ml pump bottle & combines natural spring water with Chamomile, Calendula & Evening Primrose Oil, all known for their soothing properties. Now I’ve been using this every evening as part of my skincare routine, however I have to say I haven’t notice any major changes in my skin. As a moisturiser it is deffo too light for me as I felt I needed to apply an additional cream after, which they do say you may need to do. My skin literally slurped it right up & didn’t feel moisturised enough in this weather. So I think this would make a fab light lotion for the hot summer months as I have to admit my skin felt very cool & hydrated after applying. I actually wish I hadn’t used this every single day looking for some miracle change in my skin now, as I’ve realised this is the perfect little pot o’ potion for me to use when my skin is feeling particularly sore & aggravated. This is pretty much nearly every time I pay the beautician a visit to get the old monobrow & handlebar taken care of ;) Seriously, the moment I step out all freshly threaded/waxed you’d think I’d just partook in a particularly feisty slapping match. Sore red patches here & there…not nice :/  But I came home & applied a drop of this, which was more than enough & right away it soothed my skin wonderfully, reducing the redness rather quickly too. So from now I’ll be using it for this purpose :) The calming fluid retails for around £28.50 though, which I have to say I think is a tad overpriced! Seeing the size of the bottle especially! So all round I think it’s a lovely product, but just a bit on the expensive side!

Everything Balm

The Everything Balm is said to be one of those innovative multi-task products & you know how much of a fan of those I am! Firstly, I totally loved the cutesy packaging it comes in with the drawstring bag & box (all environmentally friendly of course!)
The product itself comes in the form of a lovely soft balm that just requires a bit of body heat to simply melt into the hands & can then be used just about anywhere on the body that requires a bit o’ soothing. It deffo has a yummy list of softening ingredients including, Marula oil, Rosehip oil, Jojoba, honey & vitamin E to just name a few! The balm also comes with a little spatula which is great as you don’t have to dig into it with your hands. I found it to have quite a herbal smell which didn’t bother me the slightest as I love those aromatherapy type scents, however it may not be to everyone’s taste I think as it can seem a tad over powering? 
So following the description I’ve been using this balm just about anywhere I can think of! I’ve used this mostly on my lips & cuticles as they have been horrid dry of late, but after applying the balm regularly they’ve become a lot more smoother & healthy looking. I’d also recently had a patch of sore, dry skin on my wrist where my watch had rubbed against quite badly. All manner of potions where used…E45, Aqueous Cream, Cocoa Butter & nothing seemed to be working, but a scoop of this rubbed in & my skin had healed within a coupla days! :) I’ve just gotten out of the bath & used this as an all over moisturiser too & loved it as it sunk straight into the skin beautifully without too much work. The herbal smell makes it very soothing to rub into sore limbs of which I do get quite frequently! Must be the old age catching up…! So I think it’s safe to say that the Everything Balm gets a great big tick from moi! It’s been a lovely product to use & my skin certainly loves it. Its available in two sizes, a large 95ml tub for £20.50 or a smaller (& more affordable) 45ml pot for £12.50, which is what I’d probably go for as not only that, but it would be perfect for carrying around in the handbag. All Trilogy products can be purchased when registered online however you can also get them from selected Boots stores :)
 Oh & a little heads up to all fellow nail polish lovers out there, just thought I’d let y’all know that for next month Trilogy have teamed up with Orly to create a limited edition specially designed nail polish in ‘Trilogy Red’ inspiration clearly being the colour of the brand! The shade looks totally scrumptious. The polish comes free with every specially marked 20ml bottle of Trilogy’s certified Organic Rosehip Oil which will be retailing for £16.50 at House of Fraser & participating stores so keep a lookie out! :)
Have you used any products by Trilogy? What’s your fav skincare brand of the moment? Thanks for reading lovelies!

Disclaimer - these products were sent to me for my consideration. I am not affiliated with the brand nor paid for this post, this review has been as always my 100% honest opinion! :)
Lotsa love & smooches!



  1. Interesting post. :) I add You to my followings. :*

  2. @Julia - thank you so much Julia! :) xoxo

  3. I really want to try Trilogy products now xx

  4. I have not tried anything by them yet, but Everything Balm sounds and looks really interesting!I may have to get it soon!Thanks for the review girly!

  5. @roshas - aww actually thought of you when reviewing this hun! I remember you mentioning that you wanted to try rosehip oil for your skin? Let me know how you get on if you do try! :) xoxo

    @Ria - aww your welcome my lovely! Hope you found it helpful :) The Everything Balm really is an interesting little product, really soothing & moisturising too! :) xoxo


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