Happy Chinese New Year Wishes With Inspired Dazzle Dust NOTD & A Few Bloggy Awards! :)

Hello there my lovelies! How’s everyone’s week been? Hope you’re all good & well & that this freezy chilly weather hasn’t been getting ya down too much! So firstly it’s Chinese New Year! A few friends of mine are celebrating & I wanted to wish those of you who also celebrate, a very happy Chinese New Year, hope you’re having a wonderful time with your friends & families. 
Noticing that the prominent colours of this time are gorguz reds & golds I was suitably inspired to do a NOTD along these lines. Now I’ve wanted to try this Dazzle Dust splattered manicure for the longest time after seeing it on the lovely Sherrie’s blog & totally loving the idea of it, so I thought this was perfect for the occasion as it’s so glitzy & sparkly! Also the fact that it seemed like something even clutzy old moi could do was a plus point!

Do you like? This was my first attempt at it & am really pleased with the results. Everyone at work loved it & I confess my eyes have been drawn to them rather continuously :) So y’all are probably wondering how to achieve this fantabulous look? All you lovelies need is a base/topcoat, nail colour of your choice, a teaspoon & finally one of those little pot o’ wonders that are Barry M Dazzle Dusts in the colour of your choice.
 I obviously went for a lovely glossy Red Revlon polish that is donkeys old coz it doesn’t even have any labelling on it! Another hand me down from mumma bear ;) The name on the lid is Blaze. As for the magic dust, I dug around in my ickle collection & came out with shade 96 which is a Yellow Gold. So in a nutshell sweetpeas, after you’ve done the stages of applying basecoat & 1st coat of polish, get your tools ready as you need to be a bit of a fast mover! After the 2nd coat of polish is applied, grab the end of the spoon & scoop up a little bit of dust, then sprinkle it onto the cuticle. Once this is done all you have to do is simply blow it across the nail in any direction you like! The fab thing about this look is that it doesn’t have to be super neat :) It will look messy, having dust all over your fingers as well but don’t worry, it will all be washed off after. To finish just apply a thin topcoat, wait for it to dry, then simply rinse the fingers under a warm tap & hey presto! Dazzling nails for fun times! :)  I cannot wait to try this again with ALL my dazzle dusts (of which I don’t nearly have enough!) So glad I’ve found another use for these little gems, hope you like it too & give it a go! Do let me know if you do’s!
Also I’ve been so enormously touched to have been recently tagged by the lovely ladies Leah, Ailah & Nilufar for some blogger awards! Seriously honey’s thank you so very muchly! It makes me so incredibly happy to know that you enjoy my inane ramblings, really. So thank you thank you thank you! 

The lovely Leah gave me the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ & Ailah & Nilufar ‘The Stylish Blogger Award’. Now the next step after receiving an award, (hope I do this right girlies!) is to thank the person who awarded you (done!), reveal 7 facts about yourself & pass on the award to seven other blogs  So here ya goes peaches…7 things ya didn’t know about moi….
    • I am ridiculously short…seriously...I’m talking like under 5ft petiteness ;)
    • I suffer from a very, rare glandular disorder that only a few people in the world have. This basically meant spending a lot of the childhood seeing the hospital as a 2nd home. They were hard times for sure, but hey, I got older, stronger, not to mention a wonderfully supportive & loving family & for a while, where it seemed I wouldn’t have a normal life, here I am girlfriend! And enjoying life as much as possible :)
    • Ironically, I work full-time in a pharmacy as a medicine dispenser. I know…me handling drugs?!?! Who would’ve thunk?  I do love it though & I’ll have been doing it for 3 years now

    • I am fully qualified in Travel & Tourism plus airline/CSA training…so I could’ve (or still could?) been an (albeit very short) air hostess…Tea? Coffee?
    • I am a total & utter book, movie & computer game worm/nerd. Am rarely seen without a book, love talking & watching movies plus wasting away the hours in the day in front of a computer game. Am very much into the XBOX Connect dancing game right now…have you tried it?! Awesome! Such a workout, who needs a gym! I will confess that I am a lover of the romantic novel, am trying to branch out though!
    • Umm I have a belly piercing...? my little bit of rebel-ness ;)  Next on the list…tattoo! Although, having said that, I am not a confident person at all. I’m crippingly shy with strangers & have the dreaded curse of the blusher!! A rather lovely tomato/beetroot-esque shade to be precise..

    • I dislike the herb Coriander with a passion! And growing up in an Asian household this can be considered a crime of international proportions…but everything from the smell to the taste…just urgh! I think this could be coz the mumma went off it big time when preggers with moi…?
     So that’s it honey’s, revealed a bit about moi, feel like you know me a bit better? Now to pass on the awards, its going to be so very hard to choose only 7! These are blogs that are deffo on my daily read list, Not only are the blogs fab but so are the lovely ladies who write them & they deffo inspired me with my little old bloggy! So I’m gonna award them all both awards! :) Do check them out!
     Phew! That was a hard un! Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do :) Thanks as always for reading honeys!

    Lotsa love


    1. the nails are GORGEOUS!!! i want the xbox kinect so that i can play the Michael Jackson dance game when it's on there :D i'm a book/computer/game nerd too, wooot! maybe that's why we like each other ;)


    2. I love the nails, they look firey!
      I used to dislike coriander but somehow now it doesn't bother me, I loved the 7 things about you, very cute :) Gloria x x x

    3. Ahhh, Aysha! Thank you thank you! It means a lot to me :)

      I'm also pretty short, 5ft! At first I hated it, but i've come to terms with it and learned how to dress for my height which isn't hard! :) I also can't stand coriander! It is yuk! xx

    4. @Vonnie – thanks babe! Aww you should so get it! My manager has one so we’re currently having weekly xbox parties at her place ;) She’s bound to get fed up of us soon. The MJ game is so on my wishlist! Woohoo for nerdiness twinsie! Lol! Mwah! Xoxo

      @Gloria – thank you so much hun, haha that’s what a lot of other people said too! Looking forward to trying again with other colours. Aww thanks sweety :) xoxo

      @Michelle – you’re most welcome honey, have a big love for you & your blog! (hope that came out un-creepyfied...) ;) lol! xoxo

      @Halima – Aww your welcome darling, your blog is so fab! :) Aww yay! You’re so right, I have now come to terms with my midget-ness & confess I actually kinda like it now :) And thank you hun, coriander IS the herb of the devil…. ;) xoxo

    5. Hey sweetie, thought you might be interested in a blog meet up i'm holding in sheffield at the end of next month. Here's the details...


      Email me if you're up for it :) xox

    6. Thank you so much for the award hun! Congrats on receiving them =D

      It's great to know a little bit more about you! Ah if you work as an airline hostess you could so come to Sydney and I could do your nails!! =p

    7. @Lauren - heya darling, oh wow, that's sounds super fab!! Would so love to meet all y'all blogger babes ;) Will email ya honey :) xoxo

      @'Chelle - thank you & your welcome my darling! You know how much I love your blog, you're too talented, stop it!!! Haha who knows? I may get sick of pharmacy. And if/when I do become an air hostess, Sidney will deffo be my 1st stop! :) mwah!xoxo

    8. Amazing! Your nails came out beautifully. You made it look so easy. I think I might have to try it, but I'll most likely make a huge mess, hehe. But it is such a fun design.

    9. @HiFashio - aww thanks huny! Its deffo different :) haha the dust does tend to go a bit all over the place, my room looked like something out of Avatar, with all the sparkle particles floating everywhere!lol! was kinda pretty!:) xoxo

    10. I hate coriander too.Hate it!
      I love your nails!It looks like a golden fire.Amazing!I'll try to do something similar soon.Thanks for sharing!
      Happy week doll!

    11. @Ria - haha lol, glad to see I'm not the only one! Aww thanks babe, I know! The fire effect was totally accidental but loved it :) Do give it a go hun, you're most welcome & same to you sweety! xoxo

    12. Wow ...neat effect. Love it!


    13. @Dhalia - Thanks hun! :) xoxo

    14. Lilynail - thanks sweety! :) xoxo

    15. WOW! Those nails are stunning thanks for the mention! I love the colour combo you used and your nails are lovely shaped wish mine where like that! :) xx

    16. @Sherrie - Heya hun! Aww you're welcome & thanks so much for the fab idea! Really loved the effect & can't wait to try it again :) thanks for your lovely comment sweety :) xoxo

    17. Love the nails the orange and the gold go so well together! Really lovely.

      Fee x

    18. @Fee - aww thank you so much hun! You started this! So thank you lol! And then saw it on Sherrie's blog too & just had to try :) So happy you like it lovely! :) xoxo


    I'd love to hear your comments & thoughts lovely people! They make me happy! :) Do check back as I will always do my best to reply back to you :) xoxo