Vamping It Up With Barry M Red Black plus OOTD

Hello there peaches! Oooo cold enough for ya?? AND they say that snow will be making a return as well! Oh deary dear…well I’m seeking refuge in my bed & blankies for now & I think I shall remain here for quite some time ;) I do love a good old zone out Sunday, made even better with some great murder mysteries on the telly, Poirot being a particular fav of mine, what’s yours?
So I’ve been rocking the fabulous GOSH Holographic on the nails these past few days, but a polish change was deffo on the cards. As mentioned in my previous post, the polish is uber funky & I love it muchly, but sadly the chips do begin to appear a tad quickly. So I decided to channel my inner goth & go for the fabulously vampish Barry M Red Black that recently came into my possession. And honey’s, I think I may have found my new fav polish…well for the time being anyhoo ;) No doubt I will discover another gorguz colour that will make its way to the top of my list, but until then this baby will have pride of place. I’ve been lusting after this shade for the longest time & I can’t believe it took me this long to get it. Like the name suggests it’s the most beautiful deep, dark red burgundy shade & looks so lovely on the nails, perfect if you want to go for a sophisticated, grunge-esque look but don’t wanna opt for all out black. Sorry about the quality of the pics dolls, crummy dull weather made it impossible to get a decent shot...

Application was an absolute doddle in two coats, as always is with good old Barry M polishes. The polish also has the most lovely glossy sheen to it that you don’t really need a topcoat, but I always apply one anyway, because it makes the polish last longer. I also recently purchased some nail art stickers, so bringing out my element of randomness to which I’m sure your all used to by now, popped on a little crown sticker on the accent finger. I really do hope to venture into the wonderfully fun world of nail art, but I’m taking itty bitty little steps. This probably doesn’t even qualify as nail art though! So whatchya think angels? Do you like to go dark??
Here’s my OOTD that I thought I’d share with y’all as it is one of my favs. This prettyfull dress has definitely gotten a lot of love from me since purchased from Topshop last year. I don’t actually own many things from there but totally fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it tucked away in the sales rack. Everything from the fit of the dress, to the skirt & floral pattern ticks all the right boxes for me! I deffo have a weakness for flower prints :) I paired it with some leggings, cardi & pointed kitten heels which I found in M&S of all places! Another place where I don’t tend to venture, but when I do am always pleasantly surprised.
On to other things, I finally went to see Black Swan Friday night. Absolutely definitely recommend you go see it, stunning & gripping, Natalie Portman’s performance is outstanding, which coming from me is a lot as I haven’t been a huge fan of her work, but deffo hats off to her in this. I won’t say much more but what I shall say is if you happen to take in food with ya, make sure you grip on to it! I will confess there was a point where the girl behind me jumped so much, she startled me even more & my poor nachos went a-flying into the lap of my neighbour…& I hadn’t even finished them! Bad times…but awesome movie so do go see it!
Anyhoos that all for now cherubs, hope you’re having a lovely weekend. Oh! & I almost forgot, if you fancy owning a bottle of the fab GOSH Holographic (which I’ve heard has now been discontinued) then just enter my teensy little giveaway if ya like & you could own one too!  Cheerios for reading! Mwah!

Lotsa love & hugs!


  1. OMG loving the nails! and the outfit is so cute! I've been searching for good floral prints, but most seem too busy, I feel if i wear um, someone will place me in a garden! :P the one u are wearing is great tho!

  2. Ohhh, your nails are gorgeous. I love that colour. You can never go wrong with Barry M.
    Also, that dress is so pretty!! I'm far too cold to wear anything that's not jeans. I can't wait for warmer weather, so I can start wearing dresses.

  3. @Chatterpants - thank you darlin! Florals can be tricky I guess, they deffo cheer up an outfit though! Lol, I'm sure you'll put all the other flowers to shame hun! xoxo

    @HiFashion - thank you honey! Hehe I knew you would looove this colour! ;) Barry M polishes are just too awesome. Aww I know, bring on the summer!xoxo

  4. fabulous colour - i have this!

  5. @Amina - I know, such a hot colour, truly love it! :) xoxo

  6. love that nailcolour! its one of my staples x


  7. ohh great your nails are so beautiful so pretty color very cool design. I really appreciate your nails polish very new design
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  8. @Onyxsta - it really is a lovely colour, I love it! :) xoxo

    @Fashion - thank you! :) xoxo

  9. love the nail color! and hey you look cute on that dress :)

  10. @chell - aww thanks for your lovely comment hun! :) xoxo

  11. Gorgeous colour :D its now on my wishlist

  12. @Carly - its a really gorguz red isn't it hun? Aww hope you get it! My current wishlist is ridiculously long! :) xoxo


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