D.I.Y Manicure & New Hair Colour ramble

Evening honey's, hope you've all had a lovely jubbly weekend! Ready for work tomorrow??....nope, me neither. Ooo one thing I'm a tad excited about though is the New John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour I got this weekend! I have heard a lot about this brand new hair colourant, that is meant to be much easier to use than others on the market, from other lovely bloggers too & as someone who uses home hair colour kits ALOT, I was deffo very eager to try this out. So you can imagine how happy I was when I received a voucher to get a box! So off I trotted to...yup Boots! ;) Luckily they had the colour I was after in stock (Oh darling Boots you have been good to me haven't you?) Happy days! I opted for 4R Dark Red Brown. Like I mentioned before, I have been colouring my hair for a while now, ever since I was probably sixteen, seventeen?? It was at this age when, with great theatrics, I got my first grey (ahem..silver!) hair. An early start I know, probably due to the fact that my darling mother used to pull them out whilst I was asleep! Thanks mum :) I've always gone for colours that suit my asian skintone, so in the past I have had hair in dark purple, black, light brown, blonde highlights & most recently red highlights which have now faded so my head of hair is ready now for a fresh colour me thinks! I absolutely LOVE Rihanna's new red hair at the mo, but for me I think it would be a tad OTT :( So I've  gone for a red toned brown that will hopefully suit me. I guess we'll see! Will be sure to let you know how it goes!
Whilst in Boot's I also picked up a packet of Nailene Perfect Tips.

My friend at work told me about these after she had used them. They are thin strips of tape that act as guides on your fingernail to achieve a french manicure, for people like yours truly who are utterly hopeless at things like this. As someone who loves going for manicure's I was eager to try these out, especially as it could save the pennies on going to the salon! ;) However when I got home I realised I'd forgotten to get a white polish...well done Aysha. But then I thought, who said you had to have white tips?? Why not try another colour? Say...red? So out came my Models Own polish in Raspberry Fool. It didn't take me very long, I have to admit I found it a tad fiddly & I had to use my polish remover pen quite a bit. I also think I may have rushed & taken the strips off too soon but overall I was quite pleased with the result! I quite like the red tips & will deffo be trying them again with a white polish. Next time I'll make sure I'm more patient during application! ;)
First apply guides however far down the nail you like (not too far!)
The finished result!

So what do you think? Have you ever tried these nail guides? I forgot to mention before that I also applied a topcoat from Barry M at the end :) As always thanx for reading chicks! Mwah!

Lotsa Loves!

Aysh xoxox


  1. I LOVE your red tips! I do this kind of manicure a lot as I think french can get a little boring. Great job. Can't wait to see your new hair colour! x

  2. Thankyou honey's!
    @ Sana - your sooo right, bog standard white can get boring! I think I'll be trying them out in a whole rainbow of colours! :) xoxo

  3. hi there! thanks for your comments and dropping by my site, there's a google document just above the 'comment' button in my post :) but if you don't see it, you can go here and submit your entry:


    hope this helps!

  4. I have tried similar nail guides before and they didn't work too well since the nail color would stick to them and once lifted off, the clean line wouldn't be so clean anymore. I will have to try these and I love the red tips!

  5. @ Jennifer - thnx hun! just checked the post again & saw the SUBMIT button! lol! Fingers crossed ;) Love your blog girl & am following you now :) xoxo

    @kajal couture - thnx darlin! yeah some of the lines did come out uneven but I think thats because I removed the strips too soon! Other than that I love em! xoxo

  6. I loved the nail tips I used to the use them to help do a manicure. like your blog X

  7. Never tried something like that but I like it!!! good job!! just saw your blog!! I checking every post now!!!

  8. @ little rambling rose - thank you so much sweety! I'm so glad you like my blog :) Its very new to me, but I am loving it! & love hearing from readers! x

    @ lamia - awww thank you so much, that means a lot honeybee! :) I always love hearing from you all 2! do keep your thoughts coming! It keeps me motivated :) x

  9. i haven't tried this type of french manicure, my nail painting skills sucks and i often got the nails screwed before they dry up =.=


  10. @ Jennifer - LOL hun! I am the same! I'm just too impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry, they nearly always end up smudging or something! :) But these weren't too bad to use. x

  11. I tried these nail things a looong time ago and basically, they fucked me right off (if you'll excuse my language!) I found them too fidgety to use and the end result was really poor so :(


  12. @ persephone - lol! I do know what you mean...I guess using these takes alota patience, which I most certainly don't have! :) x


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