And The Winner Is.... :D

Ello ello dolls! Y’all having a good start to the week? I’m sure you’ll agree with me that two days is nowhere near a long enough break! Hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you got up too! I myself spent the whole of Saturday with the matey at her place doing absolutely sod all!! Totally loved it, there’s nothing I love more than good food, good movies, combined with great company & a fluffy duvet & sofa thrown in too, perfick! On Sunday I took myself off into London with a friend to attend The Vitality Show in Earls Court, which I’ll tell y’all about in another post :) So happy the Sun decided to make an appearance too! So all in all not a bad weekend!
But we all have to go back to work sometime I guess! Its only Monday & I can already sense the bags that will no doubt make a lovely unwelcome appearance under the eyes :/ Also remembered I’ve got to attend a meeting tomorrow & haven’t got a blooming clue where it is! So will most probably end up in Timbuctoo & having major violent fallout with the Sat Nav! God, I despise that voice, it taunts me in my dreams… I’ve heard that you can get famous/celebrity voices for them though?? If so I wonder who I’d get…something to keep me calm & not tempted to smash its face in…Haha I think Barry White might be quite interesting? But actually his voice might make me wanna fall asleep & we all know that’s not a good idea when behind the wheel! How about Brad Pitt? Sean Connery? Ricky Gervais? Hmm deffo something to think about ;)
Wow, I’ve digressed rather majorly there haven’t I? :/  Anyhoos as you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post, We’ve got us a winner for the GOSH HOLO giveaway! Woohoo! :D Thanks again darls for being patient with moi. The prize as you know is the bobby  dazzling GOSH Holographic polish! To celebrate the recent blogging milestone, I’ve also thrown in a few extra polishes in the giveaway too, some lovely bright colours ideal for the summer months ahead! :)
The prizes: GOSH Holo & 3 lovely colours from 17 l-r Mint Choc Chip, Orange Soda & Lilac Storm
 I decided to go down the old fashioned route & do the old ‘pick a name out of the hat’ business of choosing the winner ;) So after jotting all your names down, I folded all the little papers up (just in case anyone wasn’t sure how it worked… ;) ) & popped them all into my trusty favourite beret!
 I love me a beret hat, I do. A bit o’ shakey shaking commenced, in the hand went to pick a slip & I can reveal that the winner is………Discovering Beauty!!!! 
Congrats sweety! Please excuse the shameless yet blatant inclusion of freshly konaded thumbnail in pic...had it done at the Vitality Show & loved it!
Congratulations hun! I’ve dropped ya an email lovely! Hope you like your prizes! Thank you so much to all you lovelies for entering the giveaway! Hope to have many more for you fab readers in the future! (Just noticed the crazy usage of exclamation marks…..ah well!!!!!) :D

Lotsa snogs!!


  1. congrats to the winner! glad you had a good weekend. it really made me laugh that you wrote lots of snogs at the end of your post lol. xx

  2. @Zahra - lol! glad I made you giggle sweets! I'm a strange old so & so, just ask around ;) xoxo

  3. love the nail art on your thumb :)
    congrats to the winner!! x

  4. @..R May A - aww you noticed that??? ;) haha thanks honey! :) xoxo


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