Bling Me Up Scotty! A Sparkling Spree plus a Galactic NOTD using “THAT” Nail Polish… ;) (Ickle Giveaway Too!)

Evening lovelies, hope you’re all having a good week so far, don’t worry…almost reached halfway point! A bit of a sparkly themed post today, in case you hadn’t guessed that already from the title ;) I think we all of us girlies may possibly have been magpie’s in a previous life. Its deffo a huge possibility for moi as I, as I’m sure many of you lovelies out there have an incredible weakness for all things that shimmer & sparkle. Recently picked up some lovely blingy bits on a naughty spree that was done not long after Xmas, although you’ll be proud of me when I say that all things were either on sale or purchased with that wondrous thing that is Boots Advantage Points!
I was drawn like a moth to the flame to the Accessorize fab 70% Sale, I admit I DO look forward to this every year as you can really grab some amazing bargains. Did you honeys manage to get anything? These are the few bits n bobs I managed to nab.
without flash
with flash
I really love these pieces as they are very different to anything I currently own. Except for maybe the black dangly ones, but in my world a girl can never have too many pairs of black earrings! I love the cream & gold combo, especially the little birdie cages! The necklace was deffo an eye-catcher for me & I thought it went really well with the other pieces too? So into the basket it went!
I recently saw a most gorguz statement piece of jewellery on the beautiful Kaushal’s blog. When she revealed that it was in fact from good ol’ Boots I was so surprised, certain it was designer! Resistance was futile & so of course I hurried on down to have a lookie at the 
jewellery section there & came away with these beauties. 
What do ya think...feathers...Yay or nay?? It’s a definite yay from me. Already excited to pair these with some outfits I have in my mind. Their definitely statement pieces & I adore the lot, the gems in the middle one are such a beautiful shade & super duper sparkly! And to top it all off I paid absolutely nothing for em! Well almost…a loyal Boots customer you might call moi, I hadn’t realised that I’d accumulated a nice bunch of points on my little cardy until the assistant told me AND that I could use these points to buy things! I had no idea you could do that! Haha! Was deffo one of my ‘few slices short of a loaf’ moments…
Anyhoo on to the NOTD of the moment, I am definately chanelling my inner spaceman you might say? I'm sure you've seen this jazzy polish pop up here & there recently on the blogosphere. It is of course the renowned GOSH Holographic & once I saw its unique prettiness, I just knew I had to have this polish in my collection. So off I hot footed it down to Superdrug to find it & luckily they had a few left! Phew! Couldn't wait to get home so's I could try this baby out! Here are the obligatory pics, apologies for the poor quality, because of this dreary dull weather we've been blessed with, pics seems to be coming out super crummy.
Sorry about crummy application, was a bit of a rush job...!
I can honestly say that pics do not do this polish justice at all. It really does create the most fab sparkly effect, but the polish is completely smooth with no gritty glittery bits. As you can see I had one of my random moments & painted my ring finger black. But I've gotta say that it can be very easy to loose patience with this polish as application isn't such a doddle. The first coupla coats were incredibly streaky, but easily rectified with a 3rd coat. Luckily because of the effect of the polish once its dried, (which didn't take long at all!) if you do still have a little streakiness you can't even tell! I think my big mistake however was applying a base & topcoat. It actually looked a lot better without it! Adding a topcoat actually dulls the effect a little but word of warning dearies...prepare yourself for chips the next day! Sadly this polishes lasting power isn't great, but I'm willing to overlook this due to its complete & utter grooviness! Deffo a great polish for a night out :)
I mentioned before that my local only had a few of these left & a little birdie told me that this polish is soon to be discontinued! So, addict that I am, I grabbed the lot! I plan on giving one to a friend & that leaves me with one to spare so I thought I would have my first very teensy giveaway! Just to say a humungous thank you to all you lovely ladies out there who read & follow my little blog. It means so much to me I can't even begin to tell you, that y'all take the time to read & comment on my rambles means the world to moi! & I love ya all soooo very muchly!!! So would you like to jazz up your nails & own this bottle of galactic dazzle too? If so then just follow these very simple rules to enter!
  1. Be a follower of my blog
  2. Write a comment telling me what your all time favourite nail polish/colour is! Hope to get some ideas on new ones to try!
  3. Leave your email at the end so's I can contact you if you win!
That's it! In the words of comparethemeerkat.com..."Simples!"  Good luck angels, thank you so much for reading! Mwah!

Lotsa dazzle dust love,


  1. Love the feather earring. I haebeen into feather lately and love how it's combined witht he jewels. Nice nail polish too!

  2. @HellNotesforBeauty - thanks hun! :)

  3. Ooh I love that colour!

    My favourite nail polish...it's so hard to choose! Over Xmas I was loving MyFace L'il Bling in Gilt-y. It's gold and I love it!


  4. You gave me some amaaaaazing ideas for my Monday programmed Accessorize haul!The tiny bird and cage earrings will be bought for sure!They're the cutest!
    I love all holo polishes, so my favourite would have to be ChaCha by H&M or Milani's holos.All 3 of them.
    My email is freeeedz at yahoo dot com

  5. @LookFlyingMonkeys - ooo I've seen that polish, looks gorguz! Never tried MyFace products xoxo

    @Ria - haha lol! I really have a soft spot for those earrings, hope you get them babe! H&M do polishes?? Will deffo be checking those & Milani's out, cheers babe :)

  6. hi! I don't know if you've already been tagged but I have given you an award!

  7. @Ailah - aww thank you babe, that's so sweet of you! Will deffo pop over & have a lookie :) xoxo

  8. tagged u in a blog award on my blog... as ur blog is very amazing...xxx

  9. @Nilufar - oh my gosh, thank you so much sweety, that's really lovely, so happy you like me blog :) xoxo

  10. Hehe, I love everything sparkly and shiney as well.
    The earrings are gorgeous. I'm a YAY for feathers. I'm looking for a feathery pair as well. I love having Boots Advantage Points! I love to treat myself, when I have enough points to get something cool.

    Awesome giveaway!! Ooo, my fav nail colour is plum (maybelline). I know it's boring, but it's so effective. It's simple and goes well for every occassion.

  11. @HiFashion - lol, thanks babe! :) Feathers are the way forward methinks ;) I know! hearing about the Boots points was a miracle moment for moi, go check out their bling, they have some fab pieces. LOVED the cape coat btw...don't even think about lettin that pretty ting gather dust! ;) xoxo

  12. You can never go wrong with feather earrings, they look great with any outfit!

    My favorite polish right now is actually a whole collection! I love the Orly Sweet Collection, i am in love with pastels. I guess they just make me hope spring comes soon!


  13. Feather earrings are a must, they go with any outfit!

    My favorite polish right now is actually a whole collection! Orly Sweet Collection, i love pastels right now. I think maybe its because i am hoping spring comes soon!


  14. @Kenzie - Ooo I've seen the Orly Sweet collection! Looks totally gorguz, deffo wanna try those out. Absolutely agree, feathers definitely bling up an outfit! :) xoxo

  15. I do not have a particular favorite nail polish, the color have to match my mood.
    But I really love Gosh - 546 Rainbow, the color matches any mood.


  16. I don't know if it's still running because there's no date ^^"
    I follow you as rock-or-not
    Here is my mail adress:
    I can't wait to try essence polish choose me, which is a dupe for Opi, Zoya and Orly!!!
    Thank you!

  17. i love feather jewelry! the white pair is very pretty and elegant. :]

    oh goodness, one nail polish? i would have to say zoya blair. a lovely, glowy deep red that i cannot stop staring at!


  18. @AgnetheM – Ooo GOSH Rainbow sounds fabulous! Will deffo be checking that out, thanks hun! :) xoxo

    @rock-or-not – Yup it’s still running hun! :) Will be picking a winner soon ;) thanks for entering darling & the polish recommendation! Never tried Essie polishes before (gaaaasp!) ;) xoxo

    @meag – aww me too huny! They really are so prettyful :) Haha I know, difficult to choose just one! Aww I love the look of Zoya polishes but they don’t ship internationally sadly :( not good Zoya…not good! ;) xoxo

  19. Hi! I'm brand new to your blog but i hope I can be included in your GOSH giveaway! Been looking and looking all around my town for it and can't find it! :(

    Anyway, right now my favorite polish color is OPI Ski Teal We Drop but it changes practically every day especially since Christmas! :P

    I follow via GFC as JQ
    email: fibreofmybeing AT gmail DOT com

    Thanks again!

  20. @JQ - heya hun, of course you can still be included! :) Thanks for entering, giveaway is still open for a little while yet ;) I'll be picking a winner soon :) xoxo

  21. Hi!! I have been DYING to get this polish! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    I follow with Tracy Leung through GFC

    My favourite colours right now are OPI's You're a Pisa Work and OPI's DS Classic. I find they match well together, particularly when I do the random 'different colour on my ring finger' thing. (It's on my blog if you want to check it out). You're A Pisa Work is a very simple colour but for some reason it just works. AND the formula is GREAT. Same with the DS Classic, it's sooo pretty but, at the same time, not too much

    And my email is tracyleung@gmail.com :)

    Thanks again!

  22. Hello,
    I follow via gfc: tinko :)
    my all time fav nail polish right now is opi by katy perry teenage dream. i love the pink, glitter, and holo flecks of glitters.
    email : tinko612[at]gmail[dot]com

  23. hey! i was your 100th follower!
    i've been lusting for gosh holo for a long time, so excited for this giveaway! (unless it's already closed? i can't find a date anywhere and i don't see a winner in your posts... so i'm entering!)
    i follow as rebecca (duh) and my email is beckalesley04 at hotmail.com
    my favorite polish is a surprising one - power pink from sally hansen xtreme wear. cheap polish but beautiful color!

  24. Just started following you! Always looking for new beauty blogs to follow, can't get too many opinions. I just started blogging myself (http://fad-hamburger.blogspot.com/) :).

    Anyways my favorite polish right now...that's a toughie since I like a lot! I just adore holos though, so any of those!!

    Email: grimrock@gmail.com

  25. @Trai @tinko @rebecca @Tammie - aww thanks for entering lovelies & for giving me some fab polishes to check out! Will pick a winner very soon! :) xoxoxox

  26. I'm a (new) follower :-)

    My favorite polish right now is You don't know Jacques by OPI, but in the summer, I love bright colors like blues and oranges!

  27. @AmandaDF - aww thanks for following hun :) Oh I want so many OPI polishes, if only just for the fab names! xoxo

  28. What a lovely giveaway, thank you for hosting it! My favourite nail polish at the moment is Ruby Pumps by China Glaze.
    My email is MakeupbySaraMay at gmail dot com

  29. @Sara - may - aww your welcome hun! thanks for entering. Oh I looooove Ruby Pumps! So sparkly beautiful :) xoxo

  30. Beautiful! My favorite nail polish at the moment is China Glaze Medallion, if you like holo you need this in your life! My email addy is feedkmayeorchids@gmail.com

  31. My favourite nail polish is China Glaze For Audrey. My email is bakupakubai at gmail dot com

  32. @feedmayeorchids @Bakupaku - wow so many of y'all entering! Thanks lovelies :) xoxo

  33. My favorite nail polish is OPI - Whats With The Cattitude?
    My email is oliviatroutman(at)gmail(dot)com

  34. My favorite has to be China Glaze I wanna lei ya. Such a beautiful pink.
    email: pshammstellurs@aim.com

  35. i'm so jealous, i'd love to have the holo polish! the gosh version is by far the best that i've seen :pout:

  36. @OliviasNails@fashion - thanks for your entry's girls! :) xoxo

    @vonnie - aww I'll put your name in the bag too my sweets! :) xoxo

  37. my favourite polish is barry m’s bright pink, i wore it all last summer!

  38. My favorite nail polish is china glaze for audrey.

    I follow your blog



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