A Quickie Arabic Eye for those rushed (i.e. lazy) times…We all have em! ;)

Hello peaches! How are we? Fiiiinally the weekend is upon us! Woohoo! Is it just moi or has this week just dragged?! Well I’m certainly feeling that Friday feeling now, having just partook in some heavy duty but extremely satisfying feasting with one of my besties. Nando’s Peri Peri chicken was involved of course (must remain loyal to the covenant now…) extra hot all the way (had the special Pepto pink potion on my person so all is well) Chilli fix taken care of, we then hot-footed over to the new Deans Diner that has recently come to our town to get a hit of sugar rush American style :) The relief came in the form of some deliciouso pancakes covered in sweet strawberries, bananas, maple syrup & ice cream all drizzled in chocolate sauce...getting a visual? ;) Let’s just say it was special nom nom times :)
Hmm I have an extremely bad habit of digressing from the point of my posts don’t I?? Sorry my dearies… So moving on, do you ever find yourself getting ready for a night out & wanting to doll yourself up, however just not feeling in the mood for applying any of the spectrum of eye shadows within your possession? I’ve found this happening to moi quite a few times of late, so instead of going for a full on look I reach for my fav makeup item…the HG eyeliner, to create a quick & easy Arabic style eye look suitable for boogie nights on the town. Here’s my take on it, hope you like!
What do y’all think? It really is quick & straightforward to do & the added pop of colour really brightens & completes the look. I don’t know about y’all but I prefer to do my eyes last in my makeup routine? So after the concealer, foundation & blush steps had all been followed through, I reached for my eyeliner of choice, which in this case was my trusty MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. Using my pointed liner brush & a (fairly!) steady hand simply lined the entire eye, starting from the inner corner, across the upper lashline first, then along the lower lashline before winging it out on the ends of both the top & bottom lashlines (Hope that made sense!) Then to make the look a tad more exciting, I used a lovely teal/turquoise shade cream eyeshadow, that works better as a liner in my opinion! to line above the blacktrack on the upper lashline & wing out on the outer corner as I was wearing a similar coloured dress. To finish just line the waterline, add a coat or two of mascara & that’s it, you’re done!
My current love cream liner!
I picked up this fab eyeliner/shadow a while back from that wonderful Aladdin’s Cave of a shop that was B Never to Busy to be Beautiful. Do y’all remember that shop? It was owned by the same people who bought Lush into our worlds & I for one absolutely loved perusing this treasure trove filled with stunningly packaged, albeit rather pricey beauty products. Was really sad to hear that all stores were to be closed down! :( However I made sure I stocked up on this cream eyeliner as I really thought it was one of their best products! The brush is very fine & pointed allowing you to create a gorguz thin line that you can always build up on if you prefer it thicker & the colour payoff is just incredible, a really rich, deep turquoise that brings peacock feathers to the mind! 
Haha isn't it funny the things ya notice in pics? I know..the mantelpiece is in desperate need of a paint job! lol!
Love this prettyfull colour :)
My only worry is what I’m gonna do when it runs out! Must go on the hunt for a dupe now…any ideas honeys? Anyhoo hope you like my take on a quick & easy Arabic style eye look, sorry if my explanation was crummified! Will you be trying? What quick makeup looks do you go for? Do you have a fav eyeliner product? Would love to know! Thanks for reading sweeties! Mwah!

Much loves to ya!
Aysh xoxo


  1. you are looking sooo cute dear...lovely eye makeup.
    Plz follow me here http://www.chamberofbeauty.com/
    if you want.

  2. Looks great love the eyeliner, they have great dupes in Gosh at Superdrug :) x

  3. @Rakhshanda - aww thank you sweets :) & I am already! Loving the new setup :) xoxo

    @Emmy - thank you very much hun! aww thanks for letting me know as well! Will be checking those out next time I'm in Superdrug for sure :) xoxo

  4. You look gorgeous! Thats my faav shade of blue! xx

  5. Mmm, I want Nandos now! Best food ever, and the pancakes sound delicious.

    Your eyes look stunning! Your eyeliner is put on so well, and the pop of colour looks fab. I remember that shop. I was so upset when it shut down as well!

  6. @Neeli - thank you so much hun! Mine too! Its such a gorguz shade, even bought matching earrings to go with it! :) xoxo

    @HiFashion - Go get some girl! You can never have too much Nando's ;) Hehe the pancakes were yum, come visit me sometime & I'll take ya there! ;) Aww thank you sweety, & I know, so sad! Really loved exploring that little gem of a shop :( xoxo

  7. Wow Aysh, this looks so simple yet effective. I love it. Gorgeous :)

    Love, Lauren

  8. @Lauren - heya sweety! Aww thank you very much hun, I'm so happy you like it! :) xoxo

  9. this is gorgeous! I wish I had the ability to recreate it

  10. @Scandalous - aww thank you so much hun! do try it, believe me I was hopeless! But just kept practicing! :) xoxo


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