A much needed makeup fix, with a few dupes thrown in ;)

 Heya darlings, how’s everyone’s weekend faring so far? Hope you’re having a lovely one whatever you may be doing. I love using my Sundays to just completely chillax before getting back to what I know will be a hectic week at work! Am currently watching The Princess Bride whilst writing this post ;) Love this movie! Brings back memories & the fact that Cary Elwes is uber hot in this movie is a plus! Inconceivable! Now as you probably know buy now dolls, I am you could say a lover of the makeup shakeup thang… ;) (nooo, really?!!) so after a certain length of time goes by, where a product that can help my world become that little bit brighter has not been purchased, I start getting withdrawal symptoms & the urge to go & pick something up gets too much! Now this is no good thing I know, if I had all the money’s in the world I can see myself buying out entire makeup counters to satisfy my ever growing wishlist cravings ;) But sadly this is not the case (I’m working on it though…rich hubby I know your out there somewhere) so for the time being I keep myself happy by having a mini makeup fix every now & then, no harm in that right? So thought I would share with y’all some of the bits & bobs I picked up recently.  :)

NW25 - looks a lot darker due to poor lighting!
 I recently hit pan with my everyday concealer of choice which was Boi-ing by Benefit. Now whilst this has been a great product, I wanted a bit of a change & try something different & I'd heard many a great things about MAC's Studio Finish Concealer. The MUA kindly helped me out with picking the right shade for me which is NW25.  I love these creamy formula concealers as I can easily apply them with my fingers, under/on the eyes & on any problem areas, nice & quickly if I''m in a rush. I was even happier to discover that the MAC concealer, at around £13 is also cheaper than Benefit's Boi-ing concealer which I was forking out almost £17 for!! So happy days! Application is lovely & smooth with no caking so can see myself getting much usage from this & may be converted!
After picking up my new concealer I decided to have a quick peruse of the Benefit counter, so moseyed on over to it, determinedly not looking over at the Boi-ing concealers...(Judas!) I was wonderfully distracted however by this relatively new palette that's been released called 'Her name is Glowla'. This was deffo an impulse buy to satisfy the fix, but I don't regret it in the slightest. Love the look of everything within the palette & will be doing a separate post on it very soon :)
The last stop for my makeup fix haul was good ol' Superdrug. I'd also recently finished my MAC Studio Fix foundation so needed another creamy based foundation that can be applied with a sponge, as that's what I prefer to use during the week, nice, quick & easy is my motto for these times! I was certain however that I could find a cheaper but equally good alternative so decided to get Rimmel's Match Perfection Ultra Creamy Compact Powder. I absolutely hate trying out foundations in stores as the lighting almost always tricks you! Have had a few embarrassing situations where I've ventured out in a shade I thought suited me when swatched in store but turned out to be so far off I resembled a tangerine! :/ Anyhoo I opted for Classic Beige in this foundation & have been wearing it for a couple of weeks now & love it! Its lovely & smooth to apply & makes my skin shine free whilst covering up light blemishes. I mean the guys at work commented on its flawlessness so it must do the job! And at around £8.00 its deffo good value :)
Sleek Rose Gold
Yup, its the Rose Gold Blush from Sleek! Aeon's behind everyone I know ;) Lol!  But after seeing this pretty blush on countless blogs, I knew I wanted it. Such a pretty shimmery pink/gold I needed this in my life! Apparently this blush is a perfect dupe for NAR's Orgasm, an item that's been on my wishlist for a while so this had to be mine. But I'm sure you know whats coming...yup the assistant informed moi that this was limited edition! The devastation was most probably apparent on my face & the assistant was evidently aware that I was very near to grabbing her by the collars to scream "WHHHYYYYY!" as she said the magic words..."let me just check in the storeroom for you" & hallelujah out she came with the last one in her hands :) sigh of relief from both parties. Woohoo, so now its mine, all mine!! I've worn it a few times & love it! Really pigmented, a little goes a long way. Recently saw a great tutorial from Pixiwoo on summer looks & this was used to create a lovely glow to the cheeks, can't wait for summer to come round so I can get plenty of usage from this baby.
And for the finale...my MAC Dupe!
Thought I would leave my fav purchase till last :) I normally apply my liquid foundation with my fingers (remember my motto? quick n easy!) but after hearing the many merits on applying with a brush to create a much more flawless, air brushed finish I thought I would give it a go! The brush that I kept hearing about was the MAC 187. So moseyed on over to the site to check this wonder brush out... & nearly fell off my bed in shock. £30!?!? For a brush? Ooookay then... :/ I read & re-read the info on it as I was sure it would tell me that this brush could not only apply foundation flawlessly but could also magically clean itself or something! Sadly not. Luckily though, I came across a post from the fab Michelle from Beauty & the blog. The lovely lady had managed to find an amazing dupe for the MAC brush from our very own Superdrug for...£7! So of course I went to hunt it down & can't wait to put it use. The bristles are baby soft & there seems to be hardly any fall out so happy days!  Thanks hun!
Hehe so that's it my lovelies! Phew! Can safely say the craving has been satisfied...for now anyhoo ;) Have you tried any of these products? Know of any other good dupes out there? You know I would love to know! As always thanks for reading, sorry was a bit of a long un ;) Mwah!

Lotsa hugs & kisses,

Aysh xoxo


  1. Lovely haul, I no wat u mean bat crAvin a fix of beauty dOse lol I hAve that brush and use it all the time for my powders x

  2. @Amin, Hiya darling! Thanks, haha glad to know I'm not alone, us makeup junkies eh? Ooo fab can't wait to use my new brush! :) xoxo

  3. lovely haul :)
    I'm planning on getting alot of these things soon!! x

  4. @R May A - thanks hun :) Haha go for it! xoxo

  5. glad that you found a good brush dupe! mac and other high end companies trip sometimes with their crazy prices! i have the rose gold but have to really pile it on to get any of the pink hue, mainly looks like gold shimmer on my complexion. meh!


  6. @socialitedreams - Oh I know hun! Just can't justify spending that much on a brush?! Aww isn't Rose Gold pretty? hehe aaahh just pile on the blusher luvy! That's what I do! ;) xoxo

    @Jazzy E - hehe me too hun, they deffo have some fab products! will do a proper post on the palette soon :) xoxo

  7. i discovered sleek make up the other day and i love it - they have the best gold eye shadow EVER! x

  8. Great haul, I think I definitely need that concealer in my life!

    I'm a new follower btw, love your blog!

  9. @kirstyb - Agree Sleek products are awesome babe, seriously impressed! Was also a late starter in discovering it :) Oh I must check this gold eyeshadow out! Love a bit o' shimmer ;) xoxo

    @alicia - awww thank you so much for your lovely comment hun! So happy you enjoy my blog. Deffo get it hun, coverage is brill & great value! Can see it lasting ages! :) xoxo


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