A not so mini ramble plus FOTD!

Hello there pumpkins! Ohhh my its been a while hasn't it? Apologies dearhearts for lack of posts, life & all of its crazy, wonderful dramas have kept me occupied lately, but thankfully I've finally grabbed some me time on this, hmmm not so lovely Sunday afternoon. Its seems to be raining cats, dogs, sheep's, cows & whichever other animal takes your fancy. Although I suppose I shouldn't be too thankful as it seems the dastardly flu bug has finally caught up with me the cheeky little bugger, so am currently tucked up in me blankets, surrounded by Kleenex & cough syrup with tea, soup & drugs (of the legal variety) on tap, courtesy of mummy dearest. It feels so nice to be looked after :) I suppose that's one good thing about being sick! Anyhoos hope all you darls are well & having a good weekend, I thought I would throw in a mini ramble (hahaha...mini!) & a quick FOTD I did the other day, as my camera is currently out on loan & I have a growing list of posts that I would like to do, but will have to wait. I don't know about you honeys, but I think posts benefit a lot more with pics included? Its always nice to have something to look at as well as reading :) Luckily though I managed to take a few snaps here & there before departing with my beloved Lumix. I actually hope to dabble a bit more in photography as its something I'm quite interested in, but am definitely gonna have to practice with my focusing if I'm gonna get serious! :) Hopefully though, I may be able to borrow a friends camera till I get my Lumix back. Moving on, you know me & my rambling by now, my outfit of the day recently consisted of...surprise surprise...Black! Honestly girls, I DO wear other colours, I just suppose in this weather I always reach for the comfortness(?!) of black & darker colours :) There were also elements of silver & grey in the outfit, I wore a dress style top over a black polo jumper & my H&M leather effect skinny trousers, really wished I'd taken a pic of it now as its one of my favs, but just can't seem to get a good outfit pic! grr! Anyhoo I used these tones to create a daytime smoky eyed look. I applied my current foundation (Bourjois) as usual with my fingers, along with that HG concealer of mine from Laura Mercier :) For the cheeks, I'm a bit of a creature of habit at the mo & am always reaching for my Benefit Sugarbomb blush as I just loooove it :) I usually apply this lightly on my cheeks, temples, nose and jawline. For the eyes I used my Frontcover palette, which has some really lovely shimmery colours. I will deffo do a post on my eyeshadow palettes soon :) I used three shades, 1st a light shimmery peachy/beige all over the lid, after that I patted on some shimmery white shadow onto the centre of the lid & on the inner corners to highlight & add dimension, then finally I applied black eyeshadow along the upper & lower lashline & on the outer corner bringing it out in a V. To finish I just applied my eyeliner & mascara & hey presto, finito! You can also apply liner on the upper lashline too, but for daytime I didn't want it too heavy? Hope you likey! :) 
hehe, my bestie told me off for always looking like a miss grumpy gills in ma pics, sorryyy! don't mean to! this smile's just for you babes ;)
Let me know what you think sweety's. Oh & just a few more rambles before I sign off for now & get back to my tissues & tea... I am still looooving Barry M's Instant Nail Effects :) Have any of you tried it yet? Just love the finish of it on the nails, one of my best girls Faiza came round the other day & was blown away by it too, so much so that she 'demanded' we do her nails too! ;) Lol!
Love it! :)
Also girls, is it just me or have you also noticed the recent invasion of ladybugs!?!? Their everywhere! I don't mind so much as I find them cute & pretty, but madame kitty seems to be going a tad insane, one landed right on her nose the other day! was hilarious! :) must say I am also feeling a little inspired too??? Who knows, there may be a NOTD post soon along these lines??? All I need is some red & black! :)
Apologies darls, extremely bad attempt at capturing ickle ladybug :( Photography skills will be worked on...
Well me off now darls, sleep is calling to me. Thanks for reading as always, you know I love to hear from you lovelies! :) For now, over & out......mwah!

Lotsa love & snuggles,

Aysh xoxo


  1. Awww nooo!! Hope you feel better soon! Being ill sucks. I remember actually wanting to be ill as a kid to miss school lol.. not so much fun as an adult!!!

  2. aww thank you so much my darlin :) haha lol! soo used to do that too, hated school with a vengeance of biblical proportions, but not so easy to do now since venturing into full-time employment.. :| your post deffo put a grin on this face tho, lol! so thnx babe! xoxo

  3. wow, the lashes look amazing! and i'm so tired of ladybugs, lol. go away!


  4. Heya gorguz!! haha sorry for repeating my comment on your post like 10 bloody times! Thought it wasn't going thru :/ aww thanks, believe it or not, the mascara I used & have been using continuously since is from Natural Collections & cost me...£1.99! will do a post on it soon! xoxo

  5. hi hun :)

    love your EOTD! the eyes lookso forceful (If this is the word for it, haha)

    The Sleek finishing powder does not have coverage at all :) It's translucent, and it suits all skintones.

    If you're looking for translucent powder, I'd recommend Laura Mercier translucent settling powder (check Temptalia for her latest review!), if you want something with light coverage, perhaps Clinique or Bobbi Brown?


  6. hey sweety, awww thanks haha lol, I do like to go all forceful with the eyes! ;) Thanks for letting me know about the powder & for the fab recommendations darlin. Am deffo a huge fan of Laura Mercier, love their concealer. Will deffo check out the review. Mwah! xoxo


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