Reds have more fun...? ;)

Hello huns, hope your all well & more importantly keeping warm too! Brrr, cold enough for ya? Had plans to head out tonight, but the moment I stepped in to the nice toasty warmth of my house, the comfort of the bed was just too damn tempting! Shameful I know :| So here I am tucked away, ironically watching Ice Age 3! lol! with my supplies (tea, fluffy hot water bottle, naughty sweet stuffs...all that jazz) ideal time I think for a post :) If you remember my lovelies, I'd mentioned here that I recently got John Frieda's Precision Foam Hair Colour on one of my many little trips to Boots. Well, I finally used it this week! I was loving my highlights these past few months, which had gradually faded to brunette with blond strands here & there, but I felt for the upcoming cold months, I would much prefer a more warmer tone for my hair. I've always harboured a love for red hair a'la the gorgeous Florence Welch from Florence & the machines, actress Isla Fisher & most recently the diva herself Rihanna.
However I had to resign myself to the fact that I just would not be able to pull off such a full on red look (violins?!? I can't hear you playing!) So I thought I would take the next logical step & go down a level in the hair colour spectrum & opted for a Red/Brown colour instead. I couldn't wait to use this interesting new invention from John Frieda. As someone who has been colouring their hair since the age of sixteen, I've tried & tested many a rainbow of hair colours from different brands. When I heard that John Frieda had created a new type of hair colouring system I was very eager to try it out! The difference between this hair colour & others on the market is that instead of liquid, this hair colour creates a lovely fluffy foam that you simply apply & massage into you hair. The whole point being that it makes the whole home hair colouring process a lot less messy! No dripping, no stains just flawless coverage! Fabuloso!
Here are the goodies that came in my little box of hair colour:
As y'all can see the kit comes with 1.Developer 2.Colourant 3.Conditioner (in a very generous size tube may I add!) 4.Foamer & finally a pair of professional (dominatrix style) gloves! no silly slippery cellophane gloves thankfully! Of course the kit also came with a very easy step by step guide. So I followed the instructions & mixed together the potion all ready to apply to my hairs! However, silly moo that I am, I thought the foam would be created when mixing the colour, so after tilting the bottle a lot more than the recommended amount, I realised eventually that you have to SQUEEZE the bottle to get foam....oh... :| "ahem!"
All mixed & ready to go!

Just squeeze into hand to create foam
  Once my potion was ready, I got mummy dearest to help apply it. It can easily be done by your onesie, but I'm just lazy ;) The foam applied very easily & with very little mess! Just simply massage into the hair from the roots outwards like you would shampoo & because of the no-drip consistency theres no need to bother with a shower cap. Sorry, would've taken pics but I err conveniently misplaced my camera at this stage...didn't wanna scare y'all ;) I have to say I'm very impressed with the amount of product you get. This hair colour would be perfect for those of you with lovely long locks, I have medium length hair just past my shoulders & after applying generously there was still plenty of product left over! The maximum leave in time is 30 minutes, however I confess that after applying, me & the mother sat down to watch Eastenders, & were so engrossed that I left the hair colour in for 40 minutes! lol! Whoopsie! ;) Anyhoo I washed all the product out & lathered my locks in the conditioner so that it became soft & tangle free! Then I just left my new hairs to air dry :) Here's the finished result :)

The verdict? Me deffo a happy bunny! I am glad to have dark locks again :) I think the colour came out a lot darker on my hair, this partly due to my hair being darker to start off with & also because I left it in longer than 30 mins, hahaha! But I still love it & especially love the condition of my hair, it feels so thick & soft not to mention shiny too! The colour seemed to come through a lot better the next day :)
So my darls, I would deffo recommend this hair colour, not only is it easy to use & good quality but comes in 20 different shades to choose from, so your bound to find one that suits you! So what do you think? What hair colours are y'all feeling right now? Will you be going red this winter? haha after all, who says blonde's should have all the fun? ;) Thanks for reading angels! Mwah!

Lotsa warm snuggles & cuddles!

Aysh xoxo


  1. pretttttttty!!!! omg, I love it. I've been jonesing to go red lately as well, that product may be the thing that I need :D Or a good red wig, lol.


  2. awww thankyou my luvly :) haha you should deffo go for it! Go for Rihanna style! ;) seriously girl, that look is so hot, love it! its all about the red :) xoxo

  3. The rich tone of the color looks great on you! It really is making your skin look brighter and healthier! :) I so wanna try the foam color, the foaminess of it seems fun ;) just wanted to know, is it drying? I have really parched hair these days and though its starting to get cold now( I live in India!, I hope it's not too drying.

  4. @ chatterpants - aww thank you for your lovely comment darling. hehe yes the foam does make things a bit more interesting! In answer to your question hun, no I didn't find it drying at all, the bottle of conditioner made sure of that! Its a very generous size too :) Once dry, my hair felt really silky & soft :) xoxo

  5. Love the colour, girlie!

    If you wanted it any brighter, you've need to use a higher strength peroxide which is basically the developer. Next time if you want the colour to be more vibrant and lighter, go to Sally's and purchase 12% peroxide. This should lift your colour 3-4 shades lighter. :D

    But dark hair is in so keep it that way till summer when light hair is back in. Loveloveloveeeee xoxoxo

  6. @DesignerSpray - heya huny, aww thank you so much! For the lovely comment & the fab tip! Will deffo give that a go next time :)


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