Boots Haul - A bit o' drama inevitably leading to comfort shopping!

Evening Angels! Hope you're all well? Almost the weekend, woohoo! Anyhoo, today I thought I'd fill y'all in on my recent required trip down to my local Boots. For months now in my skincare routine I have used Boots's Original Beauty Formula. I first heard about this skincare range from Tali's blog and decided to purchase and fell in love! Although, I'l be honest with you, a very high percentage of this love was for the gorguz vintage glass bottle packaging! Tres' cute! But I also love that the cleansing milk, tonic and cream contain essences of geranium, rosewater and glycerin. Not only do they smell lovely, but feel so refreshing on my skin, not leaving it dry at all, just what I needed! So I thought, yes! I have finally found my perfect skincare range & as I noticed that my bottles where looking a bit empty, a little trip down to Boots for a re-stock was in order....or so I thought. I'd been popping in randomly over the past weeks & had noticed that they didn't seem to be amongst all the other skincare on the shelf, but just thought to myself "hey, they're popular, must just be out of stock!" But going in the other day & noticing those luvly bottles still missing, I felt the palpatations begining so went and asked the assistant who delivered the bad news...yup you guessed it...DISCONTINUED. "Gaaasssspppp" aaand cue dramatic music. "WHY?? sob!" The devestation must've shown on my face because she asked if I was ok, bless her. I explained to her my dire situation, obviously these products weren't as popular as I thought...Oh well, maybe this is a sign for a change! So the kindly assisant went on to suggest Boots No.7 skincare range, which I admit I have been curious about, as my bestie uses this and her skin is bootiful. So I went ahead and purchased the No.7 Soft and Soothed cleanser, toner along with the No.7 Protect and Perfect Day Cream which also has SPF 15! & even better Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on their skincare so I got the cheapest item free! Heartbeat now just about returned to normal, I thanked the lovely assistant & decided to go on some much needed retail therapy after my traumatic and not at all over-dramatised ordeal. I am happy to notice that my Boots have recently had a clean thru their makeup section and is now home to new Barry M and Models Own counters! Now those who know me, know my weakness for pretty nails :) I like alot of beauty addicts out there have had Barry M's Instant Nail Effects nail paint at the top of my wishlist! Lo & behold, there was the last bottle just waiting for me to grab! Yay! Can't wait to use this little gem, will let you guys know how it goes! Anyway, I'm rambling big time so will quickly just tell you...Boots have Barry M's nail paints on offer "2 for £5" so I also grabbed the pretty Berry Ice Cream (pale lilac). Then happily skipped over to Models Own where if you buy 2 nail polishes you get a lipgloss free! Result! I opted for Raspberry Fool, and Nude Beige as I am on the hunt for a perfect red and nude :) For the lipgloss I thought instead of playing safe as I normally do, why not go crazy and get Red Hot? Altho I think I may regret this impulse...it is a very bright red. I guess we'll see! Before leaving I also picked up 2 black eyeliners from collection 2000 that were...yup also on offer! I've been meaning to buy a glass nail file for ages after hearing alot of good things so grabbed one of those 2! I'll keep ya guys posted on how I get on with the new skincare and will deffo have to do some NOTD'S with my lovely new nail paints!
R.I.P Boots Original Beauty Formula.....it was good while it lasted! 

                    My lovely comfort shopping haul!! ;)

Thanks for reading honeybees! Whachya think? Whats your skincare routine? Have you tried the new Barry M nail effects? And remember, if y'all like what you see, please do follow mee!!! I could've been a poet.....:) Mwah!

Lotsa love n hugs!

Aysh xoxo


  1. Hiya, I'm loving the blog, keep it up :)

    Just wanted to say I have MO Red Hot and I LOVE IT. It looks uuuhhhhmazing over a red lipstick, my fave atm being MAC Heartless.
    Also my Perfect red nails is also Models Own, it's called Red Red Wine. Beauttiful!
    I'll put a NOTD on my blog soon with it :)

  2. Hello sweety! Aww thankyou so much, that means alot :) Oh really?? I'll be honest with you, every time I open my makeup drawer & see that gloss I'm like...."what was I thinking!" I really wish I could rock a sexy red lip a'la Megan Fox :( don't think it suits me, but who knows, maybe I'll give it a go! Can't wait to see the NOTD hun :) I'm planning on rocking some soon 2!


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