Barry M's Little Pot O' Wonder :)

Hello sweetypies! Hope your all having a good week so far. Sooo, I'm feeling the time hath come for a polish change & I have just been itching to try, of course, Barry M's new darling creation, Instant Nail Effects! Finallyyyy!! Apologies for over excitement..will do my best to control myself...but I have only one word really (HAH! A rambler like moi? suuure :|) AMAZING! Barry M you geniuses you. I am deffo a happy bunny with this glorious new invention. I seriously cannot stop looking at my nails! I'm probably one of the last people to give this stuff a go & am glad to say it was worth the wait :) The finished effect is bootiful. Now first I pondered & contemplated on which colour to use as a base, after having a good look through my (ever growing) collection of polishes, I stumbled across a little gem I'd forgotten I had, a lovely pale gold  polish by Revlon. My mumsy gave me this yonks ago, & I cannot believe I had relegated it to the back of the drawer, to gather dust, as it is wicked! Its from their Top Speed One Coat Quick Dry range which I'm not even sure they still do?? I really hope so as I am wanting moooore! Like it says on the bottle, you only need one coat & by the time you finish your 2nd hand the 1st is dry already! Fab! Here are some before pics, but honestly the camera does not do this pretty gold justice.

Oops stray splodges on the pinky! ;) Not to fret, I have my solution for situations such as this...
 Anyhoo, after I was sure the gold was dry, I gleefully reached for the Barry M and started applying away! The trick I guess when applying is not to overlap the paint, so two strokes on each nail & one on the pinky was enough, then all I had to do was sit back & watch the pretty effects form! You have to be a teensy bit quick though, Instant is definitely the word, as it drys in seconds. To finish off I applied a topcoat using Barry M's all in one, deffo a firm fav of mine, I also used it as a basecoat. There's nothing I love more than a multi-tasking product! And voila! Funky nails in minutes! Love the black on gold effect & I cannot wait to use this little pot of magic with other colours :)

Oooh & finally my lovelies, whenever I'm painting my nails, I make sure I have this little gem next to me at all times! Its Boot's Nail Polish Remover Pen. If your a bit of clumsy klutz when it comes to the art of applying of nail polish like yours truly, then this is what you need! It magically removes any stray splodges of polish that may have gone over the nail a bit too much so your left with lovely neatly painted nails! :)
Thanks for reading honeys! Mwah!
Lotsa hugs,

Aysh xoxo        


  1. That combination of black and gold looks gorgeee :)
    Just come across your blog and it's really great - would love for you to check mine out too.


    - daisy, xx

  2. Hello hun, awww thankyou so much darl, that means a lot to this newbie, really! ;) just checked yours too, & following you 2 :)
    mwah! xoxo

  3. Omg I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! The black and gold goes so well together. Way better than my combo! :) xx

  4. The best result I've seen from the Barry M Effects !!
    Looks amazing :)

  5. Awww thank you so much honeys! :) xoxox

  6. that looks gorgeous!
    I wanted the nail effects but i couldn't find it anywhere :/

  7. @..R may a...- thankyou hun! I went to Boots today & they were sold out too! But keep on trying hun, I'm sure they'll get a Barry M delivery soon :)


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