Nail talk...

Hello there lovelies! Hope you've all had a good week & enjoying the weekend. Its been a crazy week at work, just haven't had the time to post! By the time evening comes round, all I can think of is my bed these days! But hopefully will be able to make up for it during these two days of the week where I'm finally able to get some time for myself, my besties & blogging ;) Sooo, I haven't done a NOTD yet so I've decided that's what this post shall be about! Like I mentioned before, I am a girl who loves a pretty painted nail. I'm sure all you ladies out there agree with me that you just feel a whole lot better when you have a set of freshly painted nails :) I must confess that I've previously been an addict of falsies, but it just got to a stage where the condition of my nails got so bad from them I had to force myself to stop. It wasn't easy belieeeve me! But I just told myself, I could easily achieve similar results with my own little nails. & I do mean little, as guttingly I have a calcium deficiency which means I can't grow the lovely long talons that I so wish for "sigh",soon they start chipping & breaking :( (can you hear the violins?) But hey, I hear that short nails are "like soooo in right now!" so its all cool :) At the moment I'm pretty tame when it comes to nail colour, but am hoping to start exploring into nail art. I have a few designs in my noggin that I'm just itching to try out, whether they come out successful is another story altogether... But I guess we'll see! Anyhoo on to this weeks nail colour of choice, I decided to try out one of Barry M's that I found lurking at the back of my drawer that I hadn't tried yet, excitingly called "GREY". I absolutely love Barry M nail paints as not only do they have a wide range of funky colours to choose from ,they are also very affordable at just £2.95 a pop, happy days :) Which was why I was surprised to have found this not so funky colour in my drawer, looking at it my first thoughts were "urgh, why would I wanna put THAT on my nails! Why did I buy this colour, if that's what you can call it!?" But willing to give it the benefit of the doubt I went ahead & was glad to find I loved it! Like all other Barry M paints application was very easy, and the finished result after a layer of topcoat was great! I've been asked a few times about it from other girlie's & even my mum has nicked the bottle for herself! So I would say that was a good result! Silly me for doubting Barry M! Oh & just to jazz things up a bit, I decided to paint my ring finger in black from MUA...random is my middle name :| But the brush was awful! Won't be using that one again! So there you go honeys! By the way,how on earth do you ladies manage to take such great pics of your nails??? Maybe I'm just retarded, but I did NOT find it easy I can tell you! But I did my best, hope you like!
 What do you think? Grey nails..yey or ney? What are your fav brands and colours at the mo?
Thanks for reading! Mwah!

Lotsa luvs, Aysh xoxox


  1. Wow, your nail beds are HUGE - you're so lucky! You don't need any length on them! x

  2. Hello there darl, thnx for commenting! and thank you! I really wish I could grow them really long, but it would also be really impractical. But you've just made my day! :)
    Mwah! xoxo


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