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Happy Sunday darlings, hope you’ve all had a lovely jubbly weekend! Find myself in a bit of a giggly, happy go lucky mood at the mo, rather strange for me on a Sunday as I’m normally mourning the end of the too short weekend & dreading that Monday morning early wake up call. This could be due to the large quantity of chocolate caramel Santa’s that have been recently consumed amongst my person with the extra-large mug of caffeine induced coffee with it…couldn’t have the poor little things go to waste now could I? The poor suckers looked so neglected on the shelves of Hotel Chocolat with their 50% off sign so I did the polite thing & took them home with me  ;) So got me a nice buzzing thang going on! Just finished watching Aladdin too which will never fail to put a smile on this face, you will never be too old for a good old Disney movie in my opinion, we all went through a faze were we wanted to be Princess Jasmine or one of the many other beautiful Disney princess…actually err I think I’m probably still going through it! Also just had a funny moment were one of the password verification words that you have to type in to comment on a blog was…ya ready for it? Bumfluf!! Hahaha, so that deffo kept me entertained for a short while ;) See? Told ya I was in a nutty mood!
Anyhoo lets continue shall we…so, “Umm, Hey there everyone, my name is Aysha…& I am a Lushaholic.” Phew! Am glad I got that off my chest. Yes its true dear ones & I’m sure I’m not alone here? The day I discovered this wonderful place was a happy one for sure! Every time I’m near a LUSH store the excitement & joy takes hold & the heart starts beating nine to the dozen...a slight exaggeration perhaps. But I do love nothing more than perusing the many shelves filled with brightly coloured, yummy smelling bath stuffs, old & new, pondering on what my next fix will be. I’m sure the staff are probably a tad frightened of this strange girl who’s forever popping in & sniffing away like there’s no tomorrow!
I thought I’d share with y’all a couple of my fav LUSH products plus some goodies I picked up recently. Number one on my list has to be the absolutely scrumptious ‘Honey I Washed The Kids’ soap. If there is only one thing you try from LUSH I would deffo recommend this. It smells of deliciously yummy Honey & Toffee & is such a treat to use in the shower, I love using this with a pair of exfoliating gloves & it lathers up really nicely. I use this religiously now as before, whenever using other shower creams/gels my skin would be horribly dry after. Not with this though! I was delightfully surprised with how moisturised my skin felt after using this as I’d always thought soap to be very drying? I should mention I also used to have pimple/marks on my arms as well as dry skin patches which have all but disappeared since using this. And did I mention it smells absolutely delicious as well? God, if they only made an edible version of this…I insist do try!
pic taken from google images as mine is in quite a sorry state! need to re-stock asap
Next item is definitely the amazing bubble bars at LUSH, ‘The Comforter’ to be exact :) A most enjoyable past time is deffo a bath filled with pretty, sweetly scented bubbles. I’ve only tried a few so far & plan to try them all! However, of the ones that have been tested, ‘The Comforter’ stood out the most for moi. 
pics from google images
Not only does it look totally funky with its swirls of pink & white, I mean it definitely caught my eye in the shop, but it also smells of gorguz sherbet sweets & blackcurrant, really fruity. It also creates lots & lots of lovely bubbles that last a sufficient amount of time & turns the water a lovely pinky/purple colour. Can’t wait to try lots more which I shall be doing with my recent purchase! During the sale season I managed to nab The Gingerbread House Tin which contains not one but four lovely bath bars/bombs for me to try! Can’t wait to get cracking, haha I’m definitely a Winter baby, as you can tell for my love of baths. Are you a bath or shower gal?
Such a cute tin! Now I have something to store all my LUSH goodies in!
Clockwise from top - Lil Lush Pud, Gingerbread House, Cinders & Candy Cane
 And finally I just HAVE to mention my most recent LUSH purchase, As I've mentioned before, I suffer from the most horribly dry lips. Lately they haven't been behaving at all & I'd heard a lot about sugar scrubs for lips. I knew that LUSH had recently bought out something along these lines so went to pick up Sugar Scrub in Bubblegum yesterday. And oh my golly gosh girls! Its soooo yummy!! Seriously this is one addictive product...not good for a lushaholic. I have literally been using this all day, rubbing it on the lips & then joyfully licking it all off. Already I can tell a difference, my lips are feeling much smoother & I was able to apply some lippie today without lipbalm which is a 1st! Am really gonna enjoy using this baby, but lets get serious here for a sec. Could I make sugar scrub like this myself at home for a fraction of the price??? "Yeeees, I most probably could" WILL I make a sugar scrub at home for a fraction of the price?? "NNNNNah! Most probably not because I am just too lazy!" Shame on me but its true!
  So there ya have it lovelies, sorry went on for a bit there, but what can I say? I love my LUSH! :) Are there any other fellow Lushaholics out there?? You aren't alone angels, let yourselves be known to me! Hehe, as always thank you so much for reading lovelies. Thought I'd leave ya with some sneaky before & after pics of yummy choccies, as you probably know by now I also suffer from a mild case of chocaholic-ism...very very mild.
Poor buggers didn't stand a chance
Lots of sweet love & hugs!


  1. @Amina - hehe mmm couldn't agree more ;) xoxo

  2. haha... the santa's... and I LOVE LUSH!!!!! :D

  3. @Chatterpants - lol, they were goooood! and yay fellow lushaholic! :) xoxo

  4. LUSH + my bank account = a disaster! I spend so much money at that store it should be illegal.

    Right now i LOVE the Aquamarina face cleanser as well as the new Its Raining Men shower gel. It has Honey I Washed The Kids in it, so i think you would fall in love with it too. It smells so good i want to eat it!

  5. @Kenzie - OMG, I know exactly what you mean! It really is too easy to go crazy in there... Ooo I want that shower gel so bad!! Will probably end up just sniffing it like the addict I am... ;) I've not tried the cleansers yet, its on my to do list! :) xoxo

  6. Love lush. you are so lucky to have it. The nearest lush for me is in India lol. Even though we have a lot of body shops here in Pak but no Lush. Enjoy reading your blog. Its always a pleasure to meet another lushhead.
    My latest post:

  7. @Pandora'sBox - hey there my lovely fellow lushaholic! thanks so much for commenting :) aww really glad you enjoy reading my ramblings, thanks hun! xoxo

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    1. Ooooh will have to check that one out! :) xoxo


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