The shortest manicure in history plus… The Beauty & Wellbeing Event of next year :)

Well hello there beautiful strangers! How’s tricks? First of all a thousand apologies for the distinct lack of goings on in my blog. I wish I could tell you this is because I have been crazy busy with all things Xmas-related whilst also participating in some light hearted snowball fights & snowman (angel) making. But truth is I’ve just been so crummy sucky bastardly ill again! Excuse my french. Bah humbug! Needless to say I haven’t been feeling the Xmas spirit lately, but with the help of some time off work recovering from nasty throat infection, plus a little gentle, on my knees, clawing the floor begging… “cough” my Dr for some antibiotics I’m slowly on the mend & can start feeling merry again! Still feeling a tad weak & out of sorts from not having slept for coughing the past few nights & I’m currently sporting a wonderful tres sexy beaver look right now, which I think could be the next big thing ya know? I certainly got a few looks when I headed out to see the Dr… ;) plus am a little doped up, so if this post doesn’t make much sense at all then sorry dolls. It probably didn’t help my condition by going out Friday night, but hey its Xmas right? And I thought dancing could be my remedy but I err obviously thought wrong… I’ve a coupla FOTD’s lined up that I need to get to posting but just bear with me lovelies :) Today I just wanted to fill you guys in on the manicure I had done last week, which I was very excited about (don’t ask me why, I just always get happy when someone does my nails for me, saving me the trouble…sad I know) but then it turned out to be the shortest lasting manicure in the history OF TIME! I wanted something a little jazzy, suitable for the work xmas do & other upcoming parties etc, so asked the lady at the salon to do black polish with a bit of white & silver nail art, simple yet elegant? And don’t get me wrong I was happy with how it turned out:

But the moment I got home, I started getting ready for the work Xmas party, happened to look down at my nails & found one of the nails had almost chipped half off!! Not impressed. I mean already?!? I hadn’t even done anything heavy duty, if you can call driving (with gloves on)  getting changed & putting make up on heavy duty. Honestly, I was so disappointed :( I mean I did pay to have my nails done especially, is it too much to ask that they last at least one night? “Sigh” Oh well, I guess I won’t be venturing back to that salon in a hurry. So the moment I got the chance I took off the disappointing manicure, which might I add was a mission and a half to remove, I don’t think the polish used was good quality, & replaced it with a gorguz Xmassy colour. The colour I chose was from No.7 called Damson Dream & I love it! It’s a truly lovely, deep burgundy/purple shade that’s really warming & perfect for the season I think :)
 Phew! Such nail dilemma's! Lol! Also honeybees I just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up in case you didn’t already know about the upcoming Vitality Show that is being held in London next year? For those of you who don't know The Vitality Show is the UK's largest health, beauty, fitness & well being event for women & tickets are now on sale. I'm really excited about attending this & it could also make a great gift for a girlfriend of yours if your still looking for some last minute ideas? Heres some more info on it for ya:

The wait for new and inspiring ways to look good and feel great is over as tickets for the Vitality Show have now gone on sale – just in time to snap up a really unique Christmas present for your best friend. The show offers four fun-packed days of pampering, shopping, healthy eating, dancing and essential know-how gathering, from 24-27 March at Earl’s Court London. Celebrity guests - from top TV chefs to dance professionals, athletes and some of life’s most inspirational people - will join the hottest health & beauty experts and over 300 of the best fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

The show’s popular beauty area is back and the VIP Pamper Package (£69) is a luxurious experience. You and your best friend can both  sit back and enjoy a luxury celebrity-inspired treatment from our Return to Glory beauty team whilst enjoying a glass of chilled champagne and you’ll leave with your own bag of beauty goodies worth over £50! There is also a new fashion area, The Wardrobe, with everything from fabulous accessories to must-have shoes, the latest bags and vintage bargains so you can shop until you drop.

·       New! Dance Theatre showcasing some of the UK’s hottest dance talent from street dance to salsa, ballet to ballroom, bangra to breakdancing. Each high energy performance will have you heading for the dancefloor!
·       One Life Theatre and Vitality Workshops offer inspirational talks, tips and Vitality Workshops offering 1-2-1 time with top life-coaches and careers experts, you’re sure to leave confident and positive about the future.
·       New! Make a Difference Makeovers – Discover a world of inspirational adventures at The Travel Pavilion. Find out about relaxing retreats and feel-good opportunities that help make a difference to far-flung communities around the globe.

Be the Ultimate Best Friend this Christmas and treat your best friend to the Ultimate Girls Day Out at the Vitality Show!

So, sounds great huh? A fab day out with your girlie's :) I'll be there, hope to see you too! Thanks for reading angels! Mwah!

Lotsa hugs & snogs,

Aysh xoxo


  1. I hope you feel better soon. I love the color on the corrected manicure. Most likely it was a bad polish or she got cheap with the top coat.

  2. @HellNotesforBeauty - aww thank you very much hun, seriously I'm so fed up with being ill! lol! Yes maybe she was cheap with topcoat, thats if she even applied one!:/ xoxo

  3. Simple but really gorgeous! Love it!

  4. @Shortiee31 - aww thanks hun! hehe am hoping to become a tad more adventurous, your nails post are really inspiring! :) xoxo


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