Current Love Lip Product - MAC Lip Conditioner :)

Well hello there honeybees! It’s been a while hasn’t it darls?? So first of all I hope y’all had an absolutely wonderful Xmas holiday period, whether you celebrate or not. I don’t, but hell that won’t stop me from joining in with the merriment! So the fam & I’ve spent our time doing what we do best…eating, chilling, watching tons of telly, not forgetting re-runs of Fawlty Towers and Only Fools & Horses in abundance, periods of lying comatose arguing over who’s turn it is to make the chai, & then eating some more :) So all in all not a bad one I’d say! I hope Santa was good to you this year & y’all got what you wished for :) I’ll be honest & say I’ve been truly lazy in posting as I just returned back to work yesterday after 10 days of sickness…yes I know…ill again!?!? But hopefully this will be it for now, when I get ill it does hit me very hard, but thankfully not very often these days. Almost back to my normal self though & I’m sure the few days of doing nothing but eating, resting & then doing a bit of retail therapy after helped! So did you darlings manage to grab any bargains in the salesies? I’ve really loved spending the last coupla days having a peek at everyone’s posts & seeing what goodies everyone got! I’m such a nosy so & so… ;) I managed to grab a few bits & bobs that I’m very happy with, but I didn’t go crazy, well according to my standards anyhoo, so am kinda proud of myself. I’ve been known to buy an entire new wardrobe in the sales, thus resulting in a huge charity shop clear-out, but this year I’ve been good. Will do a post soon on said purchases. But for now on to the post in hand :) I just wanted to give a mention to a fab product that has made a re-appearance in my life. I’m forever losing/misplacing things, must be the old age finally catching up with moi & thus getting very aggravated in the process! Well this time it was my fav lip product which, if you regularly follow my blog, will know what it’s going to be… ;) yup, the Body shop Yes,Yes,Yes! Lip butter went AWOL last week. Now, control freak that I am I usually keep backups of this as I love it so much, but hey whadaya know?? I forgot to re-stock! Well done Aysh. But luckily it didn’t result into a full blown crisis drama situation as, just in time I found this little pot of MAC Lip Conditioner in one of my handbags! Let me just say lovelies…what a godsend! :)
A lovely smooth balm with a hint of gorguz colour and sheen
I, as I’m sure a lot of others out there suffer from horribly dry lips during this time of year. So I find it really important & necessary to keep them moisturised as often as possible to prevent peeling & soreness, & this little gem has done an absolutely fantabulouso job of doing so! It’s been love at first apply! The formula is extremely smooth & it just glides onto the lips beautifully, plus  containing some luscious ingredients such as Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract, Wheat Germ Oil & Vitamins A and E.  I’ve actually had a few compliments when wearing nothing but this on my lips & I love the shade of this lip conditioner which is Petting Pink. I feel this is my perfect ‘my lips but better’ shade as it’s a very subtle hint of colour, just my kinda thing & I don’t know if its just me, but my lips also feel a tad more plumper when I’m wearing this so that’s an added bonus in my book! Since applying this daily I haven’t had any nasty peeling/dryness on my lips & they definitely feel in much better condition, plus there’s none of that yucky lipstick taste with this, it smells & tastes yummy like vanilla! Oh & almost forget to mention that it has SPF 15 too! I’m deffo thinking that I’m wanting more of these!
Also has SPF 15, Fab!
How it comes out on moi :)
Ha-ha Bodyshop who?? Lol, OK I won’t go that far, but I guess it’s kind of a blessing in disguise when you misplace products that you use all the time. I also recently re-discovered the incredible Hemp Hand Protector after misplacing my Soap & Glory Hand Food. Sometimes a bit of a change & variety in your routine is nice :) I really love using this & will continue to do so, but fear not lip butter, you have been good to me & I shan’t forget about you! Mainly because at  £10.50 a pop, this lip conditioner is quite extravagant I’ll admit, but you do get quite a generous amount of product that I can see lasting a long while :)

Have you tried these? What are your favourite lip products? Let me know what you’re loving right now! Thanks for reading sweetpeas! Mwah!

Loves & Hugs!

Aysh xoxo


  1. Sounds like a good one!! Haven't tried this as yet....would love to do so.
    Nice blog honey....I'm following you. Follow back?

  2. Great review Aysh! I've always wanted to try this but never got around to it as I've already got so many lip balms and butters in my stash. I love the shade - it's such a pretty pink!

  3. @Rakhshanda - Thank you so much honey, I'm so happy you like my blog :) Oh you should definitely try it, its really lovely! :) xoxo

    @'chelle - Hey girl! Aww thank you so much babe, & I know! Its such a gorguz pink isn't it? I do love my safe, neutral shades, lol! Hope your well hun :) xoxo

  4. Oooh, I've got this lip conditioner in this colour as well! It is highly addictive. And tastes yummy. Mmmm... xxx

  5. @DesignerSpray - ooo I know, its tres yummy! lol! Have to keep applying from licking it all off! Such a lovely colour too...I'm deffo wanting more! :) xoxo

  6. Just found your blog - currently in love with that Peacocks dress..
    I love anything MAC but never buy much of it - bit exspensive but of course, worth it.
    But I have to say Carmex all the way! It works like a gem and is really moisturising - for hardcore stuff ad loads of Vaseline as well. It's a bargain for about £4 and comes cherry flavoured!! :) seriously try it!!
    (If you ever feel like it, follow me too! Only just started though..)

  7. @Hannah - heya hun, haha I'm in love with it too! Wore it this week & loved it. Yes Ive heard many a good thing about this little gem Carmex :) And its cherry flavoured too! Will deffo try it on that factor alone :) Thank you for the recommendation sweety & thanks for commenting! xoxo

  8. @Shortiee31 - its deffo a gorguz product :) now I want all of them! :) xoxo


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