The most astonishing hand cream ever....?

Well ello ello lovely people! Hope your all good & well :) Today I thought I would post for you all about my number one hand cream that is carried around my person constantly. Moisturising for me is so important as there is nothing I hate more than having dry, sore & rough hands...big no no. The list of different hand creams that I've tried & tested is as long as me arm...my arms aren't VERY long but you get what I mean.. ;) Needless to say I have a lot of tubes that are now relegated to the cupboard gathering dust after being big disappointments. Now I am happy to say I have found the perfect hand cream for me that ticks all the boxes & delivers the desired results! Yippee! So I guess it would be a good idea to tell you the name of the little miracle cream for me?? It is Soap & Glory's lovely creation, HAND FOOD! "The most astonishing hand cream ever?" it asks on the bottle...."Hell yes, I'll say!" is my answer. My eye has always been drawn to Soap & Glory's products in their pretty pink packaging, though I have to say was a bit put off at the prices... :| But I'd heard a lot of good stuff, so decided to go ahead & purchase the cream & I've not looked back since! Using this feels like such a treat for my hands, & even better the smell is simply scrumptious!! Soo yum, had to control myself from eating it! The cream contains shea butter, macadamia oil and....marshmallow?!?! It certainly looks like soft marshmallow & its not greasy at all, just sinks into the skin beautifully leaving your hands feeling gorgeously soft! My hands have never looked or felt so fab & pampered! Thank you Soap & Glory for restoring them to me! :) So I now religiously carry this gem in my handbag at all times. My colleagues have also enquired about it as they noticed a considerable difference in the condition of my hands as well as loving the smell!! Now whenever I apply it at work, we all just simply nod & smile at one another..."Soap & Glory???" "YUP!" :) We may as well be Soap & Glory groupies!...umm we're not weird at all ;| So thanks again S&G! You have a definite loyal customer in moi :) Am anxious to try some other products now too. And actually now I think about it, the price isn't bad at all at £4.59 a tube as it lasts ages! Even if you apply it sixteen times a day like yours truly ;)
Just a teensy blob of this lovely whipped delight is enough to pamper the hands
Sinks into the skin quickly leaving your paws glowing and soft!

  As always thanks for reading honeybee's! What hand creams do you use? Have you tried any Soap & Glory products? Would love to hear your thoughts! Mwah!

Lotsa luv n hugs!
Aysh xoxo


  1. I adore Soap & Glory products :)

    I was really upset recently to discover that they are no longer stocking the Peachy Big Butter. It was my all time FAVE. *cries*

    Love, Lauren


  2. Heya lauren, thnx for commenting :) aww no, I hate it when companies do that! My skincare products that I had been recently using & loving were discontinued too! You never know tho, they may make an apperance again! I just hope they never stop their hand food! Mwah! xoxox


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