A Touch O' Vintage….T K-ing it to the Max! :)

Hello there my lovelies! Wooooo it’s been a while hasn’t it? Y’all having a good week? Hope so dolls, not long till the weekend now! As y’all will know by now from all my ramblings, work is stress central & majorly crazy at the mo, hence the lack of posts, but I shan’t bore you with details! Hopefully though I think I’ve found a way where I can squeeze in some blogging AND work too, with a coupla recent purchases I made.
My friend & I popped into that ‘marmite’ of shops that is TK MAX recently. I call it this as it seems that everyone either loves or hates it? I’ll admit that I was one of those who could not stand this place, it just seemed like a humungous jumble sale to moi!! However, the bestie dragged me in not too long ago & after very grudgingly perusing the shelves, came away with not one but two very surprisingly prettyfull finds, items of clothing to be exact that have actually become firm faves in my wardrobe! (Oooo may do a post on those too actually?!) And the rest as they say is history & this store is now a regular pit stop on my many, many, many (far too many) shopping escapades. Now really, I should still dislike this store immensely for making me part with my moneys so! But I can tell ya I am deffo a TK MAX convert. It can really be a little treasure trove of a place & I do having a good old browse around hoping to find something special :)
Whilst is there the other day, I managed to come away with this bootiful notebook….
Isn’t it puuuuuuuuuurdy??? The moment I saw it on the shelf, I knew I had to have it. It was literally one of those “total world blankout, slow motion approach with perhaps some ‘hallelujah’ type music going on in the background thrown in” type moments…it’s alright, I worry about myself sometimes too. But I totally fell in love with the beautiful vintage-ey design of it with the lovely drawings of the Eiffel Tower & the pretty little postcards, just my kinda thing. And look, it’s got some bling too!! :) Result! Then whilst in the queue waiting to pay, my friend found this gorguz pen & bookmark set that went perfectly with it!
Now I don’t really have any kinda organisation going on when it comes to writing on my blog, so I’m hoping to keep the notebook handy & write up all my draft posts, ideas etc, which I can do in my spare time (not that I get much these days!!) at work & home. Normally I just switch on the old laptop & start writing away at a post :) But it can be quite time consuming sometimes just even trying to figure out what to write! I also get far too easily distracted & start reading away at all the fab blogs out there, not to mention browsing online, lusting after prettyfull things that I can in no way afford…I’m sure I’m not alone ;) So hopefully, by writing in my free time I’ll be able to post more often as the material will be all there for moi, all I have to do is type it up! Well…lets see how it goes anyhoo…haha! But I love my pretty new notebook either way :) I’m thinking this could also be ideal for jotting down any new recipes I happen to come across, as those who know me, are very aware of my fondness of channelling Nigella Lawson in the kitchen (in cooking though darls…cooking!) although I’ll be honest & say its ended up a tad Fanny Craddock-ish more often than not on a few 'rare' occasions... :/ *cough!* But I do love me a spot o’ cooking, baking especially & am always on the hunt for something new to try out!
Getting back to the subject of the ‘marmite’ shop, I also love having a browse around in the beauty section of TK MAX as they occasionally have some interesting brands hidden in there such as Stila & Tigi to name a few, for quite good prices. Also the home ware part is defo worth having a lookie through as I’ve managed to find some really lovely, unique pieces in the past including beautiful photo frames, candle holders & a sheepskin rug too!
So whats the verdict ladies? Are you a fan of TK MAX? Have you ever discovered any special finds? Would love to know :) Thanks for reading angels!

Lotsa love and smooches!


  1. Beautiful notebook indeed, lucky you :)!

  2. @Cris - thanks hun! Am feeling a strong love for prettyful stationary lol! xoxo

  3. i love collecting stationary! :)so pretty

  4. @Chatterazzi - aww isn't it hun? I just loved the prettyful pics on it! :) xoxo

  5. so cute :)
    thanks for sharing!! x

  6. @..R MAY A - aw your welcome hun! Totally non beauty related but hell it was just too purdy not to share! ;) xoxo


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