Aussie Bloggers Crimbo Market :)

Ello ello lovelies, how are we? Hope everyone's had a good weekend. Whatever you've been doing hope you've all been wrapped up nice & warm! I know I have! Am actually wearing I think six pairs of socks right now (seem to state this with certain amount of pride...) underneath my oh so funky rainbow striped Primarni shoe socks, but hey, at least they keepin ma tootsies warm, if looking a tad giant-like... :)
hehe, gotta love Primarni shoe socks or is it sock shoes..?
This weekend was rather a new & eventful one for moi as it saw me hopping on the train for a trip into good old London town for my 1st ever blogger event. This Saturday was The Aussie Bloggers Christmas Market & the lovely Emma from the wonderful Aussie team kindly invited me to come along & join the festivities. I'm a huge fan of Aussie hair products...discovering the 3 minute miracle conditioner was like a huge milestone in my life :) I have to confess I was extremely nervous, being a newbie blogger & not knowing what to expect, but I really needn't have worried so much as the moment I arrived everyone was soo super friendly & made me feel really welcome. So a humongous thank you to Emma & the whole Aussie team for such a fab day. It was truly wonderful to meet other lovely bloggers & have a good natter whilst browsing round all the wonderful stalls held by various Aussie Angels. There was plenty goings on, with the lovely Sherin from thehifashionsite handing out boxing tips to all us girlie's should we ever be crossed the wrong way... as well as the gorguz Amina from innerbelle offering fab makeovers, who may have converted this lipstick-phobe into wearing a bright red lip this Xmas! There were a variety of other stalls including jewelery, face painting plus every girls weakness...cupcakes! Flirt guru Elizabeth Clark & catwalk coach Jill Pollitt were also on hand to help us perfect our flirting skills & strut our stuff on the catwalk like Naomi Campbell...well maybe not exactly like Ms Campbell... :| Whilst this was all going on the various Aussie Angel Hair "tribes" including Colour Mate & Miracle Moist to name a few, had their own sections where a fab stylist was waiting to turn dull/lifeless (the current state of mine!) hairs into fab styles using their products. I was fortunate to have the amazing Zara go at my hair & volumize it to the max into a sophisticated Audrey Hepburnesque up do, as I had a wedding that evening to attend it was perfect! In between nibbling on cupcakes & having our hair pampered there was just enough time to hop into the photo booth for some crazy snaps before being handed a lovely little goody bag as we left. Sadly I had to leave early as I had a wedding that evening, but I had a great time so thanks again Aussie! It was great finally meeting other bloggers & putting a face to the name. Oh & also darls, I just used the Take the Heat shampoo & conditioner that came in the goody bag & love it! Smells so scrumptious! Here are a few pics from the day for y'all :)
Diana Ross & The Supremes...clearly the Awesome Volume station
Was lusting after the lip chair! So want that in my house!
The fab Zara working her magic...
Hey presto, up-do perfect for wedding that evening!
A quick posey with the lovely Emma, love her!

Getting ready to strut our stuff with Jill ;)

Cupcakes! mmm, look at the big one! :)
Moi with the angel boxer girl Sheri
lovely jewelery pieces from Pretty Cherished
Hehe ready for our close up...
A coupla goodies to try :)
 Woooo bit of a long one that was huh?! As always thank yous very much for reading my lovelies, hope you liked the pics. :)

Lotsa loves to ya!

Aysh xoxo


  1. Lucky you! Sounds like a lot of fun! and those cupcakes do look tempting x x x

  2. ur hair looks so nice babe
    how did u get an invite? i would love to go to some blogger events :0)

  3. Wow looks like so much fun!! xx

  4. @gloria - hehe it was a lot of fun huny & a great experience as a blogger :) mmm the cupcakes were goooood, I shan't reveal how many of those I ate.... :) xoxo

    @sabina - thanks babe! I loved it so much, didn't wanna take it down at the end of the night! Aww hun if I'm lucky enough to get another invite to an event would love for you to come with! I'll keep in touch :) xoxo

    @sana - aww it was hun! Actually I thought of your lovely self! My friend was meant to come with me, but something came up last minute so went alone! Would've loved 4 ya to have come with me 2... :) hopefully another event will come up! xoxo

  5. those socks look so warm:)
    lovely post!! x

  6. @R May A - Aww thanks hun. Hahaha yes they are very warm! Especially with six pairs of socks underneath! lol! Thinking I need to pop back down to Primarni for some more...:)xoxo

  7. Great post hun :) Really enjoyed reading it- you write well! Love the photos too
    Was really lovely meeting you, will have to chat more next time.I felt rather over whelmed too, lol

  8. @Stepho188 - aww thank you soo much hun! that really means a lot to this newbie :) was soo wonderful to meet you darlin, really hope to meet again soon sometime & talk some more :) mwah! xoxox

  9. It was so great to meet you, and Aussie definitely do the greatest events!!
    Hope my boxing helped, hehe.

  10. @HiFashion - hehe they sure as hell do! It was tres wonderful to meet your lovely self, learned plenty! God help anyone who tries attacking moi! ;) mwah! xoxox

  11. aww you look lovely! I think I saw you there that day :) I loved your hair do by the way :) Din know you had a blog then :(

  12. @GetGawjus - hello lovely! Hehehe yes I did see you there but was too nervous to come up to you! lol! aww hopefully will get to meet you another time soon! Thank you hun, & yeah I'm a newbie to the blogging world :) loving it though! xoxo


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