Shim Shimmery??

Bonjour mon petit choux! Having a tip top week? Hope you are cherubs. Have to say I am blooooomin knackered…& it’s only Tuesday! Friday get your booty on over here now mister, pretty please! I’ve been totally bogged down with work at the mo, whilst studying my pharmacy modules hence the distinct lack-ness of posts so a thousand apologies my lovelies! Have many bits & bobs that I wanna share with y’all, including the NBBE (National Beauty Bloggers Event) that I was very fortunate to attend yesterday & uber excited about! :)  Just need to get my lazy behind in gear & get to working on some posts! Bear with me dolls!
I wanted to share with y’all today a product I brought not too long ago with my Boots £5 off voucher. Don’t you just love those? Boots most kindly bring them out every now & again & I always look forward to it as it means another polish to add to my ever growing collection! The vouchers can be used on either No.7 or Ruby & Millie products but as my local Boots doesn’t have an R&M counter (which I’ve heard is going to be discontinued??) I always use my voucher to purchase a prettyful new colour from the vast array of No.7 polishes of which the quality is great! However this time, lordy knows why,  I decided to be a bit of a rebel & try something new & I’d had my eye on this product I wanted to try for a while now so I parted with my voucher plus £2 change & came home with No.7’s Anti-Ageing Shimmering Lip and Eye Screen within my possession. 
Hmmm, you know those times when you get something new & you so badly wanna love it, but it just doesn’t seem to cut it?? This seems to be the case for me with this product. I wanted to try it because there’s nothing I love more than a multi task product & I thought this shimmer stick would be perfect for a quick & easy natural makeup look as it says it can be worn on both eyes & lips. There was also the added appeal of it having an amazing SPF level of 30! 
a slight shimmery sheen when swatched on hand....
However once I’d applied it onto the lids, a tad awkwardly might I add due to the shape of the stick, & then blended out with my fingers, instead of getting a shimmering effect like I’d hoped, it just looked like I’d swiped a layer of oil across my lid, making my skin look greasy. Not a good look :( Then after a little while I noticed it sinking into crease lines on my lids that I wasn’t even aware that I had! Needless to say I was a wee bit surprised considering it has ‘Anti-Ageing’ in the title… :-/ But I deffo did not see as much shimmering as shining going on. I don’t know, perhaps maybe this product would suit fairer skin tones more? All this said however, I did use it on the lips & was happy with how smoothly it applied! Worn alone was a bit ‘meh!’ for me but I applied some over my MAC Crème D’Nude & it really glosses up the nude polish nicely & stops it from drying, which is a major problemo with moi. 
I will deffo be wearing this over other lippies so at least it wasn’t £2 wasted! Ha-ha! And of course I am impressed with the SPF level in it so can see myself bringing it out in the hot months to come & would imagine it would be a great lip protector to take with ya on the holidays :) Gotta look after your skin, tres important! But for surely I shan’t be using it on the eyes again, somehow I don’t think oily lids is on trend this season… ;)
Have you tried this product? If so would love to know your thoughts as always my lovelies! Oh & FYI honeybees….the vouchers are back!! Woohoo! Oh sweet, dear polishes forgive me for walking past you the last time! I’m coming! Although…..having said that, I’ve heard the blemish stick is rather good too?? Hmm decision, decisions! Has anyone tried it?? Thanks for reading loves!

Lotsa Smooches!


  1. shim shim sheru? LMAO if u get that!

  2. @Amina - LMAO!!!! You got it!! No dodgy accents now ya hear?? ;) xoxo

  3. Haha, yeah just got it's from Mary Poppins, I was thinking of priya's song there!

    This looks pretty good, it's crap it didn't work well with the eyes. Want to get my hands on the voucher, I want this for the lips. :) xoxo

  4. I have two vouchers that need using but I have about a million nail polishes so I was hoping you would say this was good so I could go for that instead! :) Nobody wants a greasy eyelid though, not a good look! Maybe I'll go for that blemish stick!

  5. @Halima - haha lol! aww well done lovely! God I'm just so random! ;) Go for it hun, it seems like a great product to keep in hand for the summer hot months ahead as it’s got SPF 3O! :) xoxo

    @Rosie – woohoo two vouchers! Aww well you know hun, what doesn’t work for one person might work really well for another? Try it out for sure when you’re at the counter & see what you think, I just felt it didn’t suit being applied on my lids. Lovely lip product though :) yes the blemish stick looks good! xoxo

  6. Hehe, I love the Boots £5 off vouchers!
    It looks pretty but shame it doesn't do what it's supposed to. I guess it is for fairer tones!

  7. hello sweetie! yes they are suuuper comfortable, buy buy buy :) xx

  8. @Sherin - they're fab huh?! AND I got another one at the weekend *sigh!* some more polishes looks like it! ;) xoxo

    @danniekate - awww noooooo! why oh why did they have to be comfy! ;) lol, more money will be spent this weekend then, inevitably! ;) xoxo


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