Havana Glam FOTD with ‘Her name was Glowla…’

Hola mi bella chica’s!! How are y’all? Don’t really know why I’ve decided to go all Spanish on ya all of a sudden, could be that I’ve lately been spending rather too large periods of my day dreaming of warm, sunny destinations so very very far away from here…anything to get away from this dreary cold! Gyaaaadd I’m in such need of a holiday, lately all that seems to be happening in my life is work, work & more work!! Mucho fun huh?  :( ..…Ahem! OK, apologies my loves, pitiful ‘feeling sorry for oneself’ ramble over. :-/ Let’s just blame it on the time of the month shall we? The mood swings are having a whale of a time at the mo that’s for sure, jumping from one end of the scale to the other. But then that’s what chocolate was created for right?? :) For times like these.
Sighhh! There that's better......Anyhoos hope you’re all having a good week so far. So do y’all remember the lovely limited edition Benefit palette that I picked up not too long ago for a bit of a makeup fix? I promised I would do a post on it going into a bit more detail of the contents & well it seemed like an apt time considering the dullish weather we’ve been having to glam things up a little. The palette goes by the name of “Her name was Glowla” inspiration clearly being drawn from a particularly famous (if a tad annoying) song… ;)  & contains a lovely array of pretty makeup bits & bobs to create a suitably glowing look as the name would suggest, but thankfully not of the over the top variety as you would assume from a palette named after a showgirl. The colours within it are all lovely & shimmery nude-ish tones that can be used for both daytime & evening looks. Here’s what’s you get in the kit:
  • Coralista Blush – coral pink blush
  • High Beam – cool, luminescent complexion enhancer
  • Moon Beam – warm, iridescent complexion enhancer
  • Shimmering 5 colour eye shadow palette
  • Badgal Lash Mascara
  •  Life on the A List Lip Gloss - A lovely pinkish nude gloss
close up of the prettyful shadows
Now dolls I’m not really any good at this whole swatch business, but I shall do my best :) The shadows within the palette are really lovely & pigmented, the photos really don’t show this very well at all so apologies for that, but do take my word for it. I’m gonna go & blame the weather & not my photography skills… :-/ Haha! They are super soft & glide onto the lid really smoothly. I swiped my finger across the tops very lightly& the amount of shadow that came away left me very pleasantly surprised! And I really do love all the colours within it :) The great thing about this kit is that it also comes with a little booklet giving you a step by step guide on how & where to apply the makeup :)
I know...abysmal swatching right there...
hopefully this is a tad better!
Also included in the palette is the infamous Coralista Blush, which I have wanted to try for the longest time after hearing many positive reviews about it. I don't own any coral/pink shades so am really glad to have this is my collection as it looks lovely on, it really is a blush that I think will suit all skin-tones which is fab! Apply on the apples of the cheeks & up to the hairline for a flushed look as light or heavy as you want to go! The palette comes with the angled type brush that normally accompanies the Benefit blushes.

Within the palette you also get the two famous highlighters from Benefit in mini form - High Beam & Moon Beam. I love both of these complexion enhancers & use Moon Beam almost on a daily basis! I tend to reach for this one slightly more so than the other as I feel the warm tone compliments my skin tone more, but High Beam is equally gorguz. Applying on top of the cheekbones, brow bones & bridge of the nose creates a glowing radiance that really brightens up your whole face :)
Left - High Beam, Right - Moon Beam
 The last two bits in the palette are the BadGal Mascara, which as mascara's go is fine. Nothing miraculous for me really, but it does the job nicely & finally a lovely lip gloss in the shade 'Life on the A List' which I absolutely looove! I'm not big on heavy lippie so this is perfect, a really pretty pinkish nude gloss perfect for everyday usage, which it has been getting!
So that's all the lovely goodies that you get within this ickle palette! I paid £29.50 in total for this which I think is really great value for money as a lot of the products included retail for around £18-£20 individually. Even though the blusher & highlighters come in mini form, a little goes a long way so they'll be lasting me a good old while. I did a quick FOTD using the palette to show you guys, although it was a bit of a rush job! I would've like to have spent more time on the eyes, but I guess this way I can show that the palette is perfect for creating a quick natural daytime look as well as glam evening looks :)
 Hope you like it! I know that this lovely palette was limited edition but I think it can still be nabbed at few places, including ASOS & Debenhams websites, its worth asking at the Benefit counters as well. But I deffo do love this & it'll certainly be getting plenty of love from moi  :) Thanks for reading angels! Do you have a favourite palette? What colours are you loving on the eyes at the mo??

Lots of glowing love and snuggles!


  1. You are so pretty...I love how your cat eye is so on point.


  2. @Dhalia - aww thank you so much sweets, your so lovely :) And thanks again, I really do love doing a cats eye as it can really jazz up any look ;) xoxo

  3. OH, Aysha! Trust me, I know how you're feeling about the cold, it is just BLAH! Hurry up Summer!

    The palette looks lush! Why do I not have this in my collection?!

    You look lovely by the way. :) xx

  4. @Halima - haha I know!! But knowing me, I'm probably gonna start complaining when the heat gets here too! Lol! Aw thank you hun :) It really is a lovely palette, gotta love Benefit! :) xoxo

  5. @Sherrie - aww thank you Sherrie! :) xoxo


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