Yet another Hippy Happy Boots haul (oh we know there'll be plenty more!!) :)

Hey there honeybees! Happy Bonfire Night! How are y'all celebrating this evening?? Hope your having an explosive time whatever your doing! ( I apologise, that was just bloody dismal, but sounded better than 'banging' time...?) urr yeah, so anyhoo I'm celebrating indoors tonight as for some reason my local park has decided to go all out tomorrow instead, so I'm currently enjoying a yummy bowl of pasta & the pretty effects outside from the comfort of my nice warm room, whilst also keeping an eye on madame kitty, who is having a mini seizure every few minutes bless her :(
Its been a crazy week at work, but somehow no matter how busy things get I always manage to squeeze in a little trip down to beloved Boots for a bit o' spendin :) Boots have been holding Christmas shopping events all over the country, staying open till 9 & recently held one at my local, so after work me & my friend hopped on down to pick up a few bits n bobs. Of course we made a beeline straight for the makeup counters! :) The No.7 counter caught my eye as they are currently giving a free eyeshadow palette if you buy their new No.7 Exceptional Definition Mascara. I do love me a freebie!! I've never tried NO'7 mascara's & this gem is said to contain cashmere keratin, vitamins & hydrolyzed soy protein, therefore pampering your lashes to a bit of a treatment whilst also giving clump free , volumised lashes. Sounds good to me!

Now girlie's, normally I wouldn't spend £12(?!) on mascara & at 1st didn't think about getting the palette as my previous experience with No.7 eye shadows have not been good, but I took one look at the colours & textures of the shadows in the palette & fell in love! There are only four in the palette & without names so will do my best to describe. But the colours are so beautiful & unlike anything I currently own & the pigmentation is fab! They are velvety soft in texture & I love how warm the colours are, perfick for the upcoming cold months. But I guess the truth will be revealed in application! So will deffo be trying them out soon & will let ya lovelies know!
L to R - pale shimmery gold, shimmery light green, deep chocolate bronze, dark mauve/burgundy

Love the colours! Sooo pretty!
Whilst in store I noticed Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on all skincare, so was the perfect opportunity to pick up some goodies! 1st item was my lovely HG hand cream from the fab Soap & Glory that was due a re-stock :) I also picked up a Deep Cleanse Facial 5 minute Thermal Detox Mask (phew bit of a mouthful!) from Sanctuary Spa, can't wait to use it for a pampering session in the tub with some Lush bubbles! Will let you know how it is :) & finally I picked up a face wash from Boot's Natural Collection in Rosemary & Witch Hazel as I am currently on the hunt for a good one. I've tried a fair few recently, including Simple, Garnier & Loreal but they just seem to make my skin soooo dry or have no effect at all! However.....I'm not sure I'll use this face wash right away, as I recently "borrowed" (heavy on the quotation marks) my brothers Nuetrogena 2 in 1 face wash/mask & have to say I'm loving it! Whilst I'm not crazy about the clay like smell & texture of the product, after a few days of using this I definitely noticed a difference in my skin! After washing, my skin feels tingly in a good way & really cleansed! So me thinks I will keep at it for a while and see! :)

So there ya go darls! Wotcha think of my most recent haul? Would love to know what face washes you gals are lovin right now. As always thnx for reading my lovelies & let me know your thoughts!! Mwah!

Lotsa hugs n smooches!

Aysh xoxo


  1. Great haul, lovely!

    I'm a big fan of Soap & Glory. Not tried their facial products though. Hand Food is probably the best hand cream I've ever used. not surprised you're re-stocking! :) xx

  2. Thankyou darl! Hehehe I know! I love this cream so much, am always harping on about it! Am definately gonna try some of their other stuff out now too :) Mwah! xoxo

  3. How freaking hot is that rich purple from the first palette pic. OMG!! hot! xx

  4. @ Tali - I know! cannot wait to use it, the colour is unlike anything I own & the pigmentation is awesome. No.7 have done goooood! :) xoxo


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