The Red Lip Trend, lets jump on the bandwagon shall we?

Hello honeybees, hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday, whatever you’re doing. I’m happy to be writing this post on my brand spanking & much needed new laptop. If you’d seen the state of my old one, was afraid it would explode any minute! So thanks very much Mr Claus, you’ve earned yourself a few extra pies ;) (& big kisses to papa bear too :)) I did actually have plans on going all Delia & do a spot of baking today, bought the ingredients & everything. But those plans kinda went down the toilet when I attempted to jump jovially out of bed this morning & found myself in an unattractive heap on the floor, my body half paralysed & in excruciating pain. Yes, last night was the work Xmas party, aaand let’s just say we’re feeling rather tender & leave it at that… :/ Really though, who needs a gym when you can just dance away the Xmas dinner calories? So, all loss of feeling in limbs aside, a good time was definitely had with my work girls, which is the important thing non? But no cupcakes today!! Sorry mama bear, next weekend I promise. So my lovely ladies, what makeup looks are we all working for the party season? I decided to attempt a purple Arabic eye last night, heavy with the eyeliner of course, & was pretty happy with how it turned out. Will do a FOTD on the look I did as soon as :) However, one look that I absolutely adore, & I’m sure a lot of you makeup addicts out there will agree, is the gorgeously sophisticated red lip. Even though I’ve worded it as a trend, it really is a timeless look, one that our favourite movie star idols did best.
Sadly, not all of us are blessed with lovely, luscious pouts like Ms. Monroe, myself being one :( I’ve bored many people to tears I’m sure with my “oh woe to me!” rambles, on how I wish I had bigger lips so that I could wear reds & darker colours. The dark, plum lip look that I’ve been seeing a lot has also had me green-eyed big time, soo hot! But my dears, I decided to get a much needed grip on myself & that enough was enough! So I’ve finally taken my first few tentative steps to introducing red lips into my makeup world & I couldn’t have done it without the lovely Amina’s help. I attended the Aussie Xmas Market in London recently & it was here that I met Amina who had her own stall & was kindly offering makeovers to everyone. Anyhoo, once I was in the hot seat, I predictably went off on one of my violin tuned rambles on not being able to wear a red lip.  Sorry about that hun ;) Before I was even halfway through my ramble though, she managed to stop me, which in itself she deserves a medal for…no easy feat I can tell you! Once I’m off its hard to get me to shut up. To cut it short, she basically told me that make up should have no rules or boundaries & that if you want to wear a certain look, you should bloody well go for it & do it! (Cue, mental finger click & rotating of head) Suitably inspired we both decided, instead of jumping straight in to the deep end, to start off with using a lip stain on my lips & see how I felt with it. The verdict…? I loved it! She lined my lips 1st with a NARS pencil to make them a little fuller & then filled them in with a Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Scarlet. I could definitely feel a heavy colour on my lips if that makes sense? But I confess I loved wearing it on my journey home AND to the wedding I had that evening. 
There’s just something special about wearing red lips :) So thank you so much Amina for giving me that push! I am a convert :)  I’m definitely wanting to purchase the lip stain, but I’ve also been suggested a few other red lippies by other lovely bloggers such as MAC’s Ruby Woo & Pillar box Red by Barry M, so will check those out. Are you rocking the red lip this party season? If so, how do you wear it? With a simple winged eyeliner a la Ms.Monroe? A bit of bronzer on the cheeks? Let me know you thoughts sweetie's! You know I love to hear from y’all :)
Barry M's Pillar Box Red
Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Scarlet

MAC Ruby Woo (pics taken from google images)
Do you own any of these? Whats your fav red lippie? Thanks for reading darlings!

Loves for now!

Aysh xoxo


  1. How apt was this post for me! I just went and bought a red lippy this weekend!:)Red Lips can be so much fun.It just gives that lil "extra" we once in awhile all need :). Glad you hopped onto the bandwagon ;) my skin tone is similar to yours and i think another good one you should try out is the MAC Russian Red. It's amazing and suits most people! I found it a wee bit better than Ruby Woo. Russian Red is a little bit deeper and gives a great classic red lip. you should definitely try it! oh and i usually like to keep the eyes simple, a thin simple line of black eyeliner and just a pale barely there shimmery gold on the eyes. It makes the eyes look a little brighter! let me know how your rocked it! ;)

  2. Hi there! Great post!
    I would love you to have a quick look at a similar post I wrote some time ago: http://catanyasthings.blogspot.com/2010/11/red-lips-labios-rojos-mac-vs-kiko.html Please, Do let me know what you think!

  3. @Chatterpants – hehe thanks hun, so am I! Aww thank you so much for the recommendation. Will definitely check Russian Red out. There’s no stopping me now! Lol! Aww I love putting a bit o‘sparkle on the eye too, it can really make your eyes pop…not literally but err you know what I mean :) xoxo

    @Catanya – aww thanks hun. I’ve never heard of Kiko before though, is it only available in Europe? I especially love the fact that its moisturising as well, as I have horridly dry lips, especially in this weather :( & how awesome is the price! Lol! xoxo

  4. Aw thanks for the lovely mention, im glad to av unleashed the sexy vixen in u! Red is hot in trend at the mo, and perfect as its classy and sexy and a timeless look. total glamour. i love to wear red the pinup way, defined crease and black liner, and then the red lips! fab post xxx

  5. @Amina - Aw your welcome my darling! Thank you so much for all you help & advice, haha sexy vixen lol! :) I'll try & do ya proud ;)) xoxo

  6. Hiya!

    WOW!! Red lips look amazing on you!
    I'm still on a hunt for the perfect red for me.. I hope I find it soon! Lol

    Malisha x

  7. @Malisha - hiya lovely! Aww thank you so much for your lovely comment :) Thats deffo made me feel a lot better about wearing red :) I'm sure we will both find the perfect red for us soon! xoxo

  8. Babe, i have the lip stain by Laura Mercier and its really good! You have to apply it really neatly coz smudges will stain and show but once its on, its on!

    Please check out my blog & follow if you're a fan! Thanks Aysh xx


  9. @WhatSheSaid - thanks for the tip hun :) Deffo have that lip stain on my wishlist! xoxo

  10. i am FINALLY ur follower!!!! lol!! lovin ur red lippy missy!! looks great.. xx

  11. @F - hahaha about time missy! lol! aww thanks hun, really appreciate the support :) mwah!xoxo

  12. i think you know my favourite - MAC lady danger :) xx

  13. @danniekate - lol, well you certainly know how to rock a red lip darling! Is that the colour you were wearing? It looked gorguz on ya :) xoxo

  14. wish i was brave enought to wear red lippy xxxx

  15. @kirstyb - oh you should deffo try it huny!! I was the same, but just went for it & it wasn't quite the drama crisis I imagined :) xoxo


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