Happy Halloween plus OOTD :)

Happy Halloween angels, devils, princesses or whichever alter ego you have opted for this night! Hope you've all had a good one! For me this Halloween has been a quiet one having been too busy to plan anything (i.e. pure laziness...), so am spending the evening having a movie-thon with the fam. Sadly lost the battle however on strictly NO horror movies...shocking I know on this Celtic holiday but I have my reasons. It was a particular traumatic babysitting incident in which I was in the care of my sweet elder cousins, who, the moment the parents had left, promptly placed me in front of the TV & put on The Exorcist stating it was the latest Disney release, before occupying themselves with the games console in the other room....I was 8 :| Needless to say I was greatly traumatised from this experience & after years of recurring nightmares & therapy I can just about watch The Ghostbusters without breaking into a sweat. But this evening my fam have taken pity on me & we've decided on Sleepy Hollow, pretty apt for the occasion & only just bearable due to the presence of a certain Mr Depp. So other than wishing every one a Happy Halloween, I thought I'd pop in a quick outfit and face of the day for ya. Today I met up with one of my best girlie's for a gossip & a catch up, with a bit o' perfume shopping thrown in. It was a lovely day despite the rain & smelling like a coupla hookers at the end after spraying one too many perfumes!! I have to say I do like my winter months as it is a time of warm colours & layers which I love! So out have come the big cardies & winter wardrobe items! Yay! Today I opted for a long waterfall cardigan in dark blue from Next cinched in with a brown woven belt, teamed with a pair of jeans & my not so brand new Kurt Geiger boots which finally had their 1st outing!! See mum??? I told you I would wear them...about half a year later...ahem. I do love them though & they are sooo comfy, they will definitely be getting more love :) As for the face, I opted for a brown\blue smoky eyed look, sounds like an odd combo but I thought it went well with the outfit choice. (Apologies again in advance for god awful pics! :|) Hope you like! :)
So there you go! :) Thanks for reading lovelies! How have you spent your Halloween weekend & what as?? :) Mwah!

Lotsa luvs, Aysh xoxo


  1. Love ur outfit :) gorgeous!

    G BLOG :)

  2. Heya hun, awww thankyou! And lol,I could say the same about yours hun! checked it out yesterday & tried to follow but wouldn't let me! :( will keep trying :) loved your OOTD's. mwah! xoxo


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