Beautiful Bio Oil :)

Ello ello sweeties! Hope your all having a good week! So I was lucky enough to leave work early today as I had to swap shifts for a meeting (boring!) and I now find myself having a rare moment of chill time with a cup o' tea, a classic golden oldie movie on the tv and my little kitty for company! :) So what better thing to do than put up my next post! I've been umming and aahhhing about what to post about first as I have a bit of a list going! So today I thought I'd tell you guys about my holy grail, desert island (whatever you wanna call it!) skincare product! Its is, in case you hadn't guessed from the title Bio Oil! This wonderful product is truly a godsend. I have been using it every single day for just over a year now and I don't know what I would do without it. I know its sounds over the top but its true. I used to have the most god awful uneven skin tone with pigmentation and dark patches here and there on my face which I hated and as you can imagine had a huge impact on my confidence. But I started using this wonderful product and now actually have people complimenting me on my skin, and I pretty much owe it this. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't perform miracles overnight! Like I said I have been using it consistently for over a year. I apply by simply massaging only 1-2 drops (a little goes a long way!) into my skin after I have cleansed, toned and moisturised before going to bed, and come morning my skin is dewy fresh! And because you only need to use a small amount the bottle will last you for ever! I'm still using my first bottle! So my darlin girlies, if you suffer from dry patchy skin, uneven skin tone etc, do give it a try! Oh, and FYI.....now is the moment because Lloyds pharmacy currently have it on half price! WOOHOO! So the large 200ml bottle which normally retails for £19.95 will cost you just under a tenner! Result! However it is available in smaller sizes too :)  Hurry on down and grab yours, I've bought my back up! :)

What do you think of Bio-oil? Do you have a HG skincare product that you cannot live without? Would love to hear you thoughts! Mwah!

Lotsa love, Aysh xoxox


  1. Hey honey!
    I would love to try this one as it seems such a great product!
    Thanks so much for this complete review,
    I am a new follower,

  2. Hello huny! Aww thankyou so much for following, its means so much to me really. Let others know about this newbie on the block 2!! lol! :) I'm glad you liked the review :) Expect more soon!
    lots of love, aysh xoxo


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