National Beauty Bloggers Event :)

Evening sweetpeas! Hope you’re all having a good week so far? Luckily me had a day off Monday (to pay the dear dentist a visit mind you, but a day offs a day off right??) so hopefully this week will be shorter than normal! Before I get on to telling y’all all about the NBBE I attended not too long ago I should tell ya that I had actually planned on blogging my kaboosey off this weekend, I’ve got so much to share with y’all! But with all the terrible things happening in Japan right now I just wasn’t feeling it? I’m sure you’ve all heard about the awful earthquake that struck the east coast of Japan on Friday 11th March which then triggered a tsunami leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Seeing it all on TV really makes you so very thankful for what you have in life, a home, loving family. Me & the mumma bear had a huge clear out yesterday of things that we are going to donate, its not much but its something, just wish I could do more! I know that there are some lovely bloggers out there who are very kindly holding blog sales of which the proceeds will be donated to Japan. One lovely blogger in particular who is donating 75% of the proceeds from her shop is the beautiful Eki. If you have a mo, do go check her site, where she has some absolutely beautiful pieces of jewellery for sale all handmade by her lovely self! My thoughts & prayers are with everyone who has been affected by the devastation. 
On to todays post my lovelies, you might remember me mentioning the NBBE a while back? I was very fortunate and super excited to attend the National Beauty Bloggers Event that was held at Excel London recently. So a coupla weeks back saw moi hopping on to the train & making my merry way into good old London town with mumma bear in tow as she had the day off also & loves coming into London, bless her cotton socks! :)
Now thanks to the silly conductor man making us get on the wrong train (cheers mate!) I was err a tad *cough* late arriving :/ I guess it didn’t help that I got hopelessly lost at Excel, the place is bloody huge, cue some very frantic tweets to the wonderful Beth who was one of the lovely ladies organizing the event, she is such a gem! Thanks again for everything lovely! Eventually I made it in one piece ;) The event consisted of a variety of talks from makeup artists & brands as well as having stalls set up showcasing some of their new products. Sadly I missed out on seeing the celeb makeup artists Daniel Sandler & Jackie Tyson, who have worked with the likes of Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss doing their thing *sob!* But I did manage to catch Carol Churchill, who is the makeup artist for TV soap Emmerdale & gave us all some in depth insider info on working with makeup in television. After the talks, we then had the opportunity to have a little browse around each of the stands & have a closer peek at the products. The brands present at the event were:
  • ArtDeco
  • Batiste
  • Broadway Nails
  • Medik8
  • Monu Skincare
  • Nailease
  • Natura Bisse
  • RMK
  • Tan Organic
  • The Gentry Grooming Co 
 The brands were so wonderfully kind & generous & gave each of us some lovely goody bags to take home, filled with pretty bits & bobs to try! I’m especially excited about having a play around with the Kiss products as well trying RMK as I’ve wanted to try their makeup for the longest time. All in all it was a really fab & informative day!
All the lovely bits we were sent away with :)
Kiss nails 

The highlight of the day however for me was definitely meeting up & chatting away with all the other lovely blogger babes! It was so wonderful to see the gorguz faces behind the blogs I follow & also meeting some lovely new bloggers too as I now have some fab new blogs to read! Everyone was so super duper lovely & I deffo look forward to another meet up soon as I had a fab time with y’all! Here are a few piccies of the day I thought I’d share with y’all :)
The gorguz Sriya & Roshni
Me & Roshni
Moi & the lovely Amina
Me & Sriya
A quick posey with the lovely Shifa
Ha ha sweety Gulnit having to bend down to take a pic with midget moi!
Sryia, Roshni, Gulnit, Amina, Me, Livia, Shifa
 Thanks so much for reading angels! 

Loves for now...


  1. awww I love this post! Look forward to reading more of your posts :) It was great meeting you - you're so kind and bubbly! Hope to see you soon xxx

  2. @roshas - aww thank you so much my lovely! Same here, was so wonderful to meet your lovely self too! Aw yes deffo looking forward to seeing you again soon hun :) xoxo

  3. ohhh im soo osad i missed this :(

  4. @Nilufar - oh hun, I know! Would've loved to have met you! Oh well next time for surely okay?! :) xoxo

  5. Oh yes I remember bending down haha! I'm stealing your pic. Great post hun x

  6. Aww nice post! It was great to meet you too! :) xx

  7. you looked gorgeous Aysh! (sorry i was MIA for a while) how have you been?

  8. @Gulnit - yes you're too tall missy! lol! Cheers my dear & lol of course, steal away! ;) xoxo

    @Livia - aww thank you huny, it was truly wonderful to meet you! Umm I'm so gonna be coming to your lovely self for some belly dancing lessons by the way...just giving a heads up ;) haha! xoxo

    @Jennifer - hey you! lovely to hear from you, hope you're doing well huny. Aww thank you darling *blushes* your such a sweetie :) I've been well thanks, just plodding along with work as usual these days, I think I need a holiday!! lol! :) xoxo

  9. Wow, this looks like it was a lot of fun. NBBE sounds like it'd be really cool to go to.
    Ahh, and it's so much fun hanging with other bloggers.

  10. @Sherin - aww it was lovely hun & yes I agree! Totally love hanging out with other bloggers, everyone's so nice! Deffo need to see your lovely self again soon :) xoxo

  11. lovely post aysha, you're doing so well! xx

  12. I love this post :D Lovin' the pics too :) xx

  13. @danniekate - aww thanks so much sweety! :) hope you're keeping well hun! xoxo

    @Sriya - cheerios my lovely, so glad you like! :) xoxo

  14. Sounds like you had an amazing time hun =) I bet meeting other lovely bloggers would have been awesome! And OMG the goodie bags!!

  15. gorgeous post :)
    thanks so much for sharing!! x

  16. @'chelle - aww it was hun! really lovely :) lol! I know! They really were so generous, you should've seen my mums face when I came with all the bags! lol! Hope you're well my lovely! :) xoxo

    @..R May A..- aww thank you lovely, not at all! :) xoxo

  17. aw you guys look gorjus ;) xx

  18. @Mehvish - thank you my lovely! And thanks so much for following too :) just seen some of your amazing makeup posts! Wow girl! :) xoxo


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