NOTD - London Baby!

Heya honeybees, hope your all well & are having a good start to the year :) Was the first week back at work for moi since Xmas & falling ill, so tired is not even the word!  Fatigued, frazzled, bushed, beat & haggard seem more suited. So most evenings have seen yours truly coming home from work & passing out in front of the telly, not before gorging oneself on takeaways…hmm will pay for that no doubt :/ Anyhoo have really missed not being able (i.e. too effin tired/lazy) to post. Will obviously rectify this now :) So my dolls, what’s new? Last weekend I spent the day with the mumma & aunts which was lovely as always, we did what we do best which is drink big mugs of caffeine with lotsa yummy, sticky, heart attack inducing, sweet pastries on the side whilst gossiping away about god knows what! I was also errr “dragged” back into the shops for round 2 of shopping adventures ;) Really happy about some of the bargains I managed to nab though, & would love to share with y’all, so will hopefully post about them prontissimo.
Today I have a quick NOTD to share with you lovelies. Do you happen to remember last year when Diet Coke collaborated with Nails Inc & bought out some pretty limited edition nail colours? Well don’t know if you’ve heard on the grapevine, but they plan to do so again! From the 12th January in selective Boots stores you’ll be able to nab a bottle of polish when you purchase two bottles of Diet Coke! Seeing as the polishes are normally £10.50 each, it would be crazy not get em! All the colours look gorguz too, I’m not even a fan of Diet Coke, but for these I will happily guzzle a few bottles…or just pass them on to my fam to drink ;)
Which ones your fav?
Anyways, upon hearing this I immediately remembered the Nails Inc polish I managed to get hold of last year, sadly I only managed to grab one as I heard about the offer too late :( but the colour I did get I absolutely love! Wore it pretty much constantly before it somehow got forgotten about! Shame on me, well out it came again :) The colour I got was London (haha of course!) the other shades were also named after cities, Milan (red), Paris (purple) & New York (fuchsia pink). Now I’m absolutely rubbish at describing colours & whatnot, but I shall do my bestie! London deffo falls under the nude category, I’d say it was a nude “greige” colour, a hodge podge of beige, brown & grey, which may not sound nice but looks lovely on the nails. A word my aunt used which I liked was “mink”, though I always thought mink was some kind of fur….but I’m happy to use that for now! It’s a crème polish & I applied two coats to get an opaque finish.
with flash
 So what do you think angels? Are you fan of the nude tones? I dunno, although I do love me a funky nail, there's just that something about nude nails that I loooove! Creates a lovely sophisticated look :) The formula of this polish was a tad gloopy though when I applied it, but I think that perhaps this was due to the fact that its been lying unused for sometime! Well no worries of that happening again! This baby will get good usage again, my only worry is what I'm gonna do when it finishes! I've been hunting round for a dupe of this but nothing seems to be the perfect match! There's another shade by Nails Inc called Jermyn Street that's a slight darker version of this...I've also seen one by Essie called Mink Muffs. Hmm maybe I'm asking for too much :) If any of you honey's know of any dupes of this lovely colour, would be sooo muchly grateful! Thanks for reading dolls :)
What nails colours are you rocking at the mo? Will you be getting any of the lovely Nails Inc polishes? If so which ones your fav?

Lotsa snogs,

Aysh xoxo


  1. hey hun! i kinda like the color your rockin now. its not something that i would just pick off the shelves but seeing it on its a different story. i usually wear pinks and reds but i may have to change it up :)
    hope your having a good weekend!

    love roc

  2. @Raquel - heya hun, thank you :) I know me too! But love how it comes out on the talons :) gotta love the nude tones! :) Weekends been lovely thank you darlin, hope yours has been to :) xoxo


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