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Hello lovely people! Sooo this is my first ever post EEEEKKKK!!! I have to confess I am a teensy bit nervous as I am new to all this, and I can assure you I will most probably have re-written this 1st post a billion times! :)  I am of course a complete blogaholic :) When I first stumbled across the wonderful world of beauty blogs entirely by accident my first thoughts were "where have you been all my life!" A tad dramatic maybe, but true. I have spent many a hour perusing some absolutely wonderful blogs, written by amazing girlies who have helped me in so many ways and that I have found soo inspiring! So in this 1st post I just want to say a humongous thankyou to you guys! Mwah! So whadya say?? Can I be part of your lovely gang?? I'll be honest with you...I am no pro, but I just love anything and everything to do with makeup and all things beauty :) But I am learning and would like to share my journey and inspirations with y'all! So I will just take each day as it comes and will hopefully create a sanctuary where I can share with you all kinds of things from makeup looks, NOTD's, FOTD's and other girly ramblings...in case you hadn't noticed, I do have a tendency to ramble on abit!!! I really hope you will enjoy reading my blog and as time goes on, would love to hear from you about your thoughts and inspirations too! I will also do my best to make this blog look as lovely for you as possible, but umm did I mention that I am a bit of a retard when it comes to computers??? perfect for a blogger i'm sure :| but hey, am open to any advice or ideas! :)

Here are a few amazing blogs that I'd like to thank and if you have a spare mo, please do go check them out!

Pearls and Poodles
The Gloss Goss
Mouldy Fruit
Beauty and the Blog
A little Obsessed
Cupcakes and Cherries
Vex in the City

And that is naming just a few! Big hugs and smooches to you guys! :) So there we go, first post done! Phew! That wasn't so bad actually...could get used to this me-thinks.. ;) Thanks for reading honeybees!

Mwah! lotsa love n hugs

 Aysha xoxox

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